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Underground Sound
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6422 Hwy 140 NW
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  after problems with another label which is reason for the delay of 2
  month it is out now, the new master piece from the avantgarde band
  Krankheit der Jugend.
  Come and step into a journey of your soul. The band & the CD makes no
  while it describe you our time. Was there any band in the last years
  which was more original? I`m sure: No!
  ..near 74 min with a very spectacular digipak and 12pages
  full colour. ..just the normal Soundbuster standard
  Tour through germoney & Italy (& Daniele Brusaschetto)in April `98

Worldwide Distribution: Underground Records $15.00


Now ranked as the Internet's #3 most popular audio destination, and the
world's #1 online radio station.

HARD ROCK and HEAVY METAL radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
since 12/31/95.

The Internet's first real online radio station, brought to you by the
pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal over-the-air radio.

No loud mouth jocks that don't know the music
Chat-local and with the artists
Online Music samples
Exclusive Interviews
Hard Rock and Heavy Metal News
Extensive links to the best hard rock and metal sites on the Net
Global Music Premieres (the only station of any type to ever do so)
Previews of full length hard rock and metal cd's


Over 1100 songs in the all digital radio format
available now in Real Audio 20k stereo.

Streaming online hard rock and metal videos
Streaming hardware based mp3 in 20k stereo and 40k stereo bitrates.

Accept no substitutes, no copycats, no wanna-be's.



 A member of the Underground Internet Radio Database:




Visit the new and improved STORM *Extreme artists Homegrave* ,
with a new and improved look, more reviews every week, more news,
the STORM award, a band index from A to Z, an opinion Poll and much more
You can find us at

Don't forget to sign the guestbook!!!




John the Baker, arrested in Woodstock(94) for the lyrical content of his
songs/proved case unconstitutional(95) and awarded $20,000 by Woodstock(97) is
recording 2 new albums in ' 98. A solo acoustic CD is scheduled for release
in early march and a full band CD for release in mid-may.
   John the Baker has just finished the southern leg of his solo acoustic punk
tour of the UsA with great success. Although playing several shows in over
20 cities across 7 different states, John was only banned from 3 clubs and
thrown out of just one State (Ark). Not bad, no jail time and didn't run out
of money til the end, the 2 signs of a successful tour.
  John the Baker and his new banned (name unkown) are set to start their
spring tour beginning of Mar. -Leaving NY, toward NC, across TX to L.A.-SF
-back across the north. Any shows along that route we can get,-we want, email
info to or our booking agent Jeff Yost/Behind the Firewall ,I can get you gigs, in exchange, in upstate NY or
West NC
2comp. releases planned:
Decline of Western N.Carolina mid jan./includes John the Baker solo version of
Mother Box Rec. early feb./distributed through Under the Volcano magazine/not
sure what song yet.
Radio Stations are playing our music: if you know any DJs who'll play are
shit, we'll send out cds, so let us know. New Stations include:
KAOS El Paso TX/ Kore Raio
Goddard College Burlington VT
Call and request, John the Baker with Slimy Penis Breath!
Related Sites: Court Case info & Shockwave Audio
www.nynewmusic -tour update -buy the CD, John the Baker with Slimy Penis Breath Live -1st thumnail in photo gallery is pic of
my new giant puppet, the Snakeoil Medicine Salesman, check it out.
Smash Apathy! -for a free catalog of JTB stuff write to:
Hollywoodstock Productions pob 251 woodstock ny 12498 or email me at:




Huge indie music catalog available for on-line purchase. Vinyl, Cassettes,
Compact Discs, Video. Every genre: Punk, Metal, Electronica, Pop, Rock,
Funk, Jazz, Soul, Rap, Hip-Hop.......the artists of the true UNDERGROUND

Artsits and labels, make sure your stuff is listed on Cyberdisc. We do
co-op advertising and other promotions in conjunction with the other
segments of the Underground Network: Fanzines: The Underground Sound
Ezine and Webzine: Underground Sound Printzine (world-wide circulation),
Mass Mailers, Customer/ demographic specific regional and street level
marketing (Underground Agents), independent/ college radio, targeted
newsgroup "blurbs"....we are the masters~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Send two copies of your current new release, or catalog listing w/wholesale
pricing to:

