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The Bazar Curieux ended 5:00 yesterday morning, and after some much needed
hours of sleep, here's a review. It's almost impossible to cover everything
on something like this, but Paul was there also, so another review can be
very probably be expected.



Bazar Curieux, January 19th, Nighttown

At 20:15 Nighttown opened its doors for the people waiting outside. The
first thing to do was of course to take a look at all the different rooms
and to see what was going to be happening there. The main Nighttown stage
was reserved for the acts that would only perform once that night. That
included dEUS & Think Of One among others. On both sides of the stage there
were film screens on which paintings by Rudy Trouve & co were projected. The
basement area was used as a special dance area. On the very small Popular
stage all things would be shown several times. In the attic of the Popular
bar area Die Anarchistische Abenunterhaltung had their own room.

It started of pretty good. Me and a friend went looking for DAA because they
were not in the schedules for the main halls. After asking about this
somebody from Nighttown showed us to the attic of Popular even though they
weren't gonna play for some time. There we asked someone at what time DAA
was gonna play. He said he wasn't sure 'cos not all band members had arrived
yet. So i asked if he knew the band. He turned out to be the accordeon (is
it called that in English too?) player. Since he didn't have much to we
talked for a while. He told some thing about their supporting Moondog Jr.
They are not only going to play before them but there will also be some
songs they'll play together. When the conversation got to dEUS he told about
a dEUS single that has dEUS songs and their version of Suds & Soda. I had
never heard about this but it seems to exist. Their music own music is
really great, but it was also really cool when they played together with
Moondog Jr. Four members of Moondog Jr. (Aarich was not there) and the four
DAA members walked through Nighttown in a row while playing the Moondog song
Spike Smith's For All Lost Goods. This was really fun and nice to see &
hear. Moondog Jr. did not play alone.

One of the first things in the main hall was Think Of One. They had Tom
Pintes, Thomas De Smet and Benjamin Botreur (all Moondog Jr.) in the band.
They made really cool jazz like music with some world music influences. At
times they sounded like Moondog Jr. (suprise ;-)), Morphine and Frank Zappa.

One of the things i like best were the Lionel Horowitz & His Combo shows.
They performed three times in Popular. This is the bands including ex-dEUS
member Rudy Trouve, who had created a special movie for this night. The
movie was projected on a big screen behind the band and at some moments they
played their songs while the movie was playing. The music was really great
and really suited the movie which was also amazing. It was a day in the life
of Dave Robertson & Craig Ward who spent their days as out of work tramps
(but with a house). It had some really moody lyrics (check my new sig!) but
there was also some good humor to equalise it for a bit. Everything was
pretty experimental and to really understand seeing it completely and
concentrating is really required. I can tell you this from seeing it half
the first time while standing in a not very good spot and seeing it complete
the 2nd time sitting in a good place. However i figure the music of LH & HC
will also be really nice without this special film.
Pierre Bastin played a fun show with instruments built from Meccano. This is
a toy building system that was popular years ago. It's a bit like the Lego
brick system but with iron bars with holes in them and screws. It was really
amazing but after hearing it once the music really became less interseting.
Too bad, 'cos it's a good show.

At 3:30am it was time for dEUS to play. First a setlist, altough it is not
in the right order.

The Horror Partyjokes, Ferocious, Little Arithmatics, Gimme The Heat,
Overflow, Supermarket Song, Twenty Something, Sexmachines, Serpentine ...
and two ?'s

hmmm, i've got a feeling something's missing, but here goes: As you can see
no WCS songs. This eliminated all stage diving, moshing and crowdsurfing.
That was pretty okay 'cos it allowed me to stand in 1st row againt the stage
for all of the show. The little casio electronic organ that Klaas played
during their last acoustic session was hanging from his mic stand. Craig,
Stef and Tom were all wearing the same purple suits. They started with a new
song which only had some very long notes from the organ but no bass or
guitars. After this the real set started. This was a bit dissapointing 'cos
of the lack of new songs. One was really new, but the rest have already been
played (& recorded mostly) live. Craig was clearly having some trouble. He
had a lot of guitar trouble sometimes even switching guitars during songs in
which he had to play. The Serpentine ... song was truely beautiful. They had
already played this at the '2 Meter Nighttown In' show and it's the song
that partly starts the radio broadcast of that show. The Horror Partyjokes
was also good, but there was some misunderstanding between Tom & Stef. After
a little short but nice set they came back for a three song encore.

