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THIS ISSUE: What's Left Of LA

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                             Dischord Records
                             Dischord News....

   The Crown Hate Ruin have just recorded a full LP at WGNS studios (the
       recording studio run by Geoff Turner and Charles Bennington)
    Lungfish are done with their new Dischord release entitled "Sound In
  Time"--it will be dischord number 97 and has 10 rocking songs with their
  new bass player Sean Meadows (June of 44 and Sonora Pine). They delayed
    the initial recording because they went off to Sicily, Italy for the
  weekend for a festival. After finishing mixing their LP., they will meet
  up with Fugazi for about 10 shows. They did some on their own before and
                plan some more for after the Fugazi jaunt.

  The Make*Up (with the members Michelle Mae, Ian Svenonius, James Canty,
  and Steve Gamboa.) Just recorded with Guy Picciotto, what hopefully will
 be a full LP. The Make*Up will meet up with Fugazi on tour and do about 10
  shows together including the show that John Loder- THE MAN- attended on
                 October 10th with Shellac in Chicago, IL.

 Branch Manager are on a two month tour of the United States. They're going
   to hook up again on this tour with Fugazi down in Texas. They rock, be

 Trusty are also on a US tour Until the end of November but the venues are
     still looking a bit sketchy, sorry nothing solid to tell on that.
 Jury Rig who you may have read about earlier, ahve broken up recently but
  are thinking about releasing a 7" of stuff recorded earlier this year in
             September (recorded with Juan from The Warmers).
                         Some other new bands.....

    The Flagships with Mark Haggerty and Christina Calle; B-Bender is a
  project/real ? band with Joey Aronstamn and some other folks. Those two
             bands just played at The Black Cat with Blue Tip.
                  Some newly recorded or released 7"s....
 Norman Mayer Group, Ohio Blue Tip, Sevens, The Warmers and Lungfish (this
  one's a split label release with Dischord called "10 East"). The Norman
 Mayer 7" is also a "half label" release with Dischord, #102.5. They have a
    new drummer, Greg Schebish. Katy Sawhill no longer drums for them.
 Ohio Blue Tip's Jason Farrell, one of the band members, does a lot of the
 artwork for the record covers here at Dischord. The other members of Ohio
            Blue Tip are Dave Stern, Jake Kump, and Zac Eller.
 Sevens are Bobby Sullivan (ex Soulside and Rain Like the Sound of Trains--
  remember?), Mark Sullivan (ex King Face--remember?!?) and Josh LaRue (ex
  Rain) Like the Sound of Trains) and Chris Farrell (ex Hoover). They want
 to do a big US tour in February 1996. Bobby and Mark Sullivan are starting
  up a book distribution thing with lots of cool anarchist books and stuff
  THEY like and think YOU should buy when THEY go on tour. I think it's a
                                dandy idea.

   The Warmers include another Dischord Employee- Alec Mackaye, plus Amy
   Farina and Juan Luis Carrera. They want to tour the US or parts of it-
  through November. They have a couple shows with Sonic Youth around here.
 Look into the tour section. There should be some dates and cities for that
                             somewhere there.

    Red Eye (Sharon Cheslow & Tim Green ex-NOU) have a new 7" out that's
 Dischord 99.75. It was recorded in Tim's basement studio at the Red House
                                in Olympia.

  Cynthia Connolly's here and has a couple photo shows going around of the
   DC people with their cars. ...I keep on taking photos- so I guess I'll
    keep on doing stuff with them until I get tired of it. December and
      January me and Pat Graham have a photo show at the Fuel cafe in
   Milwaukeee, Wisconsin. We hope to have the same show in Minneapolis in
  March or April of 1996. I have some photos at a music festival in Sydney
 Australia the first week of January, 1996. I will also have some photos in
  a bigger show at the White Columns gallery in NYC March 29th through May
   12th. that's about all I can think of now... You can write Cynthia at No junk mail, please. Thanks. Check out the Dischord
                         Records On Line Catalogue
 Southern Studios... - PO Box 59 London N22 4NS England


Take two parts Stooges, one part MC5, one part Misfits, and pepper it with the
best 60s garage punk and you've got ADAM WEST! ADAM WEST was formed in
December 1991, when singer/songwriter Jake Starr decided to form a 60s garage
band. After getting together with some friends and other musicians, ADAM WEST
started gigging around Washington, D.C. We soon built up quite a local
following and decided to lay down three songs at WGNS Studio in Arlington,
Va., with Geoff Turner (Gray Matter, Three, Senator Flux) producing. On the
strength of this tape, we began playing more frequently. We have had very
successful shows at the 9:30 Club, Black Cat, and the 15 Minutes Club in
Washington; as well as shows in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and
Virginia. We've also received excellent reviews in popular periodicals (i.e.
the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, Scene Magazine etc.) for our
recordings and live performances. We went back to WGNS Studio, and from these
sessions the songs "i get a sensation" and "little sister" were released in
June 1993, as our first 7" single on our own label, fandango records, and
distributed by Get Hip Records in Pittsburgh. In September 1993, we released
a special fan-club-only 7" single of the Misfits song "cough/cool." In June
1994, Messiah Complex Records in Australia released the Dance Session EP, a
four-song 7" including "vehicle," and distributed it worldwide. We've
appeared on the cable TV show "Slumber Party" where we did three songs, and on
the TV show "The Attic" where we performed "beauty." We've also gotten
frequent play on WHFS-99.1 FM, Washington's only progressive radio station.
Our tune "love like a stone" appears on the D.C.-band compilation, Capitol
Crisis CD, released by Cyclops Records and our debut CD containing all new
material will be released in the spring 1996 on fandango. With the current
line-up of Jake Starr (vocals), Johnny Epiphone (guitar), Steve (bass), and
Tom Barrick (drums), we're sure to be playing soon near you! Please check out
our homepage at the URL below and eMAIL me with any comments or ideas.

