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Subject: dEUS: introduction / Zea question

Hello all,

Since I have been subscribed to this list for months only 'lurking', I thought
I'd finally write something. First, let me say I really enjoy the list, even
without posting to it. My poor mailbox has to bear lots of mails a day and many
of them have to be answered sooner or later.

Well, now the interesting part (uh...). My name is Martijn Vet. I am a 24 year
old (indeed!) psychology student at the University of Nijmegen. I am now busy
with my graduation project. I noticed dEUS for the first time when 'Worst case
Scenario' was the album of the week at the Dutch broadcasting organization
VPRO. The first song I heard was 'WCS (first draft)'. During the first notes I
thought it was just another hiphop tune, but soon the song began to intrigue
me. When I heard 'Suds & soda' I was sold, like most of the dEUS fans, I guess.
Of course I bought the album and went to see them live, here in Doornroosje (I
think this was October 1994). The show was a bit fuzzy IMHO: songs were started
over and over again and the sound was rather bad (not dEUS' fault). Actually,
this was the only time I saw them live. Appearances that were broadcasted on
radio and tv sounded an awful lot better to me than that concert!

Yesterday I bought the Moondog Jr. album and it is even better than I expected!
After listening 4 times to the entire album my absolute favorite track is
'Waiting 'til you're gone'. I think this could be called the 'Hotellounge' of
this album, if a comparison with dEUS should be made, which is of course rather
silly :-) Paul already posted an excellent review of the album, so I think now
everyone should run to the store and get it instead of talking more about it!
Unfortunately, I won't be able to see them when they will play in Nijmegen on
November 17th, maybe I'll go see them somewhere else.

When I tuned in at Studio Brussels' show 'Bassta' this Monday I heard they were
broadcasting the Barman/Ward-session played Saturday in Nighttown. Unfortunate-
ly, I only managed to tape the last two songs, 'Djive bomb djingle' and the
song by Craig Ward of which I forgot the title. This part of the session
doesn't sound too sensational to me, but I didn't attend the show.

Apart from this (rather long, sorry) introduction I would like to ask if anyone
knows if the first dEUS-ep 'Zea' can be obtained somewhere in the Netherlands.
I must admit I didn't ask for it in all the record stores here, but I never saw
the record anywhere. I am really interested in having a copy of it.

Ok, this was my first mail to this zine. Hopefully (?? :-)) I will post more
frequently from now on. By the way, I love lots of other music. My current
favorites are: Pavement, Portishead, Smashing Pumpkins, Neil Young, Sebadoh
etc. I also like to listen to soul and (P-) funk. I don't play an instrument,
I only just bought some blues harmonicas. Well, that's it definitely for now.
See you,


Hi ya :)

Once again here is the current edition of our chart...enjoy :)

CHARTS FOR THE WEEK OF November 6th to 12th,1995:
TOP 35
TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 2 * Gob/Too Late No Friends/CD/Mint
2 3 Philistines Jr./The Sinking Of The S.S. Dane.../CD/Dot Dot Dash
3 16 * Eric's Trip/The Road South/45/Sonic Unyon
4 1 * The Beauticians/Imperiale/CD/Cheemo
5 4 Amoebic Ensemble/Limbic Rage/CD/Over The Counter
6 -- VA/Sturm Und Twang/CD/Big Cat
7 12 * Nomeansno/The Worldhood Of The World.../CD/Alt. Tentacles
8 5 Bunnygrunt/Action Pants!/CD/No Life
9 9 * The Sweaters/Let Me Out!/CD/Nefer
10 7 Superchunk/Here's Where The Strings Come In/CD/Merge
11 11 Yo La Tengo/Camp Yo La Tengo/CD/Matador
12 14 Boss Hog/S/T/CD/DGC
13 -- Mistle Thrush/Silt/CD/BeDazzled
14 8 * VA/Rock Hits/CD/Sonic Unyon
15 31 Dead Milkmen/Stoney's Extra Stout/CD/Restless
16 -- VA/First Bubble Core Records Sampler/CD/Bubble Core
17 -- * VA/Blow Hard & Pop/CD/Bubble Gun
18 -- Fulfleg/Work In This Universe/45/Scratchie
19 -- Saturine/Wreck At Pillar Point/CD/Dirt
20 15 Sonic Youth/Washing Machine/CD/DGC
21 26 30 Amp Phuse/Wind Up/CD/Darla
22 -- * The Odds/I Would Be Your Man/C5/WEA
23 23 Urusei Yatsura/Siamese/45/Che
24 17 * Show Business Giants/Lets Have A Talk With.../CD/Essential Noise
25 -- Fledgling/S/T/CD/TVT
26 -- Nick Lowe/Live! On The Battlefield/CD/Upstart
27 -- VA/Woke Up Smiling/CD/BeDazzled
28 34 Space Hog/Resident Alien/CD/Sire
29 R Urge Overkill/Exit The Dragon/CD/Geffen
30 -- Racecar/Girlish/CD/Queenie
31 -- Meat Puppets/No Joke!/CD/London
32 -- Emily's Sassy Lime/Right Is Here/CD/X-MAS
33 25 * Jimmy George/Hotel Motel/CD/Cargo
34 33 Fluf/Classic Years/CD/Headhunter
35 -- Alcohol Funnycar/Weasels/CD/C/Z

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 1 Schubert/Toilet Songs/CD/Mausoleum
2 2 Anthrax/Stomp 442/CD/Elektra
3 5 * DOA/The Black Spot/CD/Essential Noise
4 12 Ozzy Osbourne/Perry Mason/C5/Epic
5 4 Widowmaker/Stand By For Fear/CD/CMC
6 14 GWAR/Rag Na Rok/CD/Metal Blade
7 13 Skunk Anaise/Paranoid & Sunburnt/CD/One Little Indian
8 3 Masquerade/Surface Of Pain/CD/Metal Blade
9 8 Humble Gods/S/T/CD/Futurist
10 10 Wickerman/You Annoy Me/CD/Hollywood
11 -- Asphyxia/Optimum Wound Profile/CD/WBA
12 11 Strongarm/Atonement/CD/Tooth And Nail
13 15 Motorhead/Sacrafice/CD/CMC
14 7 Deftones/7 Words/CD/Maverick
15 9 Six Feet Under/Haunted/CD/Metal Blade

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 9 * David Waddell/Swinging At Fences/CD/Independent
2 3 Tab Benoit/Standing On The Bank/CD/Justice Records
3 R * Lynda Craig/Spirit Of The Wind/CD/Independent
4 2 * Ellen McIlwaine/The Real/Everybody Needs It/CD/Stony Plain
5 1 * James Keelaghan/A Recent Future/CD/Green Linnet
6 8 The Young Dubliners/Breathe/CD/Scotti Bros.
7 4 Ani Difranco/Not A Pretty Girl/CD/Righteous Babe
8 -- Battershell/Beautiful Princess Of Spirit/CD/Ng
9 -- VA/It Came From Memphis/CD/Upstart
10 7 Phranc/Goofy Foot/CD/Kill Rock Stars

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 4 Cypress Hill/Throw Your Set In The Air/CX/Ruffhouse
2 3 The Pharcyde/Runnin'/CX/Delicious Vinyl
3 2 Raekwon/Ice Cream/12/Loud
4 13 Mack 10/S/T/12/Priority
5 1 KRS One/S/T/CD/Jive
6 11 Mic Geronimo/The Natural/12/Blunt
7 6 AZ/Doe Or Die/12/EMI
8 15 Boom Band/Three World Collide/CD/Two Home Boys Chillin'
9 6 Sublime/Robbin The Hood/CD/Skunk
10 7 * Cipher/360 Degrees/CD/Mocca
11 5 Questionmark Asylum/Get With You/12/RCA
12 -- Saukretes/Hat Runs Deep/12/Genesis
13 -- Central Nervous System/Reality Check/CD/WBA
14 8 Goodie Mob/Cell Therapy/CD/LaFace
15 12 The Bucketheads/All In The Mind/CD/Henry St.