The show was good but it didn't quite compare to shows like the Apeldoorn
and 2nd Nighttown ones. Unfortunatly some of the new material lacks that
special dEUS feel. I'm not saying the have to keep copying WCS but they
should keep their own and very original style. I got the feeling that with
Craig having guitar trouble Rudy was badly missed.

Okay, you heard it right: a little criticism on dEUS. But they're still very
much ahead of other bands, and of course a lot of things were still really
great and original. High hopes for the new album stay justified.

hhhmmm, I'm falling asleep again. There was much more but as i said before
it's impossible to cover all of such a night in one review. Well, if you can
go see them in Tongeren. Awaiting more reviews while sleeping,

dEUS-Bazar Curieux
Here comes a small complement of the long night at the Bazar Curieux...

I fully agree with Jorg saying that Lionel Horowitz & his Combo were great. It
was the best part for me. Rudy looked as usual stoned but much better than
before. Their performance was really great. Something special and new. The
decoration was very experimental and amazing.

In the basement, there was computer connected to Internet. Someone was chatting
in the Pearl Jam forum. As you can see, Internet is everywhere...

Concerning dEUS, I was also a little bit disapointed by them (2.30AM!). This is
the first time it happens.
A friend of Tom Barman told me that they were satisfied with the concert. They
were exhausted but happy.
I think that now dEUS is more centered on Tom Barman than before. The new
guitarist is also more "rock" than Rudy was. Rudy was much more experimental in
his music. Maybe it is "dEUS, part II" now... everything changes...
dEUS is probably going to tour since March/April for a few months.
And their new album (which was scheduled for April) will be out on September. I
know, this is gonna be hard...

DAA were very good. I think they are funny. Their parade with Moondog through
Nighttown was really cool.
Well, I think that's all... as far as I remember...hum...

I'm gonna see Moondog and DAA tomorrow at the Botanique. I'll tell you about.

See ya,


Due to a serious lack of free time, I haven't been able to post this review
before. But finally here it is.


Bazar Curieux
Rotterdam, Nighttown, 19-1-1996

Cooperating artists:
Think of One
Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung
Lionell Horowitz & his Combo
Rudy Trouve
Alfred Trouve
Dirk Belmans
Katherine Cleave
Erik Nerinckx
Tom Barman
Superstar Dave
Pierre Bastien
Louis Katorz
Everything is slow
De Suzie Boys
Members of Moondog Jr.
Evil Superstars

These are all the names mentioned on the special promotional flyer from
Musickness and Nighttown, who organized this great festival of different arts.
I'm sure I haven't seen all of the above, because this was difficult in the
sometimes tight schedule.

After having waited in the icy weather outside for about half an hour and
after a quick survey of the premises, Pierre Bastien was the first pleasant
surprise. In a small hall behind Popular (a bar next to Nighttown), he
created a mix of repetative minimal music, assisted by some other guy and
a rack full of meccano controlled music instruments. For this night, this
hall was named Heaven Hotel, which is also the title of the 'movie' wich
I saw later on. Except for the bands performing in the Nighttown main hall,
all other artists performed several times to enable everyone to see as much
as possible of this festival.

We had to search for the location where Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung
would perform, but quickly we were in a room above Popular, which was nicely
decorated with washing machine drums. Jam were responsible for this peculiar
furniture. From everything I've seen this evening, the performance by Die
Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung was my personal highlight. They did only
a short gig (appr. 40 minutes) starting off by Dreislagstelsel. They
encouraged the audience to losen up and walk around, just as they did
themselves. This was followed by a slapstick-like homevideo by the Suzie Boys
(I think), which had some very funny scenes in it (like the earthquake and
the bear-tragedy).

After this it was time to look around a bit and so we spent some time in the
Basement, which was planned to be the dance room for this evening. Video art
was shown on several monitors and it was even possible to surf the internet
by computer.