* Jake Starr/ADAM WEST
* c/o Fandango Records
* 1805 T Street, NW #A
* Washington, DC 20009-7128
* (202) 483-0065
* eMAIL:

KMS Records

Founded by Kevin Saunderson in the mid-80's. One of the original three major
Detroit techno/house labels. Home to some of the most soulful non-soul music

KMS Catalog

Kreem KMS007
Intercity Groovin' Without A Doubt KMS008
Kreem Triangle of Love (Remix) KMS009
Reese & Santonio The Sound KMS010
Blake Baxter When We Used To Play KMS011
Reese & Santonio Bounce Your Body To The Box KMS012
Kevin Saunderson The Groove That Won't Stop KMS013
Reese & Santonio The Sound (Remix) KMS014
Inner City Big Fun KMS015
24-7-365 Sample That! KMS016
Reese & Santonio Truth of Self Evidence KMS017
Various Techno 1 LP KMS018
Today's People Set Your Body Free KMS019
D-Bros In Full Effect KMS020
Kaos Definition of Love KMS021
Reese Rock To The Beat KMS022
EMB Dear John KMS023
Reese You're Mine KMS024
Reese You're Mine (remix) KMS024B
Kaos Definition of Love (remix) KMS025
MK Somebody New KMS026
Symbols & Instruments Mood KMS027
Area 10 Love Taken Over Me KMS028
Nexus 21 (Still) Life Keeps Moving KMS029
C & M Connection Another Night KMS030
II The Hard Way It's Dangerous KMS031
Tronik House Metal Techno KMS032
E-Dancer Pump The Move/Grab The Beat KMS033
Deep Trip The Spirit Trip KMS034
Chez Damier Can You Feel It KMS035
Tronik House Spark Plug KMS036
Karen Joy Talk To Me KMS037
Manix Feel Real Good/Special Request KMS038
Ontoni Badd Minded KMS039
Terrorize It's Just A Feeling KMS040
Blame Music Takes Two KMS041
Que Sera Sera You Don't Know KMS042
Fix Flash/Dope Computer KMS043
Leeandre I Can Make You/Don't Hold Back KMS044
Tronik House Straight Outta Hell KMS045
Various Journey Through The Hardcore KMS046
Schematics Shock Therapy KMS047
Chez Damier I Never Knew Love KMS048
Chez Damier KMS049
Kreem Now Is The Time KMS050
Chez Damier The Choice KMS051
Esser'Ay Forces KMS052
Sonya Blade House Of Love KMS053
Ron & Chez D Don't Try KMS054
Members of the House Party Of The Year KMS055
Infiltrate Come'On KMS056
Darlene Lewis Let The Music Lift You KMS057
Miller/Scott Project It's Gonna Be Alright KMS058
Dionne Images KMS060

Contact: (313) 259-1553

Additions to address below.
George M. Smiley (


Here is the weekly edition of our chart. Enjoy!!
CHARTS FOR THE WEEK OF December 4th to 10th, 1995:

TOP 35
TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 8 * Pure/Extra Purestrial/CD/Shag
2 -- New Bomb Turks/Pissing Out The Poison/CD/Crypt
3 3 * VA/Rock Hits/CD/Sonic Unyon
4 -- Slipstream/Side Effects/CD/Che
5 15 * Nomeansno/The Worldhood Of The World.../CD/Alt. Tentacles
6 25 Boss Hog/S/T/CD/DGC
7 -- Victoria Williams/This Moment In Toronto With.../CD/Mammoth
8 27 * VA/Punk: The Next Generation/CD/Barely Legal
9 2 The Amps/Pacer/CD/4AD
10 -- * Wild Strawberries/Heroine/CD/Nettwerk
11 -- * Groovy Religion/Tom - A Rock Opera/CD/Handsome Boy
12 1 * The Inbreds/Any Sense Of Time/C5/PF
13 13 * The Skydiggers/Road Radio/CD/WEA
14 -- * The Woodpeckers/Simpler Times/CD/Independent
15 -- * Big Sugar/Dear M.F. EP/CD/Bread & Butter
16 -- Cocteau Twins/Twilights/CD/Capitol
17 -- Front Line Assembly/Hard Wired/CD/Metropolis
18 6 Guided By Voices/Tigerbomb/45/Matador
19 -- * An April March/Lessons In Vengeance/CD/BeDazzled
20 23 * Salmonblaster/Vroom!!/CD/Bubblegun
21 -- * Captain Tractor/East Of Edson/CD/Independent
22 4 * Radioblaster/Sugar-Shock/CD/Bubblegun
23 12 * LeslieSpit Treeo/Hell's Kitchen/CD/Darklight
24 5 Stereolab/Refried Ectoplasm.../CD/Drag City
25 7 Eggplant/Meant To Be Thrown Away/45/Pop Narcotic
26 16 * Show Business Giants/Lets Have A Talk With.../CD/Essential Noise
27 17 30 Amp Phuse/Wind Up/CD/Darla
28 24 Mr. T Experience/Alternative Is Here To Stay/45/Lookout
29 11 Ajax/Aphrodite/CD/Zoo
30 20 * The Beauticians/Imperiale/CD/Cheemo
31 30 * Ford Pier/Meconomium/CD/Wrong
32 14 The Rentals/Friends Of P/CD/Maverick
33 19 Amoebic Ensemble/Limbic Rage/CD/Over The Counter
34 21 Philistines Jr./The Sinking Of The S.S. Dane.../CD/Dot Dot Dash
35 18 * Gob/Too Late No Friends/CD/Mint