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 1 VA/Rebirth Of Cool Phive/CD/4th & B'Way
2 10 VA/Soundtrack: Dead Presidents/CD/Underworld
3 3 VA/The Real Trip/CD/Rising High
4 2 * Base Is Bass/Memories Of the Soul Shack.../CD/A&M
5 12 Brand New Heavies/Mind Trips/12/Delicious Vinyl
6 R VA/Mighty Real/CD/Life Beat
7 13 Ben Neill/Green Machine/CD/Astralwerks
8 4 VA/Ibiza Afterhours 2/CD/Moonshine
9 7 The Chemical Brothers/Exit Planet Dust/CD/Astralwerks
10 6 Club 69/Adults Only/CD/Tribal
11 9 Shamen/Destination Eschaton/12/One Little Indian
12 -- The Jazzhole/...And The Feeling Goes Round/CD/Blue Moon
13 16 Eatstatic/Epsylon/CD/Planet Dog
14 5 VA/The Tribal Gathering 94/CD/Universe
15 20 Loop Guru/Duniya/CD/Waveform
16 -- Zion Train/Dance For Your Life/12/Mesa
17 14 * The Grace Of Strange Weather/CD/Dear Swirl
18 -- Earth Nation/Terra Incognita/CD/Eye-Q
19 -- A Positive Life/Synaesthetic/CD/Waveform
20 -- Astral Pilot/Electro Acupuncture/CD/Harthouse

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 6 VA/Hail Up The Taxi - Sly & Robbie.../CD/Island Jamaica
2 -- VA/Time Warp Dub Clash/CD/Island Jamaica
3 5 Incantations/S/T/CD/True North
4 3 Sergio Bore/Tambores Urbanos/CD/Instinct
5 -- * Orealis/Night Visions/CD/Green Linnet
6 -- Kitaro/An Enchanted Evening/CD/Select
7 2 Noor Shima/Where Africa Meets The Orient/CD/ARC
8 12 Hossam Ramzy/Source Of Fired/CD/ARC Music
9 4 Master Musicians Of Jajouka/The Pipes Of Pan.../CD/Point Music
10 -- Foundation/One Shirt/CD/Island Jamaica
11 -- Beasts Of Paradise/Gathered On The Edge/CD/City Of Tribes
12 15 The Scofflaws/Ska In Hi-Fi/CD/Moon
13 9 Augustus Pablo/Classic Rockers/CD/Island
14 1 * Wapistan Lawrence Martin/Message/CD/First Nations Music
15 7 Percussion Mafia/Freitag Nacht/CD/Rockwerk

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 1 * Oscar Peterson/1951/CD/Just A Memory
2 11 * Dave Young/Two By Two/CD/Justin Time
3 9 VA/The Rite Of Strings/CD/Gai Saber
4 6 * VA/Jazz & Beyond/CD/CHRW
5 14 Barbara Dennerlein/Take Off!/CD/Verve
6 -- * Joe Sullivan/A Song For Jersey/CD/Blue Loon
7 5 * Rick Bockner/Trouble With The Moon/CD/Independent
8 2 * Jane Bunnett/Rendez-Vous Brazil/Cuba/CD/Justin Time
9 12 * Cadillac Bill & The.../Dining Out/CD/RAT
10 8 Lucky Peterson/Lifetime/CD/Gitanes Jazz
11 10 * The Unbeatables/The Great Dogs Are Loose In .../CD/Canal Records
12 3 VA/Space Age Pop Vol. 1 to 3/CD/BMG
13 4 * Jacek Kochan/Gray Angel/CD/Counterpoint
14 7 Sebastian Whittaker/The Valley Of The Kings/CD/Justice Record
15 -- Nora York/To Dream The World/CD/Evidence

(*) denotes Canadian artist/content
VA - various artists/compilation
R - re-entered the chart this week
CD - compact disc album LP - vinyl album
CX - extended cd single/remixes 12 - extended vinyl single/remixes
C5 - unextended cd single 45 - unextended vinyl single
CS - cassette

Compiled by Leslie Elliott & Peggy Shanks.
Only music received within the last 2-3 months appears on these charts.

To be added to or removed from this mailing list, please send e-mail to:


Peggy Shanks
CFRC-FM 101.9 Radio Queen's University
www: http:\\\cfrc
Carruther's Hall
 phone: (613) 545-2121
Kingston, ON
  fax: (613) 545-6049
K7L 3N6

EARQUAKE ZINE (current issue: 43)
Fred Leca
Le Menil
88160 Le Thillot
Hardcore punk fanzine written in French
comes out every two months. 700 copies
circulation. (France / CH / Bel)

HARD WIRED (limited) : Review part 2

The new FLA is the best thing to date!! Not only is it my favorite FLA
disc so far, but its got to be the best disc in 1995. As much as I
love Wumpscut, Haujobb, Mentallo, etc, this disc is just simply

The first 3 tracks and "Barcode" are my favorite. FLA have really
made up for the "Millennium" disc, which to *me* wasnt that great of
a FLA disc compared to others. I can only hope the upcoming FLA
releases are just as good.. I know the next FLA Cds from "Hard Wired"
will have another Haujobb remix but this one will have vocals! =)


Bastien ( wrote:
: This is the second part of my review of "Hard Wired" (Limited Edition) FLA
: release. After my first review that was a global one, this time I'm doing a
: song-by-song review. By the way, since English is not my native language,
: excuse me for eventual strange phrases and limited vocabulary... :-)

: Please note also that this review is intended especially for FLA fans that
: already know this band and related side-projects. I'm myself a big
: FLA-Leeb-Fulber fan, so opinions and descriptions made here are not
: objective...

: Track Listing:

: - Hard Wired LP
: Neologic Spasm
: Paralyzed
: Re-Birth
: Circuitry
: Mortal
: Modus Operandi
: Transparent Species
: Barcode
: Condemned
: Infra Red Combat

: - Circuitry 2 EP
: Destructive Transformation
: Circuitry: Alien Mix
: Hydrogen

: Neologic Spasm: a great song for introducing you to this album. It is a hard
: and driving EBM song in a pure FLA fashion, in a revisited "Caustic Grip"
: style. No guitar at all, only hard electronic sounding with heavily modified
: voice. Very memorable track I like to listen again and again...

: Paralyzed: like the first one, it's adriving EBM song, but much harder than
: usual. Hard to describe though, just imagine everything harder, rythms,
: sounds, and vocal distorsion that is almost terrifying, especially in the
: chorus where the result is indescriptible. Very good stuff.

: Re-Birth: by the way, I would like to tell you something particluar to this
: album: it's that many songs begin by ambient long intros that are musically as
: interesting (sometime more) than the song themselves. These intros are
: experimental soundscape constructions that are between "Sex Offender" and
: Delerium's "Spheres II" styles that prepares you to the assault just waiting
: to happen behind them. "Re-Birth" is the first example of this, beginning by
: this kind of amazing intro, them becoming a typical EBM-FLA track (with some
: guitar) that gives not bad results but somewhat ordinary in my opinion, making
: it maybe the weakest part of the album.

: Circuitry: this is the first single to come out of this release. It is a very
: dense sonic assault featuring some rythmic guitar and a catchy chorus "a la
: Millenium". Vocals also follows the Millenium fashion. I don't understand
: why the chossed this one to be a single, it is so dense that you can't listen
: to it with anything else than earphones to appreciate it to its real value.

: Mortal: I can't say much more than it is another great instrumental track as
: impressive as "Sex Offender" was, but different. Must be listened...

: Modus Operandi: this one starts with typical ambient intro, followed by a
: strange percolating sound, to become a very unique slow, abrasive, noisy song
: where Leeb voice is amazingly deformed, being some kind of distorted
: "whistle-shouting" unique to Leeb that is between dementia and agony. Rythmic
: guitars are used along tons of sounds are effects, dark percolating melodies,
: and a catchy slow chorus melody supporting Leeb's shoutings, making all
: together a result that is really far apart from usual FLA stuff. This song is
: my favorite one, very creative, very disturbing, a great pleasure to listen
: to...

: Transparent Species: yet another creative intro followed by a very good
: drivign song. Vocals remind me those on "Transtime" (Millenium B-side).
: There is a little bit of guitar, a Milleniumesque chorus and a notcieable good
: bridge passage in the middle of the track.

: Barcode: this one have some Intermix in it. Like others, it begins with an
: impressive ambient intro during more than one minute that slowly give its
: place to a suite of danceable beats and some "Phaze-Two"-like synth usage.
: Add over this a moderatly deformed voice, the insert a very catchy chorus
: (composed of a simple guitar melody) and Fulber typical slow backing melody
: and you get "Barcode"...

: Condemned: this is the only song that is really in the style of Millenium
: stuff: metal guitar samples with typcial singing, beats and feeling. Balance
: between guitar and electronic and samples is better (IMO) than on previous
: Millenium stuff.

: Infra Red Combat: an another very high point of the album. It is a long,
: two-phase song that begins witha 4-minute-long, Deleriumesque intro, not far
: from "Spheres II" style, constructed with electronic noises, some Aphex Twin
: sound bites and many other samples, slow beat, typical little synth melody,
: all in a relax and spacy way... This masterpiece then gently transforms in a
: more melodic kind of "ballad" that reminds me of some "State of Mind" songs
: and also of "Lifeline" (on Tactical Neural Implant), but softer and somehow
: darker and heavier, where Leeb voice is not distorted, and singing "for real",
: particulary in the chorus which is very melodic. This one is very amazing,
: very creative. It contrast strongly with all other songs of the albums,
: ending it in a so brilliant way...

: Now for the Circuitry II tracks:

: Destuctive Transformation: it is a strange ambient track that gives the
: feeling of listening "Fall Out" (Intermix Phaze Two) but with all synths and
: beat removed. It is entirely constructed of samples previously used on Phaze
: Two songs and on other FLA stuff from the TNI era.

: Circuitry Alien Mix: in my opinion this version is much better than the
: original. It doesn't have any guitar, while being as hard and not very
: different of the original, and has a more creative structure and sampling
: usage. I even have the feeling that the production quality is better. Just a
: feeling though.

: Hydrogen: this is a so "EBM" song that it strongly reminds me of Front 242
: style of "Tyranny of You" era, being almost a copy. It also feels like
: Mindphaser at times, and is particulary melodic and catchy. I like it very
: much despite its strong F242 feel.