Luckily we were back in Nighttown just in time to see a surprise performance
by eight people, from who it was not difficult to recognize the members of
Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung and Moondog Jr. (except for Aarich).
Unfortunately, Moondog Jr. didn't have their own performance (as I expected),
but this small intermezzo partly made up for this. Stef, wearing some
sort of police cap and squeaking through a megaphone, and the others
did an improvised rendition of 'Spike Smith's for all lost goods'. This
ensemble could be seen later on again during Die Anarchisten's third
performance, but unfortunately I missed this.

Reason for this was my attendance at 'Heaven Hotel', a strange movie
about a very boring day in the life of two peculiar guys (Craig Ward & Dave
Robertson). At least, that is what I think the movie is about. The movie
(lasting for about 50 long minutes) didn't make a great impression on me, but
the soundtrack was great. The music was not prerecorded but played run-time
by Lionell Horowitz's Combo, which was enforced by Rudy Trouve. I had seen
him earlier in the evening but I had some difficulty recognizing him. He
looked different (read: healthier) from the last few times I've seen him,
when he seemed to be in a spiritual place far from here. If I forget about
the movie and concentrate on the Mr. Bungle-like music, this was the second
main highlight.

If I remember correctly (which is difficult after such a long night) Heaven
Hotel was followed by more than an hour of no live performances, but with
lots of great music in Nighttown. This was partly provided by
dj-for-the-occasion Tom Barman.

At 2.30u Nighttown was packed for the first dEUS performance with the complete
new line up. For many people this would clearly be the climax of the evening,
but I've certainly seen better dEUS shows. It wasn't the worst either, but it
lacked some sort of spontanity I think. I expected lots of new and never
played songs, but I counted only three. The setlist (quoted titles are

The supermarket song
'What do I find?'
Little arithmetics
? (with Rock me baby as an intro)
Gimme the heat
Horror party jokes
Wake me up before you sleep
Twenty something
My wife Jan

Benjamin from Moondog participated in the first song, which seemed like
a big experiment, being a cacaphonia of sounds. In fact, before the
start, the announcer summoned him to appear backstage quickly, because dEUS
needed his services.

The best part was when Tom c.s. did a small acoustic set, starting with
the beautiful 'Serpentine' and ending with 'Little arithmetics'.

I'm not sure which songs will be included on dEUS' next album, but I sure hope
'Gimme the heat' will be one of them, although it's a cover (Violent Femmes).

'Horror party jokes' was rather tame and very unlike earlier live versions
(for example at Werchter or in Nighttown in June '95).

Tom anounced Ferocious as a new song, which is not very true. It already
seems a long time since I heard it for the first time in Apeldoorn (or
even before that).

Tom warned the audience not to ask for 'Suds & soda', because everyone doing
this would be kicked out. What a big surprise it was when several people
challenged Tom by doing just that (NOT!).

Apart from this, I don't remember any other special events.

At about 3.40 am, the end of the dEUS gig meant the end of the night for most
of the audience, because only a few die hards remained and waited to see
the final live performance by Neven, who brought a blend of triphop and
mellow house. Instruments like trumpet and tuba were an interesting addition
to the computer based music (created by a very fanatic guy, at
least for that time of night) and conga drumming.

Although a few people kept awake through dancing, it was clear that a long
night of great art had taken its toll. It certainly did for me, so I was glad
to be able to slide into my bed at around 6.30 am.

The Evil Mothers are due to release a new EP "I Like Fur" on Invisible Records
> Track Listing:
> 1. I Like Fur (The Masoch Kis) 3:57
> 2. You Had Enough (Ripped Up) 4:13
> 3. Sick Culture (Warzone Mix) 5:40 *
> 4. Transcend 1:04
> 5. I Like Fur (Devilish Mix) 4:32 *
> 6. SickSickSick (acidic) 3:34
> 7. Guiding Lashes 3:16
> *These are great remixes of "Sick Culture" and "I like Fur"...*
> Contributers to this EP include:
> Martin Atkins (Pigface, Killing Joke, PiL)
> Van Christie (Die Warzau)
> James Woolley (NIN-Keyboards)
> Jason McNinch (Lick, Pigface)
> John Hiler
> Lee Popa
> This release has hard driving guitar sounds, pounding tribal rhythms, and cool
> analog keyboard sounds...Curse finally moves out of the vocal scream technique
> and reveals he actually can sing very well...DJs will especially want to pick
> up this release for immediate club play, as well as Industrial Radio play...
> It just rips...
> GodClod

And to fulfill my shallow aesthetic duty...NICE COVER!!