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 7 * Voivod/Negatron/CD/Hypnotic
2 5 * DOA/The Black Spot/CD/Essential Noise
3 -- Bruce Dickinson/Alive In Studio A/CD/CMC
4 6 Asphyxia/Optimum Wound Profile/CD/WBA
5 -- Dessau/S/T/CD/Mausoleum
6 -- G/Z/R/Plastic Planet/CD/TVT
7 4 Anthrax/Stomp 442/CD/Elektra
8 8 Ozzy Osbourne/Ozzmosis/CD/Epic
9 9 Pigface/Feels Like Heaven/CD/Invisible
10 -- Reign/Exit Clause/CD/Mausoleum
11 2 Schubert/Toilet Songs/CD/Mausoleum
12 -- AC/DC/Cover You In Oil/C5/Eastwest
13 1 Slayer/Live Intrusion/CD/American
14 12 Leeway/Open Mouth Kiss/CD/Fierce
15 3 * The Smalls/Waste & Tragedy/CD/Cargo

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 4 * The Stephen Barry Band/Happy Man/CD/Bros
2 1 * Lynda Craig/Spirit Of The Wind/CD/Independent
3 3 * Ellen McIlwaine/The Real/Everybody Needs It/CD/Stony Plain
4 6 Tab Benoit/Standing On The Bank/CD/Justice Records
5 -- Ferron/Phantom Center/CD/Earth Beat
6 -- Christine Collister/Live/CD/Green Linnet
7 2 * The Rankin Family/Endless Season/CD/EMI
8 10 * James Keelaghan/A Recent Future/CD/Green Linnet
9 8 Joe Miller & Laura Love/Sing Bluegrass & Old-Time.../CD/Rockin'...
10 7 Chicago's All-Star Blues Band/Mississippi Heat/CD/Bros

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 1 The Pharcyde/Labcabincalifornia/CD/Delicious Vinyl
2 14 Heltah Skeltah/Leefah/12/Priority
3 15 AZ/Doe Or Die/12/EMI
4 -- Kool G Rap/It's A Shame/CD/Cold Chillin'
5 9 Eazy-E/Eternal-E/CD/Priority
6 3 Cypress Hill/III (Temple Of Boom)/CD/Ruffhouse
7 2 Prose & Concepts/Procreations/CD/Loose Groove
8 -- Bone Thugs'n'Harmony/Creepin' On Ah Come Up/CD/Ruthless
9 4 Mic Geronimo/The Natural/12/Blunt
10 13 Goodie Mob/Cell Therapy/CD/LaFace
11 5 Genius/GZA/Liquid Swords/CX/Geffen
12 7 Tha Dogg Pound/Dogg Food/CD/Death Row
13 -- Brooklyn Funk Essentials/Take The Train (To Brooklyn)/CD/RCA
14 11 Raekwon/Ice Cream/12/Loud
15 6 Saukretes/Hate Runs Deep/12/Genesis

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 -- VA/Trance Atlantic Two/CD/Volume
2 1 Kid Spatula/Spatula Freak/CD/Reflective
3 8 VA/The Real Trip/CD/Rising High
4 -- VA/The Trip Hop Test Part Two/CD/Moonshine
5 9 Koxbox/Forever After/CD/Harthouse
6 -- Music/In Pine Effect/CD/Astralwerks
7 -- Cygnus X/Hypermetrical/CD/Eye-Q
8 16 VA/There Are Too Many People .../CD/Ir-dial Discs
9 6 * Base Is Bass/Memories Of the Soul Shack.../CD/A&M
10 2 VA/Rebirth Of Cool Phive/CD/4th & B'Way
11 5 Ben Neill/Green Machine/CD/Astralwerks
12 -- Goldie/Timeless/CD/FFRR
13 3 Reminisence Quartet/Psychodelico/CD/Instinct
14 4 VA/Bossa Brava/CD/Instinct
15 20 Cubanate/Cyberia/CD/Dynamica
16 7 Thee J. Johanz/Confidential/CD/Ir-dial Discs
17 -- Yvette Michelle/Everyday & Everynight/12/Loud
18 11 Brian Eno & Jah Wobble/Spinner/CD/Gyroscope
19 17 A Positive Life/Synaesthetic/CD/Waveform
20 -- Clubzone/Passion Of The Night/CD/Logic

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 -- Salif Kieta/"Folon" ...The Past/CD/Mango
2 3 VA/Thump'n Reggae Jamz/CD/Thump
3 12 VA/Rudeboy Reggae/CD/Priority
4 15 VA/Afropea 3: Telling Stories To The Sea/CD/Luaka Bop
5 1 Sergio Bore/Tambores Urbanos/CD/Instinct
6 1 VA/Time Warp Dub Clash/CD/Island Jamaica
7 2 Esquivel/Cabaret Manana/CD/RCA
8 4 The Ukranians/Kultura/CD/True North
9 -- VA/Reggae Refreshers Volume 2/CD/Island
10 -- Taxi Gang/Crazy Baldheads/CD/Island Jamaica
11 7 * Orealis/Night Visions/CD/Green Linnet
12 -- Wailing Souls/Wild Suspense/CD/Island Jamaica
13 5 Incantations/S/T/CD/True North
14 11 Kitaro/An Enchanted Evening/CD/Select
15 9 Noor Shima/Where Africa Meets The Orient/CD/ARC