: I hope you liked this review and I would like to see some opinions from other
: FLA fans...

: BB
: bastienb

Fun Things to Do in an Elevator
 1. Whistle the first seven notes of "It's a Small World" incessantly.

 2. Crack open your briefcase or purse, and while peering inside
    ask: "Got enough air in there?"

 4. Offer name tags to everyone getting on the elevator. Wear
    yours upside-down.

 5. Stand silent and motionless in the corner, facing the wall,
     without getting off.

 6. When arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the
     doors open, then act embarrassed when they open by themselves.

 7. Lean over to another passenger and whisper: "Noogie patrol

 8. Greet everyone getting on the elevator with a warm handshake
     and ask them to call you Admiral.

 9. On the highest floor, hold the door open and demand that it
     stay open until you hear the penny you dropped down the
     shaft go "plink" at the bottom.

10. Blow your nose and offer to show the contents of your kleenex
    to other passengers.

11. Stare, grinning, at another passenger for a while, and then
     announce: "I've got new socks on!"

12. Meow occassionally.

13. Bet the other passengers you can fit a quarter in your nose.
     Curse anyone who does not express interest in your talent. Complain
     about the downfall of society's interest in the performing arts.

14. Show other passengers a wound and ask if it looks infected. Ask
     if they will help you use the emergency phone to get medical
     attention. If they refuse, ask them to at least kiss your cut
     "like mom used to."

15. Sing "Mary had a little lamb" while continually pushing buttons.

16. Walk on with a cooler that says "human head" on the side.

17. Stare at another passenger for a while, then announce "You're one
     of THEM!" and move to the far corner of the elevator.

18. Ask each passenger getting on if you can push the button for

19. Ask each passenger getting *off* if you can push the button for

20. When the elevator is silent, look around and ask "is that your
     beeper?" Demand a strip search of all passengers when no one
     confesses to having a beeper.

21. Play the harmonica. Ask your fellow passengers if they happen to
     have a can of beans and some firewood.

22. Say "Ding!" at each floor.

23. Lean against the button panel.

24. Say "I wonder what all these do" and push the red buttons.

25. Listen to the elevator walls with a stethoscope.

26. Draw a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the
     other passengers that this is your "personal space."

27. Bring a chair along.

28. Carry a blanket and clutch it protectively. Refuse to discuss it.

29. Make explosion noises when anyone presses a button.

30. Wear "X-Ray Specs" and leer suggestively at other passengers.

31. Stare at your thumb and say "I think it's getting larger."

32. Countdown "5...4...3...2...1" and then suddenly duck.

33. Sell motion sickness medicine.

34. Eat butter.

35. Walk in, look confused, and ask, "Where's the pedals?"

Garbage Tour Dates
Thanks for writing. Here's some more info:

Well, we finally got the album out everywhere, and it's doing pretty well -
we just got back from playing on Top Of The Pops in London! The next big
project is the tour we've been practicing like little demons for. Here are
the dates, as always subject to last minute changes, please call ahead.
Hope to see you on the road!

11/20 Atlanta
11/23 London The Forum
11/25 Amsterdam Melkweg
11/27 Hamburg Grosse Freiheit
11/28 Copenhagen Pumphuset
11/30 Brussels VK Club
12/1 Rennes Festival Salle Omnisport
12/3 Munich Wappensaal
12/5 Boston WBCN holiday show
12/6 Hartford WMRQ holiday show
12/7 Washington DC WHFF holiday show
12/9 Minneapolis KEQE holiday show
12/12 Seattle ?
12/14 San Francisco ?
12/16 San Jose KOME holiday show
12/17 Los Angeles ?
12/18 Los Angeles ?
12/19 Los Angeles Viper Room

That's all the info we've got right now. Most of the dates have been
confirmed, but please check ahead to be sure. Our world wide web site will
have lyrics, a discography, and more stuff soon. It's at:

Coming soon: Garbage T.shirts by mail (snail, that is!).

Also, some people have asked for our mailing address. It is:

P.O. Box 3282
Madison, WI 53704 USA

That's all for now- thanks for listening.


100% Cabbage Patch Goth


Leaetherstrip: Getting Away With Murder


  1. Tear of Stone (Confinement Tour Intro)
  2. No Rest For The Wicked (No Vox Version)
  3. Dreaming (Two Track Demo 1982)
  4. Never Trust Anyone At The Carnival (Two Track Demo 1984)
  5. Satanic Citizen
  6. Touchdown Breakdown
  7. Crash (Flight 232)
  8. Zyclon B
  9. Leaether Strip Part II
 10. Murder


Finally the long awaited compilation album from the US Leaetherstrip fanbase
& RAS DVA Records. This CD compiles unreleased tracks from 1982-1995 and
ranges from lives tracks from a Zoth Ommog tour in 1990 (tracks 5-9),
original demoes from the early eighties and unreleased singles. This album
is definitely a diehard Leaetherstrip fan ultimate wish. What impressed me
the most on this compilation was the time span from which the tracks
originated. Getting a change to listen to some of Claus's first demo tracks,
cheesy as they might be, give the listener a great deal of insight into the
musical direction of the Danish mastermind. This CD is a definite
requirement for all Leaetherstrip fan but you better pick up a copy fast
because it has a limited edition release of 500 in the US and 500 in Europe.

Ras Dva Records
P.O. Box 92575
Milwaukee, WI 53202-0575


                       M I S S i n f o r m e d
                               November '95
                               Issue #8
       MISS are Lara Vecchiarello, Steve Seidler & Christopher Adam
                         Album - "a pretty mess"
                               EP - "."
                Music videos - "Push me" & "Around The Bush"
       World Wide Web Site -
 What's Inside?
       As reported in MISSinformed #7, MISS was recording a song to
 submit to a Smiths tribute disc(s), as part of the "GODFATHERS OF CHANGE"
 CD series on the 24 HR. SERVICE STATION label.
       Well, time was on our side and we beat the deadline. MISS
 selected the Morrissey/Marr classic "Asleep". The submission was accepted
 and will be included on the Smiths tribute disc(s). Hopefully, this
 double CD release will be out by early '96 (Jan. or Feb.), but it's out
 of our hands now.
       Here is a bit of info from their "official" press release:
 "The tribute records are double disc sets paying homage to the
 forerunners of the "alternative" side of music. THE GODFATHERS OF CHANGE
 series will be regularly issued on audio and occasionally video."
       And here's something stolen from the pages of Alternate Press
 (their MISS issue - see MISSinformed #7):
 So much for "new" music: 24 Hr. Service Station, an indie label out of
 Tampa, Florida, is assembling double-CD sets of tribute records in homage
 to such alt-rock icons as New Order, Duran Duran, REM, Depeche Mode, U2,
 the Clash, Pixies, the Cure, as well as Bauhaus and their spinoffs. A
 portion of the proceeds are going to local Florida charities.....As far
 as we know, these collections have nothing to do with K-tel."
       Also, MISS is very seriously considering hopping onto another one
 of their CD tributes. This one would be for Depeche Mode . It seems,
 Lara likes these guys.
       MISS has started writing/recording what will hopefully be the
 next full length follow up to "a pretty mess". The ideas are definitely
 flowing, too early to tell if they'll make it to mixdown.