Underground Records
Attn: Distribution
6422 Hwy 140 NW
Adairsville, GA 30103

To coordinate your listing on Cyberdisc with our other services, there are a
couple of specific ways (other than just a plain list): exclusive and non-exclusive:

Or any other way we can do it

For labels under some of our large suppliers (ADA, RED, Caroline) please
have your advertising manager get in touch!

TW 770-769-9126



Happy New Year !
Here is how our 1998 schedule thus far.....

* February
DJ Spooky - Synthetic Fury EP (CD/12")
World Standard - Country Gazette (CD/LP)
WE - Antenna Tool & Die Sessions (limited edition picture disc 12")
The X-Ecutioners - Raida's Theme Remix/The Countdown (12")

* March
Tipsy - Flying Monkey Fist (12")
Mixmaster Mike - Vyce Grip/Atmosfear (12")
Curd Duca - The best of.... (CD/LP)

* April
Diamanda Galas - Malediction & Prayer (CD/LP)

Also coming up in 1998, new albums from
WE, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Tipsy, Christian Marclay
DJ Spooky (vinyl only, CD to be released by Outpost/Geffen)
and more...

The X-Ecutioners North American tour with Common starts Januray 20th in New York
WE European tour starts Januray 22 in London

Email for more information, or check out our website

PO Box 51, Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10113, USA
Voice: 212-604-9130 Fax: 212-604-0783



Kult Records gets 1998 off to a banging start with 'Funky Skunker', the
eagerly anticipated E.P. from Cricco Castelli. The producer responsible
for last year's perrenial favourite 'Life Is Changing' returns with a
superior E.P. featuring four brand new cuts that showcase the
extreme talents of Castelli.

The E.P kicks off with 'Funky Junky', a funkfest featuring driving bass
lines that collide with intricate melodies and soulful vocals. The
kinetic 'Everyday' contains an insidious little hook that's guaranteed
to be an enduring crowd pleaser.
'Spying Rome' is a raw sonic extravaganza courtesy of sexy saxophones
and tinkly pianos. And finally, the E.P. closes with the loungy 'Round
Midnight'. Sublime and ethereal in texture, this track displays the
smoother side of Castelli.

Industry buzz has been overwhelming following the initial test
pressings, 'Funky Skunker' looks like following in its predecessor's

The cuts are:
Side A
Funky Junky
Side B
Spying Rome
Round Midnight

Following their success with such gems as 'Feel Good All Over' with Taka
Boom, 'Show Your Feelings Inside' featuring Mila and 'Tarantino's Way'
on the All Star Deluxe DJ Sampler double pack, Studio 32 show no signs
of slowing down with their latest release. Featuring the powerhouse
vocals of diva, Carol Sylvan, who steps to the fore on
'I Can't Stand The Night', Studio 32 & Luis radio conjures up a lavish
musical affair that should provide much needed relief for garage addicts
across the globe.

Ms. Sylvan positively simmers over Studio 32's deliciously smooth
production, on a tune that evokes a smoky, afterhours atmosphere. The
minimalistic 'Work Dub', featuring live guitars, are for those who like
their grooves on a more stripped-down level.

Be sure to watch out for 'Keep On Giving', the forthcoming release by
Studio 32 featuring vocals by Mila on Kult Records, which will also
features mixes by 95 North, Cricco Castelli and UK junglist Jonathon
The cuts are:
Side A
Vocal Mix
Side B
Vocal Dub
Work Dub

For more info on the upcoming releases, contact
Marcel or Dyllan at Both records are now out

Available through Underground Records



Yes, yes y'all!!!
It's out now!!
Format: 20pgs, A5 size, xeroxed..
Features: interviews with: Jeff Matlow of Crank Records,

          Amber Inn, Psycho Sonique, Suburban Dammit; columns,
          reviews, local scene news, Core, sexuality, capital
          scene reports and a lot of cut'n'paste-ing
Cost: Singapore >> S$2 ppd. (S$1.50 if u want it by hand)
          Elsewhere >> US$2 ppd.
          (no cheques please. Money orders made out to > Arvind Parhar)
Contact: Arvind, Hougang Ave.1, Blk 234, #10-262, Singapore 530234.