TC LC Artist/Record/Label
1 2 * Oscar Peterson/1951/CD/Just A Memory
2 -- VA/Fresh Jazz ....Vibes Volume 1/CD/Mo Funk
3 7 * Oliver Jones/From Lush To Lovely/CD/Justin Time
4 -- * Jackie Washington/Keeping Out Of Mischief/CD/Pyramid
5 5 Charnett Moffett/Planet Home/CD/Evidence
6 -- Gold Sparkle Band/Earth Mover/CD/Third Eye
7 -- Jasper van't Hof/Face To Face/CD/Intuition
8 -- * Brian Barley Trio/1970/CD/Just A Memory
9 -- VA/Jazz To The World/CD/Bluenote
10 6 * VA/Jazz & Beyond/CD/CHRW
11 -- * Chris McCann/On This Night/CD/Unity
12 1 * Joe Sullivan/A Song For Jersey/CD/Blue Loon
13 11 * Rick Bockner/Trouble With The Moon/CD/Independent
14 9 Big John Patton/Blue Planet Man/CD/Evidence
15 3 The Phil Woods Quartet/An Affair To Remember/CD/Evidence

(*) denotes Canadian artist/content
VA - various artists/compilation
R - re-entered the chart this week
CD - compact disc album LP - vinyl album
CX - extended cd single/remixes 12 - extended vinyl single/remixes
C5 - unextended cd single 45 - unextended vinyl single
CS - cassette

Compiled by Peggy Shanks.
Only music received within the last 2-3 months appears on these charts.

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Peggy Shanks e-mail:
CFRC-FM 101.9 Radio Queen's University www: http:\\\cfrc
Carruther's Hall phone: (613) 545-2121
Kingston, ON fax: (613) 545-6049
K7L 3N6


Underground Records have kindly agreed to distribute our demo 'Global Footswitch' in the US.
For prices & info please contact Underground at:

74777.3354 on compuserve or

6422 Hwy 140 NW
Adairsville, GA
USA 30103

APCG may be contacted at:


c/o Guy Eastwood
109 Crown Way
Leamington Spa
CV32 7SH

Best regards to all




Along with the Underground Agent Program, which has been extremely
successful with more than 40 individuals now working the streets in their
areas, Underground has decided to seek individuals or corporations
that are intersted in becoming vested partners with Underground Records, Inc.
Underground is a private company operated by one individual (moi). Besides
this 'zine and it's graphical counterparts, the company distributes over 300 indie
labels, a couple dozen distributor's catalogs, thousands of independent artists,
and also does DIY projects for new bands, and booking/marketing/promotions.
Needless to say, for one person, even with a diverse expanding network, this
is a little much for me to keep up. I'm being honest when I say I work 16-18
hours a day seven days a week, always more than 100 hrs a week. On top of
this I draw no salary...this is strickly for the love of music!!! Since beginnning
in 1982, except for some very short periods, I've done this without a budget
whatsoever....well boys and girls time has come to get more people into the
program!!! Operational capital is the #1 problem, if you've ever booked bands or
produced brand new bands you know what kind of profit margin there is...
Even in distribution, after expenses, there is not a big windfall, because
everything made has to go back into keeping things running. So I've decided
to offer people and companies taking part in the network the opportunity to
become a full partner and own a piece of the Underground...ONLY through
this fanzine is this offer extended, I will not sell out to some broker or big
corporation in full....

Underground Records, Inc. will remain a private company..No advertising
or unsolicited offers will extend this notice..To contact me for a prospectus:

Todd West / Underground Records / 6422 Hwy 140 NW / Adairsville, GA 30103


                          Charnel Music Discography

                                Compact Discs



                    A Collection of Percussion and Rhythm





                             Crash Worship ADRV



                                 Dead Tech 3

                            New Music from Japan



                           Documentation 1987-1992



                              New Kind of Water


                                Arrhythmia II

                             Percussion & Rhythm


                               Flying Testicle

                                 Space Desia


                          Land of the Rising Noise

                              Music from Japan


                                Crash Worship

                               Triplemania II



                              Chinga su Corazon






                          The Rhythm of the Ritual


                               Torture Chorus

                           In the Land of Lullabye


                             Allegory Chapel Ltd

                              When Angels Fall



                          Charnel Music Discography



                    Hijokaidan/Trance/Allegory Chapel Ltd

                            Live at the Starlight


    This was recorded during the first U.S. visit by Alchemy Records band
   Sekiri. Jojo and Junko from Hijokaidan came along (since Jojo operates
 Alchemy), and were convinced to do a session. It was duly recorded and two
  segments released on this single, limited to 500 copies. Sold out quite a
                                 while ago.



                               Guitar Noise EP


 Side A of this is a solo guitar improv freakout, which isn't really "noise"
as the word has come to be thought of now, but it's still pretty noisy. Side
  B is indeed noise, recorded live at Oakland's Heinz Club (closed shortly
   after the recording) opening for C.C.C.C. Trance for that recording was
   Mason Jones and Elden M. of Allegory Chapel Ltd. Limited to 500 copies.