 >From the Mixing Desk:
       If you'll notice, a real concerted effort is being made to
 streamline "MISSinformed" and keep it to a chewable size. Stripping
 everything to it's bare minimum is a tough job.
       It's time for another edition of Frequently Asked Questions
 (FAQs). In the past you heard from Steve and myself (see MISSinformed #2
 ). This time it's Lara's turn. As usual, the verdict(s) and radio/tv
 listings are included.
       Featured in the MISS Verdict(s) section is the first published
 review of the new MISS EP, "." via Dead Angel Magazine. They were the
 first ones to interview MISS, so it only makes sense that they would be
 the first to review the new material.
 Any comments, questions or suggestions, please send them my way:
               email -
               c/o Chris of MISS
               Frequently Asked Questions - The Lara Version
 So, when is the solo album/career gonna happen?
 LARA: I haven't thought about that but if I'm in a place where I can't
 hang with Steve and Chris, then I'll find something else to do.
 Among the many MISS reviews, your singing is often compared to/with
 Madonna's, do you agree with this assessment?
 LARA: I kind of agree, but I don't like it.
 Who do you feel has influenced your style?
 LARA: I grew up listening to folk and disco, I don't quite know what
 happened next.
 You're music seems so serious, all the time. Do you guys ever laugh?
 LARA: Well, I'm laughing at all these stupid questions- just kiddin'.
 I hear you are taking guitar lessons. How's the guitar coming along?
 LARA: Well, let's just say I'm working on it.
 Will the next album feature your guitar prowess?
 LARA: It'll be awhile before I'm willing to share.
 Was there ever a song(s) that you could/would not do, because of lyrical
 content or overall subject matter or religious, political conviction(s)
 or boyfriend objection(s)?
 LARA: Not yet, although sometimes I wish some of what we did was a little
 You recently covered a Smiths' song, why hasn't MISS done more covers?
 LARA: We entertain the idea from time to time, but it's been hard enough
 getting it together to finish our original stuff.
 What's it like being the token chick in MISS?
 LARA: Token being the key word, here. but I get all the attention and I
 like that 'cause I'm a girl.
 Why aren't there any T&A in MISS videos?
 LARA: I've begged and begged but they won't let me.
 If you had to come, would you hold in all in?
 LARA: They're just sheets.
 Should you aim, at all?
 LARA: I don't know if we should, but it doesn't hurt to try.
 Are you ever gonna get better?
 LARA: It gets better everyday - thank GOD.
 If you're not crying over me, then who are you crying for?
 LARA: I wrote that song about the first great love of my life, that's
 over now and I only cry from time to time.
 If you had something to say, would you keep it to yourself?
 LARA: My mom always said if you don't have anything nice to say, then
 don't say anything at all.
 Are you still missing the opening?
 LARA: I've been wide open and for quite some time.
 MISS Verdict(s)
 >From Dead Angel 15 (part c) Magazine (Nov. 1995)
 Review:: MISS "."
                    **** ****
                    **** MUSIC ALERT: ****
                    **** RUN TO YOUR NEAREST STORE ****
                    **** AND BUY THESE ALBUMS! ****
                    **** ****
 MISS-- [new EP "."]
 HIGHLIGHTS: ".," "Fun"
 Those of you can remember aaaaaaall the way back to the very first issue of
 DEAD ANGEL may remember MISS, the quasi-dance band interviewed right around
 the time they signed to Statue Records. Well, the deal with Statue turned
 into a nightmare and the album that was to appear never DID, but the band
 is still together -- with the same personnel, even (Lara on vox, Chris and
 Steve in charge of the studio weirdness). They were kind of different to
 begin with, and since then they've only gotten WEIRDER -- hence this new
 four-song tape, which comes across kind of like... uh... like... maybe like
 Madonna (with more talent) after being produced by Nine Inch Nails. On
 "White," they bully the beat around until it's hard to pin down, like a
 fish flopping across the floor -- just when you've figured out where it's
 going, it wiggles again and you fall flat on your face, most unnerving....
 Even better is "Period" (represented on the tape by a black dot instead
 of an actual title), where a pulsing bass is just about the only anchor
 in a mix with drums that fade in and out, weird noises blipping at the
 edges, drums whose EQ keeps shifting, squidgy and edgy vocals that get
 squeakier and squeakier before smoothing out again; it keeps shifting and
 weaving, mon! They'll never be able to fully reproduce it LIVE, of course
 (I don't think, anyway), but it sounds GREAT in the studio....
     "Fun" is about the closest thing here to a "conventional" song, with
 a beat that stays put, droning synths, and heavily reverbed chanteuse
 vocals. The slowdown fadeout (in which the tempo slowly but surely cuts in
 half by increments) is most cool. The last song, "Twice in One Month," is
 just plain bizarre -- lots of looped weirdness over a quirky beat and the
 chorus from "Period" ("I can feel it, I can feel it, I can feel the bottom
 falling out")... is it a remix or a new song? I can't tell, but it's pretty
 damn interesting nonetheless. Let another year roll by and everybody will
 sound like this (the trickle-down NIN effect, no doubt), but for now, MISS
 are considerably ahead of the curve....
 R A D I O M I S S
 (37 radio stations that are currently playing MISS)
 Call 'em up and request MISS.
 WHRW 90.5 Binghamton, NY
 WDNR 89.5 Chester, PA
 KSUN FM - Rohnert Park, CA
 KALX 90.7 FM - Berkeley, CA
 Free Radio Berkeley 104.1 FM - Berkeley, CA
 KCSS FM -Turlock, CA
 WNUR 89.3 FM - Evanston, IL
 WZRD 88.3 - Chicago, IL
 KUOI 89.3 FM - Moscow, Idaho
 WMSU 91.1 FM - Dartmouth, MA
 WUSM 88.5 FM - Hattiesburg, MA
 WGAJ FM - Deersfield, MA
 WMSE 71.3 FM - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 WUMD FM - Grosse Point, Michigan
 WMCN 91.7 FM - St. Paul, MN
 KMNR 89.7 FM - Rolla, MO
 WRUW 91.1 - Cleveland, OH
 WMSR FM - Oxford, OH
 WDRE 103.9 FM - Philadelphia, PA
 WQHS 730 AM - Philadelphia, PA
 WARC 90.3 FM - Meadville, PA
 WMCX 88.9 FM - New Jersey
 WMNJ FM - Madison, New Jersey
 KTEK FM - Socorro, New Mexico
 WRBU FM - Peoria, IL.
 KANM FM - Texas A&M Univ.
 KJHK 90.7 FM - Lawrence, Kansas
 CHRW 94.7 FM - London Ontario, Canada
 CHRY FM - North York, Ontario Canada
 CHMR FM - Newfoundland, Canada
 CKCU 93.1 FM - Ottawa Ontario, Canada
 CKDU 97.5 FM - Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
 CIXS FM - Canada
 CFRC FM - Kingston, Ontario Canada
 CFLR FM - Ontario, Canada
 Europe Plus Izhevsk 70.6 FM - Russia
 Radio HK (internet's first radio station)-
 M I S S T V
 (10 music television shows that are playing MISS' "Push me" & "Around The
 Bush" videos)
 Call 'em up and request MISS.
 KASRV - Tempe, Arizona
 Women's Alternative - Mountain View, CA & Arlington, VA
 Local Noise - Springfield, PA
 NSTV - Manhattan, NY
 PinkZooTv - Philadelphia, PA.
 Austin Music Network - Austin, Texas
 CapZeyez Video - Austin, Texas
 ACTV's "In Your Ear" - Columbus, Ohio
 Music Showcase - Reno, Nevada
 Subculture - San Francisco Bay Area.


                  | Chris of MISS |
                /)| |(\
               / )| |( \
            __( (|____________________________|) )__
           ((( \ \ > /_) ( \ < / / )))
           (\\\ \ \_/ / \ \_/ / ///)
            \ / \ /
              \ _/ \_ /
               / / \ \
              / / \ \


                             (O O)
               | |
                             || ||
                            ooO Ooo

Subject: dEUS: Barman & Ward in Nighttown


Last night i went to '2 Meter Nighttown In'. As i've told you before this
was a concert with performances from six bands, most of which were acoustic.
Although the Barman/Ward concert wasn't the only interesting concert i'll of
course tell you about that one first.

1st a setlist:

- Wake Me Up Before You Sleep
- ? (beautiful!)
- Little Arythmics
- Overflow
- Divebomb Djingle
- Seven Threads
- ? (Alex Chilton cover)
- Hotellounge

For this concert the big Nighttown hall and a really small intimate hall in
Popular, the cafe next door, were used. I was really happy to see that
Barman & Ward were scheduled to play in the small hall 'cos that's just the
perfect enviroment to see such a concert. This also meant i had to leave
Sjako! early to get a good spot. But that was okay because Sjako! wasn't
very good and the reward was a very good spot in the front.

To my suprise Barman & Ward were already on stage about 15 minutes early and
they even practised one complete song they would play later too. But there
was an even greater suprise: there were three people on the stage, the third
being dEUS violin player Klaas Janszoons!!! On the stage there was also a
very small electronic toy-like piano hanging from Tom's microphone stand.

The hall was really small: less than half the size of the basement ore about
1/3 of the smallest tent at Lowlands (sorry i can't compare with any
Belgian clubs 'cos i haven't seen too many ;-)). This was a little fuck-up
by Nighttown because there were far more people than there was room. So some
people had to stand in the hallway. But if you want to see the complete
Sjako! concert well, yes that's the price you pay ;-)

Before they started Tom warned the audience the songs were going to be very
soft. And he kept his word because the first song was Wake Me Up Before You
Sleep. Tom performed this alone but Craig and Klaas listened to it on stage.
The next song was one i hadn't heard before, but it was very beautiful. It
was played by Tom with Craig playing a few chords every now and then. Tom
introduced Craig as dEUS' new guitarist. The next song was a new one called
Little Arythmics. This had Tom & Craig playing guitar and Klaas playing the
mini piano.
Tom introduced the next song as an ode to the Palace Brothers. But he told
it was one of their songs and not actually by the Palace brothers. This was
a really beautiful song. One thing was quite remarkable: Craig's voice
sounded exactly like Stef's. During the songs i also know with Stef singing
along i could just close my eyes and swear it was Stef who was singing
along. After this very touching and warm song Tom said "and now something
more light (it was "lichtvoetigers" in Dutch but i can't really translate
that). And they played a very good version of Divebomb Djingle.

Now it was time to really introduce Craig 'cos they played one of his songs
called Seven Threads. During this Tom played the small piano which now made
a pan flute sound. He liked this so much he even added a small improvisation
which got everyone to laugh. It was a good bluesy song but it lacked that
little extra touch most dEUS songs have. Now they played a cover by Alex
Chilton. This was the song they had already practised earlier. The last song
was Hotellounge. When they came to the first verse they suddenly Tom and Tom
said they were playing to slow. So they started over again. The intro was
very nice with Klaas playing the violin loop from his My Sister song How To
Row A Cat. At the end they didn't play the few seconds of guitar bashing
noise like they often do.