          Also distributed by:
          Inner Woods Distro: Ubi. Ave.1, Blk 313, #05-457, Singapore
(Distros keep in touch..)
(All contributers for this issue will be receiving a free copy very
(Please write if u'd like a free copy for reviewing or trading...)
Thank u for your support.. Best wishes for 98!
                               n hugs...


            Visit Our Chat Line

                  World Music - Jazz - Ambient
                   X Dot 25 Music Productions
                         PO BOX 99107
                    Emeryville, CA 94662 USA

                     Phone (510) 601-8600
                     FAX (510) 601-9800



SO WHAT -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


SO WHAT is a nightclub that caters to the gothic and industrial
culture. We are dedicated to keeping the gothic and industrial culture
alive and well in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please take a few moments
to check out our web site at and
show your support.

SO WHAT plays music centered around industrial, gothic, electro, ebm,
coldwave, darkwave, and eighties. SO WHAT also offers live shows and
concerts by some of the most well known gothic/industrial bands in the

Masquerade is a special night at SO WHAT that is set-aside for our
fetish friends. This once-a-month event allows everyone to come out and
play dawned in their fetish attire. For more information, visit:

If you would like to be permanently added to our e-mail list,



ROCKFEST '98 Cybercast

A Cybercast of Rockfest '98 will happen on March 27th and 28th from the
Strand Theatre in Marietta, Georgia. Featuring Vykki Vox, Voltage, Mad
Margritt, Fog Reign, Caustic Thought, System X, dethkultur BBQ, Dead
Space, Laceration, Inbred, Raze and Balistik Kick...Rockfest is a showcase
dedicated to indie bands and labels. To listen to the cybercast, and get your
free software, please go:

This is one showcase which will ROCK!!
Special Thanks to Mark Weinstein (you rule dude)

Please help spread the word!

Stay Indie, Stay Strong, Stay Free!!

Keep It Kickin'

Rockfest homepage:



of the music-scene, which will be powered by HUGO WOMAN Perfume and
is released via SONY SPECIAL MARKETING in august'98.
Motto is : "Don't imitate - innovate !". Bands with female singers and female
artists who are interested to participate can send their material to:



Neuro-Vision is a non-profit organization formed by Musicians
to promote alternative music and to build an InDiE band Network
of gig-exchanges all over the world.

After 1 and a half week on the net we have 8 bands
(From The Netherlands,Switzerland, UK and USA, if you are in a differend
country, please enter Neuro-Vision...we need to get world wide)
already, a lot of links and more and more hits a day.

If you want to exchange a link (the link is gotta be important to
InDie bands) please e-mail to Neuro-vision

if you have an InDiE band and are interested in
touring the world and by helping yourself by helping
others, please, go to the homepage

Strenght comes in numbers! InDiE forever!




No! This is not one of those bulk emailing spams!!! This is about
ADVERTISING in the email/ text edition of THE UNDERGROUND

Up to 100 words...........$10.00

Over 100 up to 500 words...........$15.00

Webzine Advertising is currently 50% off until the end of February...