Oh yeah, and the release date is Feb. 20, 1996.

T'anks GC.

sister ZuZu
HATE DEPT........

recently it has come to our attention that 106.7 KROQ (LA's
leading alternative station) has been using the songs New Power
and Omnipresent in some of their commercials.

the phone number at the station is 1-800-520-1067. request New
Power to be played in its entirety. spread the hate.
Charles K. Hunt
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  TransCom has a base association of about 10 artists and bands, but we also
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Can you give more information?

  Take a look at our comprehensive Web site at which has a lot of background
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What are your influences?

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The debut album by Rex Rey called "Think Big" is now available on Hhep!

Rex Rey is a pop duo from Minneapolis, Minnesota whose music features
interwoven acoustic and electric guitars, soaring harmonies, and a
hook-laden pop sound based on Midwestern roots. The blending of the
songwriting, vocal, and guitar talents of Laurance Anderson and John Holtze
delivers original music with a broad appeal across multiple musical genres.
 The full length CD "Think Big" includes songs produced by Dick Hodgin,
whose production credits include Hootie and the Blowfish, Flat Duo Jets, and
Corrosion of Conformity.

Rex Rey is "clearly talented...with a flair for melody. The guys have a
fraternal-sounding vocal blend reminiscent of Billy Pilgrim....arrangements
and production up to radio's pristine standards.." Minneapolis Star

"pleasantly surprised by this CD... The songs have plenty of hook... A fine
hook-laden pop production and really tasty cover art. Keep your eye on Rex
Rey!" Raw Tuna magazine

If you like that jangly guitar stuff with catchy melodies (like, for
instance, Tom Petty, the BoDeans, the Rembrandts, and others) then check out
Rex Rey!

The "Think Big" CD is available for $14 (includes postage) from

Hhep! Records
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Make checks payable to Rex Rey.

Contact the band at
Web page to be online in the next few days....
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Here's a quick review for you of a concert that I just saw the other
day. Don't know if you care or not but here goes.

Flock of Seagulls - Should Have Stayed (Away).

I heard that one of my favorite 80's bands, Flock of Seagulls, were back
on tour promoting a new album. A what? They were coming to Boise, ID.
 Of course I bought tickets.

I was horribly disappointed however. The songs from their first album
were the best definitely. The new songs lacked the same style. If fact
they lacked any style what-so-ever. Not really remembering any of the
band member's names I can only say that the keyboardist / lead vocalist
(the real seagull). Can't sing nor play keyboard. I was up in the
"pressbox" above the stage so I could see the 3 fingered playing on the
Kertzweil. Knowing that most of the notes had been programmed into the
keyboard before the show I decided someone should know how to play.

The lead guitarist for the tour, who I think was actually a session,
could sort of play, but like the keyboardist had very simple rifts that
any body with any guitar knowledge could have played.

So I watched the bassist. He looked like he was having the most fun out
of all the band. Younger looking he probably joined on from Florida
(the new home of Flock of Seagulls by the way) in hopes of getting a few
concerts and a name under his belt for future reference.

The drummer played well, for what I could here and for what was maybe
not comming out of the Kertzweil.

"I Ran" was definitely the big hit for the concert (and the group).
That sounded pretty much the same as it did in the old days. Minus the
fact that a now 20 year older person was singing it, so the vocals were
a little strained.

Speaking of strained. The band kept almost whining for us to buy their
new album. Which after seeing the show I am going to have to pass on.

$10-$20 for a ticket depending on the city is an okay price if you are
like me and have to see every concert you can get to. But, if you only
know "I Ran," run and pass on this one.

-Trevor Majors
One Media is pleased to announce the new WWW home page for its
progressive electronic recording artist, Keith Stewart:

Check it out, listen to some sound clips, drop Keith a line.