This was definetly a great concert, and one of the best ones i've ever seen
(and certainly the best not-dEUS one). It was just very special to hear all
this really soft warm songs with the musicians sitting about 50cm away. I
haven't heard the radio broadcast but i hope they broadcasted all of this
stunning show. The rest of the evening was good too: Ezio (not original, but
very nice), Metal Molly (not acoustic, but they were absolutly fantastic!!!
Look out for these guys, they make great music & have a nice sense of
humour, please do youself a favour and check them out!) Duke (nice, good
vocals), Sjako! (not very good) & Bettie Serveert (Good, nothing new but
very nice anyway).

Wow, this review is getting a bit too long. Sorry people, i'm just totally
blown away by Barman, Ward & Janszoons and Metal Molly. Btw i saw Klaas near
Nighttown Basement afterwards but i left him (&girlfriend) alone 'cos he
played great and didn't deserve to be bothered.

mail: WWW:
The Unofficial dEUS Home Page:

Music Reviews from Fucktooth 19
Okay, so these are a little late, but still. You can get a paper copy of
fucktooth from me for $2 at: Jen angel, POB 3593, Columbus OH 43210

       One last hint for ordering zines and music : order direct from the
band, label, or zine whenever you can. They see the most money that way.
Also, many thanks to Carl Hirsch, Pat Jones, Bill Reidy, Andy Bussing, and
JR. Yeah, now you know who to blame.
        * This is very important. Fucktooth is Not Maximum Rock N Roll or
=46actsheet Five. There is a possibility that the zine or record you send me
may not be reviewed. As much as i don't want this to happen, it has come
down to a matter of how much space i'm devoting to reviews more than
anything else. Plus, i don't have the time to review zines 24 hours a day,
i mean, i've got to stop and eat and take showers and things. Please don't
take it personally.

4: The Past and th Present // 3 song 7" // Goldenrod Records, 3770 Tangy St
San Diego, CA 92121 // Boring, ,uncatchy, grunge rock that makes the Stone
Temple Pilots sound itneresting. The press releasy thingy says to load up
the bong, but i don' tthink that there is enough THC in the whole world to
make me like this. (Andy).

88 Fingers Louie : Totin 40s and Fuckin Shit Up // 9 song 10" // Rocco
Records POB 14781 Chicago IL 60614-0781 // Hella fast guitar, almost to the
point of being metal, so i get the point of all the cheesy fake names on
the back. THey're actually descriptions (kind of) of each of teh guys, like
for guitar, it says "Heavy Metal," and for drums it says "Greasy Guy"- the
liner notes in general are pretty humorous ("The title of this release is
obviousy a joke. We don't tote 40s and we dont' fuck shit up (well, maybe
we fuck shit up a little bit)."). Yeah, this whole record is really fast. I
would say it's on the border of skatepunk (SoCal style by way of CHicago)
and fast hardcore punk (hardcore as in fast, not hardcore as in angst).
Lyrics are usually good and a lot are of a personal nature, the forced
rhymes can get a little trying at times, though. Overall, a pretty good
record, and it's nice to knwo that these guys are from the midwest and not
from California. And i have to say that they're really nice guys to talk
to, and it always improves my opinion of a record if i know that there are
cool people behind it. (Angel).

Boilermaker: watercourse // 9 song CD, $10ppd // Goldenrod Records //
Smooth guitar sound that i would compart to Kerosene 454 (as opposed to raw
punk sounding). Very slow and wandering. Not the kind of stuff i like, and
i would use words like "artsy" and "whiney" to describe it. sorry. (Angel).

The Bollweevils: History of the Bollweevils Part 1 // 25 song CD // Dr
Strange Records, POB 7000-117, Alta Loma CA 91701 // If you look up this
band's name in the dictionary, you'll find that a bollweevil is a type of
beetle. I think that these guys also think that they are some type of
Beatles. The Bollweevils play pop punk in a vein that is the polar opposite
of the liberty-spiked mohican on the front cover. Everything comes off way
to sappy and definitely locaking the much needed bacground vocals that
could help pull these songs through. This is a collection of singles and
comp tracks highlighted by the more punk sounding stuff from what I believe
to be their demo tape (it's difficutl to tell where each song comes from by
reading the liner notes). Basically, punk rock that Sen. Bob Dole could
approve of. (Andy).

DFL : Proud To Be (Dead Fucking Last) // 20 song CD // Epitaph Records :
2798 Sunset Blvd ,LA CA 90026 // This is more of a three chord sloppy punk
style, minus the clean harmonies and slick songs of other Epitaph bands.
"What's the Difference" is just lame, and i was going to say "Self Pity"
makes me think of the Beastie Boys, until Brad told me that one of the
Beasties PLAYS DRUMS in DFL. Oops. It's cool that Epitaph is going more
into this style of music but this is nothing to write home about. Remember
when a record would get you really excited instead of just being passable
and okay to listen to once in a long while? Maybe this record would grow on
me but there are too many other things that i prefer to listen to for me to
put the effort into this. Sorry. I'd rather just listen to teh Beasties.

Earth Crisis: Destroy the Machines // 10 song CD // Victory Records, POB
146546, Chicago IL 60614 // I was genuinely excited about getting this to
review. Angry, young men with a message that they believe in usually make
the most inspiring and energetic music. What we have here sounds like
Pantera crossed with "And Justice For All" era Metallica. Super crunchy
metal without any distinctive choruses to get the kids singing along.
Lyrically, if you kill anything, Earth Crisis will destry you. If music
like this is what being straightedge vegan is all about, pass me a beer and
a bratwurst. I guess that nobody will ever sound like Youth of Today again?

Excuse 17: They played here and it was a pretty big show. I don't
understand! This CD is annoying, talentless, frustrating. Girl vocals that
are either screechy or flat-that always turns me off. Yuck. The music's not
bad, heavy on the guitar, but the vocals kill it. .I get all these CD's in
the mail, and i wonder, how do these bands get on these labels? Who decides
to put out these records? (Angel).

Goldfinger: Richter // 6 Song CD // // Songs are mostly
personal in nature and can be pretty catchy and fun sounding, in the way
that NOFX is. Music wise, i would almost say it's wannabe ska with cheesy
vocal harmonies, and lots of lead guitar. Nothing exciting here, though it
could possibly grow on me one day. (Angel).

Heike: Precious Underground // 5 songs + live stuff cassette // Mutant
Renegade Records, POB 3445 Dayton, OH 45401 // REM styled harmonizing sung
over Jawbreakeresque type tunes. Hence, loud guitars and unpunk sounding
male and female vocals. Typical alternative colelge rock that occurs in
every town these days. (Andy).

the Invalids: Wiseguys // 4 song 7" // Second Guess Records : POB 9382,
Reno NV 89507 // Pop punk in the whiney vocals and fuzzy guitar style. This
Santa Rosa band does it pretty well though, and this seven inch is a good
listen, with good, melodic guitar and catchy songs. (Angel).

J Church: The Precession of Simulacra // 8 song CD // Jade Tree: 2310
Kennwynn Rd, Wilmington DE 19810 // If you take out the irritating singer,
the awkwardly placed swear words and usually cheesy lyrics, i kind of like
this. It's got good and sometimes varied music. Good, heavy (sometimes)
guitar/bass that sounds like a lighter version of the Pixies (sometimes),
and just has good movement and rhythm to it. Drumming that isn't
spectacular but isn't simple or boring. I might listen to this again, if i
can just get past the vocals. (Angel).

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp: Asparagus In a Material World // 3 song 7"
// Second Guess Records // I know everyone loves the name of this band, but
there is more to them then that. Upbeat and melodic pop punk, with vocals
that are a mixture of Fifteen, the Larry Brrrds, and even Rancid, in that
way that they're hard to understand but energetic. Overall, a good, clean
release. (Angel).

Lunachicks: Jerk of All Trades // 16 song CD // Go Kart Records, POB 20,
Prince STreet STation, NYC 10012 // Always heard of, but never having
heard, the Lunachicks were kind of a letdown. Sure they have some retardo
lyrics like "You're a mental case, 'bout time I smash your face" from the
song, FDS, but most of the songs are way too verbose with the music
sounding like punked out metal. Not solo filled, just that the productions
is a little sterile. But the song, "Jerk of All Trades," being one of their
shorter lyrical efforts, is still stuck in my head - a great tune. (Andy).

NOFX: I heard they suck live! // 16 song live CD // Fat Wreck Chords : POB
460144, SF CA 94146-0144 // I don't really listen to my NOFX albums
anymore, so i wasn't too excited to get this in the mail. It's so great
though! It's totally reminded me all the reasons i like the LP's. Fun,
sarcastic, entertaining. If you like NOFX, this is a must get. Even the
handwritten liner notes make me smile. Includes lots of the old favorites
like "Moron Brothers," "Bob," and "Together on the Sand," plus new stuff
and a cover of a Rudimentary Peni song. The production is typical
=46at/Epitaph style, this is as clean as a studio recording with a few
changed lyrics and lots of joking around in between. (Angel).

Nothing Rhymes with Orange // 5 song 7" // Goldenrod Records // Simplistic,
jangly, alternorock. Theonly bright spot being the upbeat garage rock
number, "She Devil at the Aladero". The other songs are just too cutesy and
quirky. (Andy).