Any kind of check accepted:

Underground Records
Attn: Accounting
6422 Hwy 140 NW
Adairsville, GA 30103

Keep It Kickin'''''''''''''''



Movies to be shown include:
"SEX BLOOD & MUTILATION" (1995, 40 mins) Documentary on
"extremes" of body-modification, starring GENESIS P-ORRIDGE,
(1993, 30 mins) Cruel parody of the
"Fatal Vision" murder case, starring JOE CHRIST.
"SPEED FREAKS WITH GUNS" (1991, 30 mins) A paranoid,
raving amphetamine abuser, and his "home-movies" of murders, starring
   Two or three other JOE CHRIST movies may also be shown.
   For more info about JOE CHRIST's movies and other shows in the JOE
CHRIST screening tour, please visit the JOE CHRIST Web Site:
JOE CHRIST 151 First Ave #77 New York NY 10003


F O U R T E E N________________
______D A Y - D R E A M Studios

   1 . 2 1 2 . 2 0 6 . 1 7 8 0


IRON MAIDEN TOUR (yes, they are indie!!)

Ok Guy's

Here is the scoop we will be releasing the official press relase for the
album/world tour tour on 2/14.

This will include the ablum details with track listings, and a tenative tour
schedule through June. This is the official information and anything else
you will hear is rumor and speculation.
This will be posted on the web sit (
You guy's have been real patient and we have had to be very closed lipped
in reponse to your e-mail questions, The time is at hand!

Up The Fucking Irons,




Promote your music therough the Elastic Imaginations online jukebox!
There is ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE for this service and the amount of
promotion and sales that it can generate will astonish you!

Users will be able to view your cover artwork, see an entire track listing,
listen to selectedtracks with streaming audio, link to your web site, and even
order the CD online.

Take a look at what we have to offer by visiting the Elastic Imaginations web
site at:
and clicking on the Jukebox link. Again, there is NO CHARGE
for us to promote your music in our Jukebox. Currently, we offer music
from clients like Slayer, Six Feet Under, Metal Blade Records, Mr. Big,
and many more.

Contact us through our
web site, or call us at (770) 821-5407.

Thanks for your attention!


Check out these great Indie Bands::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

________________ click ________________ (Maryland)
Web Site:
Current Release: "failure"
Review: "In your face and punchy! Bands like this give hope to the
meaning of hard rock! Tired of Korn wanna-be's? Click is slick new
rhythmic metal that can be easily heard on national radio, but the only
trouble is, they are not on national radio..."

________________ Slojack ________________ (California)
Web Site:
Current Release: "NAKED"
Review: "Slojack's new CD, Naked, produced with Ryan Dorn (Motorhead,
Ugly Kid Joe), is a powerful rock & roll debut. The performances are
unique and nothing short of astounding. Andy Bartel delivers sweaty,
crunchy guitar and Eddie Fritz's vocals shock and excite."

________________ Grace Overthrone ________________ (Arizona)
Web Site:
Current Release: "Serial Killer Dragons & Gothic Elves"
Review: "If you dig dark music with a groove and edge made from the
stuff of nightmares, G/O should make your music listening an intense and
dark experience - we recommend candles, black lipstick and strobe lights
for this killer CD."

________________ Chaos Theory ________________ (New Jersey)
Web Site:
Current Release: "SCARRED FOR LIFE"
Review: "If you want real metal with honest diversity, Chaos Theory
delivers it blow by blow with crunchy power core riffs. You can hear the
DRI feel in the whipping "I Abandon" all the way to the Sabbath-like
drone guitar opening riffs in "Stalemate"."

________________ Nobody's Hero's ________________ (?)
Web Site:
Current Release: "OUTTA TIME"
Review: "Cartoon fun. Four piece straight-ahead Rock and Roll. Two
guitars, bass, and drums. Each member sings their own songs about fear,
love, entertainment, paranoia, lust, regret, and sarcastic satire
concerning everyday people and life....Nobody ever describes the band as

Great CD cover!!!

________________ Millenia ________________ (Ohio)
Web Site:
Current Release: "Bow Down"
Review: "Millenia's "Bow Down" is supreme metal for those who need an
adrenaline slam dunk! Millennia shreds!!!"

Buy through CYBERDISC:



You can hear the sounds of "Life Goes On" and "Thought", both which appear
on the Dark Ages II release. Simply go to then proceed to
the new release page. Remember KEMETIC releases can be purchased through
our website. The low prices are offered exclusively through KEMETIC'S page,
because you are buying directly from us.