                One Media presents

The eclectic progressive electronic music of Keith Stewart
along with state-of-the-art computer generated video graphics --
a perfect unique video event for coffee house/small theatre venues.
Excellent entertainment for those in-between-acts moments, too!

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Email for a free one-month trial, If you like it, license it, if
not, return it!

for info Email:
Kelly Chang
Director of Promotions


Some recent comments (that didn't make it onto the page):

"Hey Keith, got your stuff. Nice work..."

 -- Bon Lozaga, guitarist for Gong

"...what the beatniks would be jamming on if they remained in
power in the technological freedom of the 90's. ...I got the
impression I was listening to an order in chaos lesson, by a
teacher who really knew their stuff."

 -- Keope, Creative Musicians Coaltition recording artist

"...I liken it to a fractal...chaotic with strange attractors
manifesting periodically to indicate that this is indeed music
(of a different order..of that I'm certain)."

 -- Mike R. of Mesa, Arizona
Cranial Circuitry ---- Let me reprogram your brain. ----
KRCL 90.9 FM Industrial, Cybercore, Electronic Body
Monday morning 1am-3am Music, Coldwave, etc. for your mind...
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Interviews with:

Itchy Trigger Finger

and a special with Chaka Kahn where we will debut her April release for
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Be there!

You ARE invited!
Ladybeard Update:

I know, I'm missing the beard show tonight. At least I'm making the trek to
Minneapolis for the sat. show. The music for duh masses 7" is doing well
with some really good reviews. We've got a brand new video for the song
"Dust and Shadows" off the ep. If anyone knows of anyplace that would play
it let us know. There still are about 80 records left. if you dont have one
get your fix for $3.50 at Crustacean Records pobox 37384 Milwaukee,Wi
53237-0384. Here are the Ladybeard dates for the next couple weeks....

Well tonight at Ocayz in Madison...

Fri. Feb 2nd Witz End 1274 n 2nd ave. Stevens Point, Wi (715)344-9045

Thur. Feb. 15th at The Great Dane Brew pub 123 e. doty stMadison(608)284-0000

Fri. Feb. 23rd at The Globe 2028 e. north ave, Milwaukee (414)276-2233

The last 2 shows are both with Front of Truck who you may have heard on our
compilation we released last year. We will be releasing a couple new
Front of Truck tunes on a new 7" to be released in April so check these
shows out. They are sure to rock!!!

talk to ya later,
crustmaster general

 Wouter Berteloot TE930012
 University Antwerp (UFSIA)
Try our THERAPY?-homepage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new Winter 1996 Underground Records catalog is available via email from UGR.
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I recently got the magazine Terra Industria, since they interviewed
Pygmy Children and displayed their picture on the cover. I was also
interviewing Pygmy Children and wanted to know more-so that will be up
at my site in a week!

Buy Terra Industria through Digital Undergroud, it's very cool-also has
stuff on Wumpscut, Skinny Puppy, Brain Leisure-$3.95


Industrial Information Station's OpiumBoy Rules!


INDUSTRIAL NATION-even though they are not on time w/issues
Ray Gun
Alternative Press

If anyone has a contact of The Black Market in CA, a zine-please e-mail
me, I hear many people mention it but don't have one for me to see.
As part of my Nurse With Wound and Organum Web pages
[look in the 'Marketplace' section]
I have a section which has people's want lists and sale lists for
experimental/noise/industrial type stuff. Take a look and maybe you'll
find you have something that someone else wants, or maybe you'll find
something you need. If you want your want list or sale list included
just email it to me and I'll put it up, or just frop me a line and let me
know what you think.