Overwhelming Colorfast: Sourdough // 6 song CD // Goldenrod Records //
=46uzzed out pop songs that sound a little bit too much like something off o=
MTV's 120 Minutes to me, but something that fans of late period H=FCsker D=
or Superchunk might enjoy. (Andy).

The Padded Cell // 2 song 7" // Deadbeat Records : POB 283 Los Angeles CA
90078 // Pretty decent punk rock with a slight pop influence. Nice and
uptempo and definitely n ot at all happy sounding like a lot of other
releases lately. Songs focus on the likes of being a punk while not my most
favorite subject, at least you can sing along to them. Not earth shattering
great, ,but i fyou happen to buy this, I don't think you'll be
disappointed. (Andy).

Pennywise: About Time // 12 song CD // Epitaph Records // Okay, i like this
band, and i was really excited to get this in the mail. I think i liked
UNKNOWN ROAD a lot better. I think mostly what i like about this band is
that the singer actually sings. I mean, he has a good voice. They lyrics
are not screamed, not yelled, but sung. I think this album lacks the catchy
and complete songs of UNKNOWN ROAD, but if you like Pennywise and their
SoCal style of punk, i don't think you'll be disapointed. (Angel).

Rancid: And out Come The Wolves // the new CD! // Epitaph Records // Okay,
they didn't actually send me this one for review (figures. They never send
me the CDs that i actually WANT), but i figured i would put in my two cents
worth. I haven't read any reviews yet,, but i'm sure that when i do, they
will all say two words: THE CLASH. All my friends and i agree, and that
about sums it up. And as someone who likes the clash, that is definitely
not a bad thing. There are a few catchy songs, but i know it took a long
long time for me to really like the last record, so i know this one will
grow on me. (Angel).

Schleprock: Out of Spite // 5 song CD // Dr Strange Records // Pop mixed
with rock. Seems very collegy in a way, though not as bad i thought the new
Unwound is. Lots of chorusy back up singing - could grow on me but the
songs are exciting. I mean, sometimes i'l llisten to something that really
moves me (rail?), but Schleprock (and a lot of other thigns), don't come
close. I wouldn't call them punk, well, maybe rock n roll with some pop
punk mixed in (but maybe i dont' understand what pop punk is). (Angel).

Sicko: Laugh While You Can Monkey Boy // 12 song CD // eMpTy records, pob
12034 Seattle WA 98102 // If you liek pop you'll like this! Super catchy,
tight, and fun to listen to. Even the "slow" songs have me tapping my foot.
Very enthusiastic (energetic?), i like this record a lot. (Angel).

SNFU: THe One Voted Most Likely to Succeed // 13 song CD // Epitaph Records
// These mid eighties stalwarts just keep on truckin' through the nineties.
It seems like Brett at Epitaph must get a kick out of resurrecting some of
my old favorite bands. Heard theis album about a month ago and was
unimpressed, but now with several repeated listennings, that SNFU brand of
hardcore has taking hold again. This kind of reminds me of NOFX except with
out all the crazy musical breaks. I just don't see the kids today latching
onto this band as i did to their much more humorous "And Noone Else Wanted
To Play" album. (Andy).

Step On A Crack Vol Two: A New York Subterranean Music Compilation // 19
Song CD // Go Kart Records, POB 20, Prince St Station, NYC 10012 // Despite
having a lot of good bands and a good variety of styles, this comp is like
every other. Tedious, tiresome, and hard to listen to. Contributions from
bands like the Deil Dogs, Iron Prostate, Deadguy, Mind Over Matter, and
Garden Variety, and lots lots more. Good as a sampler, but not good as an
album. (Angel).

Sublime: 40 oz. to freedom CD // skunk records/ste. 202/long beach, ca
90803 // i'm gonna hurt beck! i'm gonna find him and hurt him really bad
for inspiring this kind of acoustic guitar/folk/urban crap. your ass is
mine dude! steer clear of dayton, ohio. (jones).

TINA, AGE 13: the alcoholic father of my inner child CD // broken
rekids/p.o. box 460402/s.f., ca 94106-0402 // this disc disappointed me.
okay, i really liked the music and was thrilled to see it's over 70 minutes
long. after the first couple of songs i was really looking forward to
hearing a whole hour's worth of this band. but at the end of the sixth
track it goes into this REALLY boring feedback thing that just goes on and
on for about 45 minutes. why do bands do this shit? who the fuck is going
to sit there and listen to that fucking thing? forget putting this in the
3 disc changer on random play. you're just going to have to stop whatever
you're doing and get up and hit the forward button when track 6 comes on.
so okay, the six actual songs on this are great garagey punk that kind of
sounds like "candy mantra" era hypnolovwheel or maybe superchunk in a
really bad mood. but that feedback opus has got to go! NOTE TO BANDS:

The Twerps // 5 song 7" // 702 Records, POB 204 Reno NV 89504 // Yeah i
know i'm a little biased but pete (and bill) would never forgive me if i
didn't mention this record. Twerps are a local ohio band (not to be
confused with the california band of the same name) that play snotty old
style punk. This is their first record, rereleasing songs that were on
their cassette. Two guitars on the record, and the guitar, overall, is more
energetic and clearer. The vocals are a lot more obnoxious alhtough that
means that at times you can't understand what Mark's saying-but there's a
lyric sheet! Backig vocals are a lot better. Song themes range from "will
play for food," gays in the military to beer (what a surprise). Overall, i
think it's a good release and they're a lot of fun to see live. (Angel).

Unwound: The Future of What // 15 song CD // Kill Rock Stars: 120 NE State
Ave 418, Olympia WA 98501 // I liked their album, Fake Train, SO much. This
is a bit too monotonous / repetitious for me to like it much, and it
doesn't keep me interested. I would say it sounds like Iconoclast (nj)
style hardcore (lots and lots of layers of sound), but slowed down too
much. Too artsy for me. Sounds very "indy." (Angel).

Whatever... : Jabberwocky // 17 song LP // Dead Beat Records // I really
like bands who do cover songs. Whatever... does "City of New ORleans"
(arlo guthrie) and "Safety Dance" (men without hats). They're just good
songs, and particularly the Arlo Guthrie tune makes me remember that
Whatever... has a lot of good non-punk influences that is another reason to
like this band. I am really biased and should have given this record to
someone else to review, but i had too much to say. I think, music-wise,
some songs are great, and some are just okay. Lyrics-wise, it's
consistantly awesome. The song, "Down In Flames" for instance, doesn't have
much going on that interests me musically, but it does have good lyrics.
The songs tend to lean toward personal politics and even some social
commentary, both of which i like. The music is pretty diverse, lots of
guitar (a few solos, but not in a real show-off way) and interesting bass
lines. The lyrics are sometimes a bit wordy, but that's not always bad.
The guitar player has been singing more and more songs, and this is
definitely a good thing. The best song is "Here Comes the Punk Police"
which is pretty biting, and the music is catchy and has a ska tone.
Overall, i really like this record, and i know i'll keep listenning to it.

Wizo: Uuaarrgh! // 13 song CD // Fat Wreck Chords // All this band does is
prove that European bands can sound just like american ones. It's like a
=46at style band with vocals in German (and a few songs in english), and
that's not very exciting. Well, it's more like sped up rock n roll with a
little bit of a punk twist. Plus, some of the lyrics are beyond inane.
Check this out (the english translation which is provided): "... and
everywhere guts, blood and bones / And I found it wonderful / all the blood
and guts / soon started reeking in the heat / aaah- death at the swimming
pool." Somehow i figured we'd gotten past all that and grown up a little?
If you can make it past the first couple, it does get better. There's a
really good song about differences among people, one about death, and
others about the German government and about politics (this is jsut from
reading the lyric sheet, mind you). Some of the songs are catchy, but i'll
stick with NOFX. (Angel).

Zoinks : Bad Move Space Cadet //13 song CD // Dr Strange Records // Super
catchy at times, but weak at others (the wannabe hardcore song). High
Points: Greastest American Hero theme song, the Uma Thurman song, and Zak's
nice, mellow (as opposed to nasally or whiney) pop vocals that are great to
sing along with. Some lame harmonies though (like on "Thermalosis").
Overall, a good, solid pop record. (Angel).

jen angel / / pob 3593 columbus oh 43210 / 614.421.1269

From: Stubborn Records,
To: Underground Records, 74777,3354
Date: Wed, Nov 15, 1995, 2:26 AM


Park Ave. So. bet. 29 & 30 Sts.
Hudson & Laight Sts.
THE INSTEPS plus guest TBA
Park Ave. So. bet. 29 & 30 Sts.
Hudson & Laight Sts.
STUBBORN ALL-STARS w/Mighty Mighty Bosstones
at the MIDDLE EAST, Boston, MA
STUBBORN ALL-STARS w/Barrence Whitfield & The Savages
Houston St. and Ave. A
JAN. 5-JAN. 13
SKINNERBOX is shooting for a tour, planning to hit
Philly, DC, NC, SC, GA, FL, VA
Keep an eye out!