                                Crash Worship



 Three tracks by San Diego's Crash Worship, two of which are very different
 mixes of the title song which also appears on their Triplemania II CD. 1500
               copies were pressed, all of which are sold out.


                               Evil Monkey Boy


        The first release by Michigan's Gravitar, two hunks of their
     guitar-drum-voice sludge. Heavy stuff which makes their name quite
    appropriate. Both sides end in neighbor-threatening lock grooves. 500




   The first release by Japan's Melt-Banana, with six brief tracks on one
       single! Their patented chika-chika- chika sound with ultra-fast
high-speed-turn guitar-driven chirping. Amazing. Limited to 500 copies, sold


Los Angeles Office:
On March 1st Underground Records will be coming to Los Angeles to search of a space
to put a small office and an 8-track analog recording studio to do demos and DIY projects;
we'll also be meeting with a few individuals who have expressed interest in becoming Underground Agents
in the Los Angeles/S. Cal areas...Anyone with leads on a CHEAP small space, such as a storefront or
abandoned warehouse suitable for the office and studio, please contact UGR before the end of February,
the same goes for anyone interested in being an underground representative in the S. Cal. region...
By now you outta know the telephone and e-mail address!!!!

Till Next Time....Keep It Kickin!!!!!!


Hello everybody,

I'm Christophe Collard, I'm 18 years old and I live in St-Job (near
Antwerp), Belgium.

I'm sorry, but my English isn't very good, I hope you'll understand

I'm a dEUS-fan for years now, and I think i have all their CD's. Now I'm
looking for bootlegs and things like that. I have already some cassettes
i recorded myself, I'll send a list in a few days. Maybe we can trade?

I'm also looking for bass-tabs of dEUS (and other bands). I only play
bass for about 1 month, and it would be fun to play some dEUS-songs.

Maybe someone interested in this: Thursday 28th December 'Kiss My Jazz'
(=new band of Rudy Trouve(=ex-guitarist of dEUS, but you already know
that I guess.)) is playing in Antwerp. The concert is FREE and it's in
'Cartoon's Cafe' near the Grote Markt at 23h. I'll be there!!

Well, that's all for now. I hope I'll get a mail from somebody soon.



This is my address:


Info Ellesdesia Records

Type music; Trip House

releases; 1991 "Blacksmoke" by "The Halucinary Crew" ordernr RR070
1992 "Decoder" by "The Halucinary Crew" ordernr Elles920

future 1995 Plans to release 6 12"s in '95.

respond by snail ;

Ellesdesia Rec.
P.O.Box 41                         
3000 AA Rotterdam                         

E mail



Welcome to the Devil's playground! HELL YEAH was started in 1991
by the folks at Dionysus as the home for sounds that were a
different . Hell Yeah burns with everything from obnoxious punk
rock to mentally disturbed lounge jazz to our favorite underground LA bands!

Hell Yeah's first release was the soundtrack to the low-budget exploitation
video trash titled "Graveyard Rot" by Fearless Leader, a local Kiss inspired
punk band known for their outrageous antics and messy, naked stage shows.
Since then, Hell Yeah has unleashed many local LA bands such as Hot Damn,
Black Angel's Death Song, The Outsideinside, Butt Trumpet (now on
Chrysalis), The Bottom Feeders, Woodpussy, Honk If Yer Horny and other
crazies. We've also spawned platters by non-locals such as The Smears (from
Bloomington Indiana), Thorazine (from Philly), Hoss (from Australia) and The
American Ruse (from the UK). Hell Yeah releases are available directly from
Dionysus mail-order.

Hell Yeah releses can be mail-ordered directly from Dionysus Records.


Hot Damn

"High Heels Slut" CD/LP - (HELL31) Release date: July 21

Hold on to your hormones, HOT DAMN is coming (all over the place!) This band
takes our two favorite passions, punk rock and sex, to their musical
extreme! And on top of this wall of sound is the voice of lead singer and
bassist Zebra. She'll put you under her spell, then tear you to shreds!
Zebra was a founding member of Butt Trumpet but left early on. She has taken
with her the sheer power, in-your-face humor, finger in the air attitude,
and has added her charm, sensuality, wit and high voice. Supplying the
shrapnel guitars are Allan Clark (formerly of The Lazy Cowgirls and Fearless
Leader) and local lingerie model Christina. Drummer Bob Lee (also in Claw
Hammer) supplies the powerful punk pounding! With all the power of your
favorite three chord punk band, all the social finesse of Blondie's "Rip Her
To Shreds", all the quirkiness of X-Ray Spex and all the fine verbiage of a
bathroom wall, Hot Damn will knock you over!

 The Outsideinside

          "Six Point Six" CD/LP - (HELL 25) plus the S/T 10" and a single.

If you are looking for a souped-up, supercharged garage punk band with a
psychedelic bent, The Outsideinside are your ticket to a roller coaster ride
through hell! The group was formed in late 1992 and has gone through some
twists and turns due to changing membership. Their releases (from 1993)
reflect their love of manic garage (as witnessed on their debut 7") and an
experiment in the druggy side of the garage (on their s/t 10".) Their 1994
classic, "Six Point Six" is a whopping 15 song powerhouse of mesmerizing
proportions, not intended for the faint of heart! Expect new singles and
proportions, not intended for the faint of heart! Expect new singles and
comp tracks from the new line-up on other labels such as Get Hip,
Man's Ruin, Spun Records, Pittsbull, Pin-Up Records, Dog Meat and
Gaga Goodies. The new sound is leaner and meaner but you can dance
to it!