Jeffrey G Reid
send all materials to be reviewed to:
Reviews...C/o UG Sound
6422 Hwy 140 NW
Adairsville, GA 30103

ALL SOULS AVE. : The Lighter Side of Daphne/Sense Of Feeling
        This cassette single from ASA takes a couple of cuts from their self- titled CD
and shows the boys from Utah have improved a good bit since their last tape
came my way. The music on both songs is tight and progressive with a melodic metal
feel. The vocals remind me of a cross between Geddy Lee and whoever that dude is
from Candlebox, but it's pretty original evenso. Harmonies are generally smooth and
not overused. The bass lines add some low end anchor, and in some cases a little flair.
I'd prefer the guitars be more outfront, but in today's world that might
make ASA too metal for AOR radio, which if pushed to in the right markets ASA could
have a good chance for survival, and success. Contact them at: ASA, POB 651192,
Salt Lake City, UT. 84165-1192

ACID KING: Zoroaster
        They could've left off the ZO at the beginning of the album's title and it would've fit
even better...ROASTER....because that is your brain on Acid King, a roaster!!! This is one of the heaviest fuckin' albums ever!! Acid King's bottomless bass wastes your sorry head...if you're
the king of acid, the final step into oblivion is Acid King. Please don't drive motorized vehicles
or operate machinery while using this product...If vintage Sabbath had been Lori S on vocals and
guitar, they might have been Acid King...but Peter Lucas on Bass and Joey Osbourne on drums
make this band a true standout among the west coast sludgers (They're from San Francisco). I
can imagine a show with AK would require a few days off to recover a semblance of hearing...
from the time this record leaps down your throat with the opener, Evil Satan, like a double dose of
Jagermeister, then roars out of sight with the closer Vertigate #2, you're somewhere between
overdose and madness....just forget whatever you wanted to do, the sinister Zoroaster is in're gonna get riffed until you trip!!! Contact: POB 881614, San Francisco, CA 94188..
For interviews and other stuff, Call Gerry Saracco at Urban Warfare (718) 358-9210

A.M. PROPHECY: Abrasion
        AMP leaps out at you with "Typical" off their new CD first listen you may be tempted to think the boys reign from Seattle or some other West Coast gig, but dig into this CD and midway through you realize this band has many tastes o' flavor, and they're east coast to the you can throw genres out the window, unless quality is in your book. The sound on this CD is superb, not too bright and not too can chalk that up to band member, producer and engineer Chris McGuire, he has done an excellent job. I like guitars, and they're clear and kickin throughout.... Standout cuts include just about every song, with notables being Cross Section, the grinding Undefined, and Come Down...but put the laser anywhere and you'll probably like what you hear. A.M. Prophecy is the band Still Rain always wanted to be, but were too hung on themselves just to let go and be that band..AMP look like college frat boys...could they be? It doesn't matter, because anywhere there is a keg and rock n roll fans, this band has a home. There's enough stomp and bump on this CD to please most of the cynical set...and it comes off just a tad unpretentious, so AMP has the insight on the media-geared cyberfreaks who have to be pleased for any new band to really be needed and wanted in today's on-line driven emerging markets. It's early in 1996, but not soon enough for you to get this CD and spend a few hours with a shining up-n-coming blue ribbon band...Contact: 924 Bellaire Ave, Apt #V210, State College, PA 16801.....Management: Mark Shulman (814) 867-7412

        Street wise Dr. Oct will not shit you..the beats on this CD are like a lethal mixture of homebrew, you don't know really what's in it, but it kicks and after a few hits the head trip starts to set in. Dr. Oct leaves out the gangsta rap crap and just lays low with minimal, yet ample orchestration glued together with creative guitar via John DeBorde & R.B. Fluke, and Dr. Oct's own words of wisdom...while his singing ain't pretty (imagine Seal via Snoop Dog on a mix of nitrous n meth), nonetheless the message comes accross clear, as a people mankind is funked!! As you listen through Spleen, one minute you're in a psychedelic circus, the next minute at the local poetry corner gettin hit on by the local crack 'ho (we used to have one of those here in Atlanta down on Ponce, but I think the cops got wise...I'm talkin' the poetry corner, we've still got PLENTY of crack fairies). A couple of the tunes on Spleen could be pumped up a little more...but the #10 cut High St. is an underground industrial gem with a freak show interlude that sounds like a typewriter on a mass murder suicide run...then at the song's end a gunshot rings out...fitting.....The next song Arabia, features backing vocals by Rachel Gregory (who does them throughout the CD), and has an almost European feel..but hey, this is Dr. Octojoculus, and he could just about be anywhere, at anytime, whadda expect, it's Californian!!...Contact: Gray Area, 2425B Channing Way, Suite 347, Berkeley, CA. 94704 (510) 261-4047