==> STUBBORN RECORDS <== 504 Grand Street, #F52
                                  New York, NY 10002-4101

 A guy gets stranded in the middle of Arkansas on a highway miles from any
exit. Rather than walk to the next exit, he decides to hitch a ride instead.
He extends his thumb, and the first car by stops.
     "Need a lift?" asks the driver.
     "Yeah." replies the man.
     "First, are you a Democrat or a Republican?"
     The stranded man says, "A Republican." The car speeds off. Soon after,
another car stops.
     "Looking for a ride?"
     "Yep," replies the stranded man.
     "Are you a Democrat or a Republican?"
     The stranded motorist replies, "A Republican." That car speeds off. He
then realized that Clinton came from Arkansas, and was a Democrat. Then, a
Porsche pulls up. In the Porsche is a long-legged, absolutely gorgeous blonde
wearing a very tight, extremely short leather mini-skirt.
     "Need a ride?"
     "Oh yeah," replies the man.
     "Are you a Democrat or a Republican?" asks the woman.
     "A Democrat all the way."
     "Hop in," replies the woman, and she starts down the highway.
     Stunned by her good looks, the man can't keep his eyes off of her for
miles. Suddenly, five miles down the road he stares straight ahead and bursts
out in laughter.
     "What's so funny?" asks the woman.
     "Well," says the man, "I've only been a Democrat for five minutes and
already I feel like screwin' somebody!"

Subject: dEUS: review: Moondog Jr. in Brussels - Botanique


Last night (31/10/95) I went to see Moondog Jr. for the first time.
The concert took place in The Botanique here in Brussels, in the
'Cafe-Theatre' which is in the cellar of the building, brick cave
like structure giving a good athmosphere, unfortunately with a very low
stage, so it was rather difficult to see the band members perform (it would
have liked them to play in the 'Orangerie' which has a higher/bigger stage
and a nice ambiance anyway, I saw, amongst others, dEUS and Morphine here
before :) ).

I will quickly skip the supporting acts, because the were not
really very interesting to my opinion.

Then it was time for Moondog Jr. themselves. When they came on stage
it became clear that they had some difficulties with the monitoring sound
on stage as Stef Carlens pointed out to the public and the soundengineer in
the back... anyway then he started with 'Shall I let this good man in',
which was played solo on guitar (so different as on the record) . The sound was
very good (as it did the whole concert to me, so their on- stage problems
where not really noticeable in the audience).

I do not have a complete tracklist, since during the concert I was kind of
carried away by the music and I'm writing this the day after so the order
of the songs is not 100%.

After the first one, the whole band joined in for the next which was also a
track of the album (don't remember), and immediately the 'vibe' was there...
they really play well live, clear sound and with a lots of conviction.

Afterwards 2 songs followed, which I didn't hear before
(maybe 1 of them was a cover - kind of a blues song). These were followed by
a number of tracks of the album (I heared all the songs of the record during
the concert):
Moondog & Ice guitars was played more or less as on the album, then
followed a brilliant version of Ricochet (with Stef doing his now famous
dancestep why not call this 'Moondance'?), Bombo (not really 1 of my
favourites), a overwheling version of Cachita, real energetic, on the record
i didn't really appericiate it (kind of messy) but this live version was
REALLY something else.

Jintro & the great luna was played faster then on the album, and also the
whole band joined in. Blues for Sammy, TV Song (of course), 'Love is
a heavy brick' (one of favourites on the record, amongst others) were then
also played, also a couple of unknown(new?)songs to me and Jo's wine song.
The concert ended with 'Waitin till you're gone'... but (of course) they came
back after an enthousisatic crowd reaction, for 2 more songs: a cover (I think
the same as was talked about in the other reviews -the Tom Jones thing) and
then 'Love 609'. This gave an end to a very good concert, and despite of
the above mentioned technical problems the band also seemed to
have enjoyed themselves (I certainly did anyway!!).

There was one thing what seem to annoy some people in the public, that
was that Stef addressed the public in French (I don't really care, as
long as its understandable - for those who don't know, Brussels
is bilingual French-Dutch spoken), so after a while inbetween 2 songs
somebody shouted "Parlez Anvercois" ("Speak Antwerps", in French that is :) ).
So afterwards he kind of spoke sentences mixed in dutch, french and english
(maybe this would have been more clever to start with?).

Anyway, if Moondog Jr. is playing in your neighbourhood I would certainly
advice you to go and see them because they are really a very strong live band,
not only because of the on-stage presence and voice of Stef Carlens, but
they really play brilliantly together.

>From a happy concert-attender, groeten , salut, greetings to you all,


PS. I also heared last week (Rock-Rapport on Ka2 TV-station, I think) that
they would really like to make an album with dutch lyrics, but this would not
be in the near future due to other projects (dEUS of course and 'Flowers
for Breakfast' are releasing stuff next year first).

                      PeTeR MiCHieLSeN
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Laws for DUI in other places
These are some Laws in other area of the world
for US all to think about.

Germany - With B.A.L. of .08, your licenses is suspended for
          three months with a maximum of a one year in prison
          or a fine.

Norway - With B. A. L. of .05, Mandatory minimum jail sentence of
         three weeks. A Fine may be added. first offender loses
         license for one year. A repeat within five years, you lose
         your license for LIFE !

Israel - Jail for TWO YEARS.

Soviet Union - After first offense, You're banned from the roadway
         for six months. A subsequent offense you lose your license
         for your LIFETIME !

India - 6 months in prison and/or pay a fine of $ 112.,if convicted.
      * Remember their income structure is not the same as U.S.

South Korea - If arrested automatically 2 months license suspension.
        If convicted, Jail of up to one year and a fine of $ 700.

Japan - For the first offense, you receive 4 months in jail & $ 200.
        Fine. Your license is revoked and returned upon completion of
        a driving test, One year latter.

Chile - If found guilty, You serve from 61 to 541 days in jail. If
        someone was injured, your minimum prison sentence is 18 months.

Turkey - If you drink and drive, you are taken 20 miles from town by
         police and forced to walk back, under escort.

France - 3 year loss of license, a year in jail, $ 1000. fine.

South Africa - 10 years in jail or $ 10,000 or BOTH !

               ARE YOU READY FOR THIS ?

El Salvador - First offense, EXECUTION by firing squad.

Bulgaria - A second conviction of drunk driving is your last,
                     EXECUTION !!!!!!!

Sweden & Finland - Automatic jail term of one year !

             Don't never BITCH again in the U.S.A.

Malaysia - Jail ! If driver is married, the"spouse"is also jailed.

Information from the Greater PHOENIX,Az. D.M.V.


                       Adorable INCOMPLETE Discography



Sunshine Smile

  1. Sunshine Smile
  2. A To Fade In
  3. Sunburnt

I'll Be Your Saint
 1. I'll Be Your Saint
  2. Self-Imperfectionist
  3. Summerside

  1. Homeboy
  2. Pilot
  3. Contented Eye

Sistine Chapel Ceiling
  1. Sistine Chapel Ceiling
  2. Everything's Fine
  3. Seasick Martyr
  4. Obsessively Yours

Favorite Fallen Idol
  1. Favorite Fallen Idol
  2. Mirror-Love
  3. Cool Front 23-6

Kangaroo Court

  1. Kangaroo Court
  2. Dinosaur #3
  3. Ballroom

  1. Vendetta
  2. The Floating Game
  3. This House is Rotten



Against Perfection
  1. Glorious
  2. Favorite Fallen Idol
  3. A To Fade In
  4. I Know You Too Well
  5. Homeboy
  6. Sistine Chapel Ceiling
  7. Cut #2
  8. Crash Sight
  9. Still Life
 10. Breathless

  1. Feed Me
  2. Vendetta
  3. Man In a Suitcase
  4. Submarine
  5. Lettergo
  6. Kangaroo Court
  7. Radio Days
  8. Go Easy On Her
  9. Road Movie
 10. Have You Seen the Light

***The LP version contained a free 7" which included a mix of Vendetta and
Man In a Suitcase (I think). I'll get the juicy details soon....

Misc. Stuff

Independent Top 20 Vol. 15 (1992)

  1. Sunshine Smile

In A Field of Their Own: Glastonbury 1993 (1993)

  1. Sistine Chapel Cieling [live]

Melody Maker Video

  1. Sunshine Smile


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blah blah, then let me know and I'll add 'em.