 Black Angel's Death Song

"Due Ragazze" CD - (HELL23), "Sinning With A Policy" CD - (HELL06)
plus various singles

LA's favorite underground pals BADS play great songs. Not good songs, not
LA's favorite underground pals BADS play great songs. Not good songs, not
OK, songs, but GREAT songs! This band is the pop group for the 90s!
Simplistic, memorable and sharp as a knife!!

The Bottom Feeders
"Spit Battle" 10" mini-Lp - (HELL21)

Confrontational hard as nails rock-punk by drunks for drunks (and other fans
of pure rock 'n roll!) The Bottom Feeders play it loud and raw with
blistering energy. Unpretentious, furious, and they certainly do not take
themselves too seriously. Once these guys start rockin, the songs pull you
right in and you remember 'em long after the gig is over!

Yard Trauma

"Oh My God" LP/CD - (HELL17)

Yard Trauma is one of the most underrated bands of the 80s! Their initial
output came out in the early 80s at the very beginning of the neo-60s
movement and became classics of that era. They went on to make 5 official
albums (and never made the same one twice). "Oh My God" is their last,
finished right before their breakup. This album burns with melodic vocals,
walls of guitar and machine gun drums. A full-on punk rock assault that will
leave you breathless! Produced by Mr. Brett (Epitaph) Gurewitz.

Hell Yeah Records
P.O. Box 1975
Burbank, CA 91507


LA (and other So. California) venues

The following is a list of venues in the LA and Southern California

Al's Bar
305 S. Hewitt St.
(213) 625-9703

Alligator Lounge
3321 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica
(310) 449-1844

4658 Melrose Ave.
(213) 661-3913

Aron's Records
1150 N. Highland

the Arrowhead Pond
(213) 480-3232

Bar DeLux
1710 N. Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood
(213) 469-1991

the Blue Cafe
210 Promenade, Long Beach
(310) 984-8349

the Blue Saloon
4657 Lankershim Blvd., N. Hollywood
(818) 766-4644

Bob's Frolic III
6202 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood
(213) 463-0827

Bridges Hall of Music
4th and College Aves., Claremont
(909) 621-8376

Club Lingerie
6507 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood
(213) 466-8557

the Coach House
San Juan Capistrano
(714) 496-8930 or (714) 496-8927

Cobalt Cafe
22047 Sherman Way (West of Topanga), Canoga Park
(818) 348-3789

Coconut Teaszer
8117 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood
(213) 654-4773

Common Grounds
9250 Reseda Blvd., Northridge
(818) 882-3666

the Derby
4500 Los Feliz, Hollywood
(213) 663-8979

Dizzy Debby's Cafe
La Brea and 6th, Los Angeles
(213) 938-1398

6510 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood
(213) 466-6111

Eagle's Coffee Pub
5231 Lankershim Blvd., N. Hollywood
(818) 760-4212 [

Fais Do Do
5257 W. Adams Blvd.
(213) 954-8080

FM Station
11700 Victory Blvd., N. Hollywood
(818) 769-2220

the Foothill
1922 Cherry Ave., Signal Hill
(310) 984-8349

the Forum
(213) 480-3232

1608 Cosmo St.
(213) 530-1349

Genghis Cohen Cantina
740 N. Fairfax
(213) 653-0640

the Greek Theatre
2700 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles
(213) 480-7575 to charge tickets

Hear Music
1429 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica

Hell's Gate
6423 Yucca St., Hollywood
(213) 463-9661

House of Blues
8430 Sunset Blvd. (213) 650-0247

3711 W. Pico Blvd.
All Ages
(213) 732-3463

Jacks Sugar Shack
1707 N. Vine, Hollywood
(213) 466-7005

Largo Pub
432 N. Fairfax Ave.
(213) 852-1073

Las Palmas Theatre
1642 N. Las Palmas Ave.
(310) 669-4435

665 N. Robertson Blvd., W. Hollywood
(310) 652-0611

4319 Melrose Ave.
(213) 953-0615

20923 Roscoe Blvd., Canoga Park
(818) 341-8503

McCabe's Guitar Shop
3101 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica
(310) 828-4403 or (310) 828-4497

the Mint
6010 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles
(213) 937-9630 [

No Future
1500 Walnut, Pasadena
(818) 795-6885

No Life Record Shop
7209 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hollywood
(213) 845-1200

Olympic Auditorium
1801 S. Grand

Olympic Velodrome
(Cal State Dominguez Hills)


110 south - Follow the Harbor freeway (110) to the Artesia freeway (91) east
to Avalon blvd.
Take Avalon Blvd. South to Victoria St. Turn left.
The Entrance to campus is a right turn at Tamcliff Ave.


405 south or 101 east - Follow the San Diego Freeway (405) south toward Long
Exit on the Vermont Ave off-ramp.
Turn left (east) at the end of the off-ramp onto 190th St.
Follow 190th st east for approximately 2 miles to the campus (190th St
becomes Victoria St).
The Campus entrance is a right turn at Tamcliff Ave, the first traffic
signal past Avalon Blvd.


10 East - follow the Santa Monica Freeway (10) east to the San Diego frwy
(405) south toward Long Beach.
Exit at the Vermont Ave off-ramp.
Turn left (east) at the end of the off ramp onto 190th St.
Follow 190th st east for approximately 2 miles to the campus (190th becomes
Victoria St).
The Campus entrance is a right turn at Tamcliff Ave, the first traffic
signal past Avalon Blvd.