This Saturday (2-7-98) KEMETIC RECORDS & YoAbleS Entertainment is
sponsoring an Open Mic at Barnett's Cafe. For further information go to and proceed to the Open Mic page.


                              Kemetic Records
                         The Independent Powerhouse


Big European Publishers are interested in new talent for record label.

We are looking for alternative rock.

Sent your Demo's to:

Dutch Magazine bv
Postbus 760
3740 AT Baarn
The Netherlands
Attn: C.O.O. Musictalent



It's currently available as Liquid audio format !
Our new address is :

Available also new tracks from Loop Guru,3th World Industria,Loozoo and
more !

Out now GALVANIZED Low Fi EP "FICO" featuring the hit single "SKIN"

Please let us known what you think about !

To preview songs first download the free liquid player, clicking on the
icon "Get Liquified" !

Thanks for your kind attention !

Best Regards
Chris DM
Mechanism Records
Mechanism Records
Via N. Da Messina is.458 n.18
98100 Messina Italy
Tel.0039-(0)90-362312 / 694282



Underground Records recently announced the addition of new monthly
webzines, beginning March 1st, 1998

HELLZINE: Pure Metal (no hair or posuers)

SLAM: Pure power Punk (no bubblegum)

JOINT: Rap, Hip-Trip-Hop, Hardcore Urban Street

SERMON: Christian Music (rock styles)

Each zine will have seperate focus and reviews>>>ad rates are same as the
Underground Sound>>>>>

If you want any of your music reviewed in any of these Webzines, please
address to the zine of your choice...of course, the Underground Sound
will still be on schedule, and of mixed genre (we do everything):

Underground Records
Attn: (webzine of choice) - Reviews
6422 Hwy 140 NW
Adairsville, GA 30103


By Wildman West

These reviews, plus more can be read in the Underground Sound Webzine:

dETHKULTUR BBQ - 667 The Neighbor Of The Beast

Dethkultur BBQ grinds out some of the most wikked industrial metal
on the planet. There are no pretty samples or groovin electronica, BBQ
is pure industrial metal, heavy as molasses guitar, death metal vocals, screams
of pain, in your face funk grooves and mucho balls. KMFDM has approached
and at times hit this level, but BBQ has got the sauce down pat!

Highlights include "Mercy Scream" with it's bastard trip-hop slap and
bottomless guitar rip. Prime radio material for "real" underground heads.
Then you have "5ยข Beer" which tells you clearly to "Drink Cold Beer"....
A theme songs for the beer guts of America. The religious slant of
"R.R.C.I" lets you in on a secret...who gives a fuck! " Following
Jesus is "D.W.I" putting prespective on the real world. Can you say
MIRACLE...if not, say DEATH!!!

"She Lies" is the soundtrack for bitch-slappin''s a classic. Is that
Rod Sterling I hear???!!! "Flesh Wound" is all all of us who bear arms,
because we'd love to get a chance to blast some caps in some sorry fucker's
ass. "Sexxx" is perfect for pounding, either with yer significant other or
solo. Relief!!! The album gets trpped on such numbers as "Will Billy" and
"Burn"...if you are real, want the shit, come on and get it!! Dethkultur BBQ

Distributed by Underground Records:

Dethkultur BBQ will be appearing at Rockfest '98 on March 27th.


I've already reviewed Warhead in Issue 1 of the Underground Sound
Webzine. For the thousands of you that don't still have web access,
What the hell is your problem? Let me say this:


BK slam heavy groovin'metal and absolutely take no prisoners as
they assualt your weak puny brains.

Warhead - Lead off title track is superb, bar none.

Twilight's Last Gleaming - Anthem for the return of true metal
breeding, such as is happening today in America....

Alive - If you are tierd of people's bullshit, this tune is for you!

These are only a few of the songs on this masterpiece metal album,
get it, or get the hell out of the way!!

Distribution: Underground Records


Till Next Time.....Lates!!

Get in touch for discount ROCKFEST '98 Tickets!!!!!!!!!

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