If you see anything wrong or missing from this discography please email the
changes to Ajay Sharma

Three worst Chinese torture tests
> >
> >>A man is out in the Chinese wilderness and he's
> >>hopelessly lost. It's been nearly three weeks since he's eaten
> >>anything
> >>besides what he could forage and he's been reduced to sleeping in
> >>caves
> >>and under trees.
> >
> >>One afternoon he comes upon an old mansion in the woods.
> >>It has vines covering most of it and the man can't see any other
> >>buildings in the area. However, he sees smoke coming out of the
> >>chimney implying someone is home.
> >
> >>He knocks on the door and an old man answers, with a
> >>beard almost down to the ground. The old man squints his eyes
> >>and says "What do you want?"
> >
> >>The man says "I've been lost for the past three weeks
> >>and haven't had a decent meal or sleep since that time. I would
> >>be most gracious if I could have a meal and sleep in your house
> >>for tonight"
> >
> >>The old Chinese man says "I'll let you come in on one
> >>condition: You cannot mess around with my grandaughter"
> >
> >>The man, exhausted and hungry readily agrees, saying "I
> >>promise I won't cause you any trouble. I'll be on my way
> >>tommorrow morning"
> >
> >>The old Chinese man counters "Ok, but if I do catch you
> >>then I'll give you the three worst chinese torture tests ever
> >>known to man."
> >
> >>"Ok, Ok" the man said as he entered the old house.
> >>Besides, he thought to himself, what kind of woman would live
> >>out in the wilderness all her life?
> >
> >>Well, that night, when the man came down to eat (after
> >>showering), he saw how beautiful the grandaughter was. She was
> >>an absolute pearl, and while he had only been lost three weeks,
> >>it had been many,many months without companionship. And the girl
> >>had only seen the occasional monk besides her grandfather and
> >>well, they both couldn't keep their eyes off each other
> >>throughout the meal.
> >
> >>That night, the man snuck into the girls' bedroom and
> >>they had quite a time, but had kept the noise down to a minimum.
> >>The man crept back to his room later that night thinking to
> >>himself "Any three torture tests would be worth it after that
> >>experience"
> >
> >>Well, the next morning the man awoke to a heavy weight
> >>on his chest. He opened his eyes and there was this huge rock on
> >>his chest. On the rock was a sign saying "1st Chinese torture
> >>test: 100 lb rock on your chest"
> >
> >>"What a lame torture test" the man thought to himself as
> >>he got up and walked over to the window. He opened the shutter
> >>and threw the rock out. On the backside of the rock is another
> >>sign saying "2nd worst Chinese torture test: Rock tied to right
> >>testicle".
> >
> >>The man, seeing the rock was too far out the window to
> >>be grabbed, jumps out the window after the rock. Outside the window
> >>is a third sign saying "3rd worst Chinese torture test: Left testicle
> >>tied to bedpost"

Jimmy Swaggart telephoned Jim Bakker.

Swaggart: I have a theological question: Can a prostitute be saved?

Bakker: Yes.

Swaggart: Would you save me one for Saturday night?

Moondog Jr.
Rotterdam, Rotown, 18-11-1995
Support: -

The show was announced to start at 22.00h, but it actually began at 23.00h.
By that time, Rotown was fully packed. Rotown is just an ordinary cafe with
a small stage. I estimate that it can hold about 300 people. Because the room
is relatively long and narrow, the stage is only fully visible for the very
front part of the audience. The view is even more delimited by 3 pillars in
the middle. So, IMHO Rotown is not very suitable for 'large' concerts like
this one, because it was completely sold out this evening.

When the equipment was installed and checked, the show again started with
an instrumental intro. It was the same tune that opened their shows in
Rotterdam (october 27 as Morphine's support act) and in Breda (october 27).

This intro smoothly traversed into the song, which title I formerly thought
was 'Take it as a combination'. It is actually called 'Spike's Smiths' for
all lost goods' and is on Moondog's debut EP 'Jintro travels the world in
a skirt'.

The entire setlist is as follows (the quoted song titles are guesses):

? (instrumental)
Spike's Smihs' for all lost goods
Love is a heavy brick
Shall I let this good man in
Everyday I wear a greasy black feather on my hat
Ice guitars
TV song
The ricochet
Ragdoll Blues
Jintro & the great luna
'Queen girl'
Jo's wine song

During 'Love is a heave brick' Stef was disturbed by some woman's loud
laughter. He stopped the beautiful ballad at once, and threw a devastating
glance at her during a short while. I'm sure this person didn't feel very
great during these embarrassing moments :) Fortunately this was only an
incident, and Stef didn't get pissed off again further on. On the contrary,
he seemed to enjoy himself, as did the other members of the band.

'Moondance' was just perfect and almost funny, with lots of monkeylike
screams by Stef and Tom, who was wearing a colourfull Peruvian hat with

I was not very satisfatied with the rather tame rendition of 'Ice guitars'.
I like the album's rocking version much more than this more acoustic oriented

During 'TV song', Stef was backed up not only by Benjamin on the piano/organ,
but also by Tom's Fender Rhodes. I've listened to this ballad many many times
now, but I'm still not fed up with it; it is even getting better every time.

This was the first time I heard 'Ragdoll Blues', which is also included
on the 'Jintro travels the world in a skirt' album. Until now, I've not
been able to track down this record, but after hearing 'Spike's Smiths's
for all lost goods' and 'Ragdoll blues', I'm even more eager on laying my
hands on this EP. Prior to 'Ragdoll blues' the familiar sounding song,
which I still think is a cover, was done.

'Jintro & the great luna' was characterized by a peculiar start: I saw Stef
strolling to the back of the stage. Being assisted by a piano or a tape
recorder, I could hear him practise the first verse of the song. Hereafter,
he got back to the front and the band performed a great rendition, which
again was very different (much busier) from the album version.

Before 'Cachita' commenced, all the lights near the stage were totally
dimmed. This created the perfect ambiance for this minimal song. As more
instruments and sounds were added, the lights were turned back on again,
just before the song's climax.

'Queen girl', which I also had never heard before, was the last song of the
normal set. But after a few minutes, Aarich, Tomas, Benjamin, Tom and Stef
reentered the stage, and finished off another terrific Moondog show.
Unfortunately 'Jo's wine song' was again missing the first Neil Young-ish
lines; it was announced by Stef as being an (old?) Scottish song.

Stef got really carried away in his 'rubberish' dancemoves during Jacky,
a happy and lively cover from Tom Jones (I think). At the end of this and
thus at the end of the show (at about 0.30h), the crowd was cheering
enthusiastically and yelling for more. A pity that this didn't happen.

Beforehand, I was a bit afraid that the audience would be too big and too
loud for Moondog's fragile sounds. In fact, this was demonstrated by the
small incident during 'Shall I let this good man in'. But happily this large
audience was no burden, because after that, everything turned out to be
just fine: audience and band were having a great time. And so did I.

ROCKFEST 1996...UGR is still accepting solicitations for showcase now you outta know the address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Doctors are blaming a rare electrical imbalance in the brain for the
bizarre death of a chess player whose head literally exploded in the
middle of a championship game!

No one else was hurt in the fatal explosion but four players and three
officials at the Moscow Candidate Masters' Chess Championships were
sprayed with blood and brain matter when Nikolai Titov's head suddenly
blew apart. Experts say he suffered from a condition called
Hyper-Cerebral Electrosis or HCE.

"He was deep in concentration with his eyes focused on the board," says
Titov's opponent, Vladimir Dobrynin. "All of a sudden his hands flew
to his temples and he screamed in pain. Everyone looked up from their
games, startled by the noise. Then, as if someone had put a bomb in
his cranium, his head popped like a firecracker."

Incredibly, Titiov's is not the first case in which a person's head has
spontaneously exploded. Five people are known to have died of HCE in
the last 25 years. The most recent death occurred just three years ago
in 1991, when European psychic Barbara Nicole's skull burst. Miss
Nicole's story was reported by newspapers worldwide, including WWN.
"HCE is an extremely rare physical imbalance," said Dr. Anatoly
Martinenko, famed neurologist and expert on the human brain who did the
autopsy on the brilliant chess expert. "It is a condition in which the
circuits of the brain become overloaded by the body's own electricity.
The explosions happen during periods of intense mental activity when
lots of current is surging through the brain. Victims are highly
intelligent people with great powers of concentration. Both Miss Nicole
and Mr. Titov were intense people who tended to keep those cerebral
circuits overloaded. In a way it could be said they were literally too
smart for their own good."

Although Dr. Martinenko says there are probably many undiagnosed cases,
he hastens to add that very few people will die from HCE. "Most people
who have it will never know. At this point, medical science still
doesn't know much about HCE. And since fatalities are so rare it will
probably be years before research money becomes available."

In the meantime, the doctor urges people to take it easy and not think
too hard for long periods of time. "Take frequent relaxation breaks
when you're doing things that take lots of mental focus," he recommends.

(As a public service, WWN added a sidebar titled HOW TO TELL IF YOUR

Although HCE is very rare, it can kill. Dr. Martinenko says knowing
you have the condition can greatly improve your odds of surviving it.
A "yes" answer to any three of the following seven questions could mean
that you have HCE:

1. Does your head sometimes ache when you think too hard? (Head pain
can indicate overloaded brain circuits.)

2. Do you ever hear a faint ringing or humming sound in your ears? (It
could be the sound of electricity in the skull cavity.)

3. Do you sometimes find yourself unable to get a thought out of your
head? (This is a possible sign of too much electrical activity in the
cerebral cortex.)

4. Do you spend more than five hours a day reading, balancing your
checkbook, or other thoughtful activity? (A common symptom of HCE is a
tendency to over-use the brain.)

5. When you get angry or frustrated do you feel pressure in your
temples? (Friends of people who died of HCE say the victims often
complained of head pressure in times of strong emotion.)

6. Do you ever overeat on ice cream, doughnuts and other sweets? (A
craving for sugar is typical of people with too much electrical
pressure in the cranium.)

7. Do you tend to analyze yourself too much? (HCE sufferers are often
introspective, "over-thinking" their lives.)


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