SLEUTH: Double Jeopardy
        This tape started off with a very loud belch and then some death metal screaming over very, very fast double bass and guitar. I listened through most of the tape before I realized the singer was signing in wonder I couldn't understand a word he was saying. To beat all, the massive double bass drumming is done by a chick named Makururi, who is about 4 ft. 11 inches tall and looks to weigh about 80 pounds. The only word I understood on the whole tape was "Godzilla" which is repeated in verse three times in a row very fast, the last 'zilla being about an octave lower than the others...the song is called Terror and is really cool, towards the end the band breaks into a nasty metal riff with samples of screaming and crashing in the background, then the song ends with a great big roar from 'ol fire breath himself., the Japs really know how to tear up the town!! Bass on the tape is too tinny most of the time and the guitar is just a low, grating buzz...still, death metal heads will probably think these guys are killer, if just for the gutter growls...Contact: Far East Distribution, 234 Alderson Ave., Garden Grove, Ca. 92640

From: Jennie Jowsey, INTERNET:bj161@freenet.Buffalo.EDU
To: Underground Records, 74777,3354
Date: Tue, Jan 30, 1996, 2:36 PM

Hope everybody is enjoying this wonderful winter we're having. Could
somebody please tell me why it has to be so f----- cold?! To warm things
up a bit in '96 we have our first appearance at The Fun House on Abbot
Rd. in Lackawanna. As you might know we've been recording a lot of new
material for a planned late summer/early fall release under our original name
Gods Children.
Yea that's right, you read correctly, as of summer '96 we will once again be
known as the Almighty God's Children!!
If any of you have cable, try and catch the made for HBO movie Hard
Justice, it features two God's Children songs and is playing in Jan. and
Feb. For those of you in Boston and Philadelphia, we'll be coming through
your town soon. So all you kids better eat your Wheaties and get lots of sleep
because we're back, stronger then ever and there's nothing you can do to stop us!!

Upcoming Shows:
Thurs. 2/1 The Fun House (abbot Rd., Lackawanna, NY)
Fri. 2/2 Baker Street Cafe (Lockport Rd., Niagara Falls, NY)
Sat. 2/3 Kendzie's (w/The Snot Rockets) (Lockport, NY)
Fri. 2/9 Shark Club (Niagara Falls, NY)
Sat. 2/24 Evening Star (Niagara Falls, NY)
Thurs. 2/29 Unc's (Niagara Falls, NY)


Sat. 3/2 Kendzie's (w/Pittscurgh's Ashes to Ashes) (Lockport, NY)
Fri. 3/8 Shark Club (Niagara Falls, NY)
Thurs. 3/21 Unc's (Niagara Falls, NY)
Sat. 3/30 Evening Star (Niagara Falls, NY)

As always, the record is out there ...

                            D.I.O. Records
        734 East Market Street, Niagara Falls, New York 14301
                        Phone: (716) 285-4368
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Our internet service has changed and now we offer much more. We are now
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wide web site for all the latest announcements of Corpqii Arts projects!
Point your web browser to and check
out our online catalog, audio clips of recent projects, and discographies,
and other artist information. Right now the Corpqii Arts Homepage is VERY
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hope to add cover art for all the cassette releases and artist pictures.
We will also ramdomly be changing the downloadable audio clips. So, check
it out now, but check back every so often for new features!
Graveyard Cafe's "Afterlifestyles" is just been released on the new R.M.I.
Mind/Body Volume 3 double CD compilation of industrial and electronic music
done by artists connected to the internet. The double CD set covers
everything from ambient to experimental to industrial dance. Write us for
more information on obtaining this compilation or check out the link to the
Mind/Body WWW site from the Corpqii Arts Homepage over the internet. This is
Graveyard Cafe's second appearance on the series. All tracks on the Mind/Body
series must first be voted on by a panel of judges before they make it to
the finished double CD set, so you know your always getting the best of
the tracks.
Yes, we are hoping to have our print catalog available as soon as all the
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