5 north - Follow the Santa Ana Frwy (5) north to the Artesia Frwy (91) west
toward Redondo Beach.
Exit on Central Ave and turn right onto Victoria St.
The campus entrances is a left turn at Tamcliff Ave, a traffic signal.


10 west - Follow the San Gabriel Frwy (605) south.
Take the Artesia Frwy (91) west toward Redondo Beach.
Exit on Central Ave and turn right onto Victoria St.
The campus is a left trun at Tamcliff Ave, a traffic signal.


405 north - Follow the San Diego Frwy (405) north toward Los Angeles to
Avalon Blvd. (NORTH) off-ramp.
Take Avalon Blvd. north (right) to Victoria St.
Turn right (east) onto Victoria St.
The entrance to campus is a right turn at the next traffic signal, Tamcliff

the Palace
1735 N. Vine St., Hollywood
(213) 462-3000

the Palladium
6215 Sunset Blvd.
All ages Advance tickets available from Ticketmaster.
Tickets the night of the show available from the box office.
(213) 480-3232

Pan (at Pedro's)
1739 N. Vermont, Silverlake

6233 Hollywood Blvd. at Vine

Rhino Records
1720 Westwood Blvd., Westwood
(310) 474-8685

Roxbury Live
8225 Sunset Blvd., W. Hollywood
(213) 656-1750

the Roxy Theatre
9009 Sunset Blvd., W. Hollywood
(310) 276-2222

Showcase Theatre
683 S. Main St., Corona
(909) 340-0988

SIR Theatre
7950 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood

1717 Silverlake Blvd., Silverlake
(213) 413-4442

1562 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
(213) 467-3415

the Troubadour
9081 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hollywood
All ages
Advance tickets available from Ticketmaster.
Tickets the night of the show available from the box office.
(310) 276-6168

2810 Hyperion Ave., Silverlake
(213) 953-9069

Ventura Concert Theatre
26 S. Chestnut St.
(805) 648-1888

the Viper Room
8852 Sunset Blvd., W. Hollywood
(310) 358-1880

Virgin Megastore (Costa Mesa)
1875 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa

Virgin Megastore (LA)
8000 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood
(213) 650-8666

Viva Las Vegas
612 N, Eckoff, Orange
All Ages
(714) 323-8683

the Webb Nitebar
5657 Melrose Ave.
(213) 467-4068

Whisky a Go Go
8901 Sunset Blvd., W. Hollywood
(310) 652-4202



Yes, that's right, if you care to walk/drive/fly/swim to Escondido,
CA, USA, you too can join the New Years Eve mayhem!

Come and meet our new keyboardist, who you may know as Circe of fame...

Here are the details:
9 pm
894 N. Rose St.
Escondido, CA, 92027
(619) 741-3543

5 or 15 to 78E
78 turns into Lincoln
Follow thru 3 lights
1st stop sign is Rose
Turn Right, we're the 1st house on the left

See you there!

As always, we have albums, T-shirts, and stickers. Reply for more

All of our music industry members who've been promised a promo pack
should have received it by now. However, the person who should have
sent them has DISAPPEARED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Yes, it's true!
Needless to say, if you still need a pack, let me know, and I'll send
it myself this time!

                     _|ames \/\/. Thomas
                      |\|ation of |_ies
Send email for inclusion on the Nation of Lies mailing list


I don't know if you knew this already, but i just got told that Moondog Jr,
will be playing January the 22nd, 23rd in Bota (brussels, belgium), and
28th, 29th in Antwerp (belgium)!!!!! This has made my day starting really
well. Ok, that's all. See ya'



LA club dates

The following is a list of shows in the LA area over the next few weeks.
Send me mail at if you wish to add a band listing or
make a correction. If your band is playing out in the LA area, I'll be glad
to list it, but please try to let me know who else is on the bill - if

Check here for early detials on Poptopia, a seven day festival of local LA

Check out some cool new sites for local LA bands: Alt.Music and LAMA

Asterisks indicates shows added to this list since its last posting.

Wed, Dec 20:

   * Garbage & Acetone @ the Roxy - presented by Goldenvoice ($12.50)
   * Frank Zappa tribute featuring: VIDA @ Spaceland
   * Supernova & The Ziggens & Twister @ the Whisky - presented by
     Goldenvoice ($8.00)
   * Anthrax & Deftones & Life of Agony @ the Palace - presented by
     Goldenvoice ($16.50)

Thu, Dec 21:

   * Thurston Moore & Tom Surgal Duo @ the Alligator Lounge
   * Whiskey Biscut & Crotchet @ Spaceland

Fri, Dec 22:

   * Blue Hawaiians @ Spaceland
   * Sun 60 @ the Troubadour
   * * Angeltoons & Vagabond & Stargazer @ FM Station
   * * Dave Turbow (the singer for Supernovice, solo acoustic) @ Koo's Cafe
     (1505 N. Main St., Santa Ana (714) 648-0937)

Tue, Dec 26:

   * * The Soupcoolers @ The Roxbury

Wed, Dec 27:

Sluts For Hire
Sluts For Hire

       * * Sluts For Hire & The Hutchinsons & The Drakes @ Jack's Sugar

Thu, Dec 28:

John Doe
John Doe

       * X @ House of Blues
       * * Sugar Ray & Human Waste Project @ Dragonfly

Fri, Dec 29:

   * Reverand Horton Heat & Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys @ House of Blues
   * The Henchman @ Spaceland
   * Cherry Poppin' Daddies @ The Lava Room (1945 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa)

Sat, Dec 30:

   * The Henchman & Tiki Men & Bomboras @ Spaceland
   * Reverand Horton Heat & Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys @ House of Blues

Thu, Jan 4:

   * Alanis Morissette @ UC Irvine (Crawford Hall) - presented by
     Goldenvoice ($20.50)

Fri, Jan 5:

   * * Lagwagon & The Joykiller & Armchair Martians @ the Whisky - presented
     by Goldenvoice ($8.00)
   * * The ADZ & Humpers @ The Lava Room (1945 Placentia Ave, Costa Mesa)

Sat, Jan 6:

   * CIV & Red 5 & Swingin' Utters & Triggerman @ the Whisky - presented by
     Goldenvoice ($10.00)

Sun, Jan 7:

   * * Let's Go Bowling & Meal Ticket @ the Whisky - presented by
     Goldenvoice ($10.00)

Wed, Jan 10:

   * * Excel & 16 & Harry Perry @ the Whisky - presented by Goldenvoice
   * * Eleven & Melissa Ferrick @ Dragonfly

Sun, Jan 14:

   * * Wool & Spaceboy & Champs & Bluebird @ Dragonfly

Fri, Jan 19:

Sara Hickman
Sara Hickman

       * * Sara Hickman @ the Troubadour

Sat, Jan 20:

   * Pavement @ the Troubadour - copresented by Goldenvoice (sold out)

Upcoming shows include:

   * Testament
   * that wacky "Mellon Collie" band
   * Skeletones
   * the Bob Marley Day festival


Demo/New Release Reviews:

Dee Bovee: Demo
At first listen I thought I had gotten ahold of some Janet Jackson demos someone
snuck out of the studio...after a few minutes I settled down though and realized Dee
has a nice, pretty voice, with enough power and range to put things where they needed to be.
One cut, Rise Up Hero, was an Armed Forces Radio hit back in the days of Desert Storm
(considering Iraq now has a "functional" chemical warfare arsenal, you wonder what the
hell all that was about!!). Dee probably will fit in well on R&B/Urban radio, although
on the indie circuit most folks would record the latest punk craze over this tape. Oh Well....

Hardluck 7: Astrological Reverberation
Despite the goofy cover (an old lady on a front porch, looking much like the folks do around
here in Adairsville), Hardluck 7 are a very tight unit, lots of metal guitar and a singer that sounds
like he drank ALL the whiskey in the club before closing time!! The rhythm section of Syd
Monie (?) on bass and Kit Jamboa (sounds like a cajun dish) on skins (that's what the credits
say) are a powerhouse, pumping out grooves that seem to be made for guitarist Al Tomey to
soar over. The band seems a little confused, one song is like 80's LA metal, the next like
Death Angel, then into a funk piece, it would seem the disjoined styles leave the listener
confused. Best thing would have to be the guitar solos, if Joe Satriani did mucho chemicals
he'd be there!! Even with the mix-n-match interplay, the tape overall is pretty consistent.

Clue: Spike Remover
A strong indie release from Russia's Clue, power punk with a singer from Johnny Rotten
school 101, Spike Remover brings out the old school and streamlines things with great
melodies, with NO guitar solos. Since Bad Religion is no more, Clue has stepped in to fill the
deep void left by their departure. The tape came without a track list or any info on the
band (except a cool letter that says "Underground f*#kin' Rules, hope to make it to the States!")
so I can only guess at what the titles would be, and I won't make a complete fool of myself by trying
to wing it!! Should they ever make it over, NYC should be their home, then everyone would
SWEAR they came from the UK!! One song I'm pretty sure about the title, Temptation, is a sure fire
college radio smash. The production is excellent, much different from most stuff out of
the Kingdom of the Red Bear, which stuff usually sounds like Herman's Hermits on their
2nd fifth of Stoli. I seem to remember a band called Clue back in the early 80's that played
at a club here in Atlanta called McGruders (thank GOD that place is gone, along with most of
those posuer bands). I'm glad the boys from Russia kick those has beens ass!!! Next May
Day the Kremlin outta hire these guys to head up the festivities, man would it be a day to
remember!! I could see them struttin around with a couple of ICBM's cruisin' past!!

Iron Maiden: The X Factor
Yup, they're still around, minus Bruce Dickenson, on that label with ALL the 80's leftovers,
CMC (new Wasp...well, never mind). This record has the typical Maiden sound, but what
really shoots things down is that most of the songs are mid-slow tempo (no Aces High here)
which makes you want to put this disc in that "listen to when bored only" bin. Ex-Wolfsbane
screamer Blaze Bayley never quite reaches the top of his range, I could've used a couple
"Pretty Baby's" to light some fire under this CD. Only the true metal outlets (radio, video)
are even touching this record, so unless you are a real Maiden fan, save your money for that
'new" Slaughter from CMC...OOOO' Boy!!

Rolling Stones: Stripped
Why? What a complete waste of time!! Guys and girls it's time for Mick and the boys to
call it quits, because this mediocre CD-I can only have been made to pad their pockets. To
think this is the same band that did Some Girls, makes you feel as old as Keith Richards
looks (and no doubt feels).

To have your demos/new releases reviewed/torn apart, send them to:

Underground Sound
Attn: reviews
6422 Hwy 140 Nw
Adairsville, GA 30103

That's it!!! Till next time.......

KEEP IT KICKIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Underground

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