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Loop Guru - Duniya
Slip - Abandoned
Nero's Rome - Togetherly
Suspects - The Suspects
Acid King - Zoroaster
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Tues. April 9 Baltimore MD, 8X10
Wed. April 10 Richmond VA, Skip or Twisters
Thurs. April 11 Greensboro NC
Fri. April 12 Nashville TN
Sat. April 13 Memphis, TN
Sun. April 14 Birmingham, AL, 5 Points South or The Nick
Mon. April 15 Atlanta, GA, The Wreck Room
Tues. April 16 Talahassee, FL
Wed. April 17 Tampa, FL
Thurs. April 18 West Palm Beach, FL
Fri. April 19 Orlando, FL
Sat. April 20 Jacksonville, FL
Sun. April 21 Savanah, GA, Axis OR
                 Augusta, GA, Squeakies
Mon. April 22 Columbia, SC, Rock-A-Fellas
Tues. April 23 Wilmington, NC
Wed. April 24 VA Beach
Thurs. April 25 Washington, DC, 930 Club
Fri. April 26 Philly, PA, Trocodero
Sat. April 27 NYC
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dEUS Drug Bust


Concerning the arrest of Tom and Craig:

They were arrested in Hacienda, a notorious little club in Antwerp that is
one of the places from a certain scene known for it's banging houseparties
and especially afterparties. It's not exactly a public secret these kind of
clubs are visited by people using drugs (but then, who cares..). It's a
little place (100 persons maximum) and that special night or we could better
say morning, there was a party given by some guys. It was around 10-11 in
the morning the police did a razia. And when you know the belgian boyz in
blue, you wont be surprised to know there were lots of them (more than there
were visitors at least), and all in battledress, with loudspeakers and a lot
of other intimidating attributes.... kinda funny to see!
These cops were kinda annoyed by the fact that Tom who had found himself a nice
blond babe didn't exactly pay attention to this razzia and kept on
'talking' to this great blondino.
As it always goes everybody who had some kinda stuff (illegal stuff) on him
throwed it on the ground, so, it was no surprise a lot could be found on the
flour of the Hacienda that morning ;-)
Fact is, neither Tom or Craig had something on them. I know Tom personally,
and he isn't exactly a guy to walk around with 100gr coke (that's what the
boyz in blue are claiming), he's just too clever to do something like that,
you know. I wouldn't even know when he could do this, he always busy with
his music,...
Fact is that the cops didn't find the stuff on them, but on the ground
'near' them....
On top of all that there's some confusion about this coke. It was liquid,
and the belgian gouverment tends to think it's some kind of new liquid coke.
(This says a lot about them, doesn't it :-) ) No, actualy it was GHB, also
called Liquid X, the latest hype in the Antwerp underground scene. But then
again, it had nothing to do with Tom or Craig.

In the end, both the guys were released after a few hours of interrogation.
Normaly when you're caught with that much dope they put you in jail for
several weeks at least, so even the cops realised they had it wrong! But
the belgian press were tipped (probably by some frustrated cop who just has
something against guitars ;-) ) and several articles were published
describing Tom, Craig and dEUS as the next drugs-taking-dealing 'rock&roll'
scum. It even got in MTV-news, you can imagine...

Normaly a razia like this one doesn't get much attention (happens a lot in
belgium), but now there were some 'rock-stars' involved, so it kinda got
out of hand... Fact stays, Tom and Craig had nothing on them, so it's a
pitty, cause dEUS is getting a lot of negative publicity now.
Musickness, dEUS management is considering legal steps to clear dEUS's name....

will be continued when more info reaches my ears.... ;-)




More facts concerning the arrest of Tom and Craig:

Humour goes, they are charged for "distributing a new kind of drugs, they
can get because of their big international contacts!".

This is straight ridiculous!!

I know for a fact that it wasn't liquid coke, but GHB, you can find a lot of
info in sites like 'Hyperreal' and 'E is for Xtc', GHB is also known as
Liquid X.

It isn't illegal in belgium, it's so new it's not in the law yet. You can
order it through mailorder in Holland and UK. There was some
commercial publicity in a dutch dance-mag called Basic Groove which can be
found in Belgian mag-shops. In the UK they even sell this GHB in Sex-shops.
There were 20 little bottles found near Tom with approx 5 ml in each. So 5
* 20 makes 100, and stupid cops think it's liquid coke, so Tom was carrying
100 gr of Coke :-))))))))))

No, I know for a fact they had nothing to do with the GHB, they had not
it on them. They are NOT drugdealers, they are too smart to do such a
thing, they have too much to loose, and the only thing that is of their
interest is making music.

to be continued when more info reaches my ears.


Hello everyone,

Who gives a fuck anyway if someone takes coke or XTC or smoke?
Everybody has the right to do what he wants. But when you're famous, you are
always on the spotlight : what is he doing, what kind of drugs does he take,
sex and drugs and rock'n roll... What a beautiful cliche.
Nowadays, everyone has a little illegal sin, so what?
We appreciate their music. And that's the most important thing in fact.
The press has often a perverse effect on famous poeple. Everyone knows it. Let's
not forget it and maybe not always trust what's written in the press.
Well, have a good day everybody and have fun...


(not the heliport or the port authority...)

Happy VD you disease ridden zlatko.

    the final installment on the acucrack album will be completed tomorrow.
it is definately titled "TERRITORY=UNIVERSE" and ethan says its good. our
friends and enemies at fifth plan to release it on or about
march 12 and attempt to distribute it through caroline. id like to be the
first to inform you that the record will contain a CD ROM track at the END
of the disk. we found it distressing that you would have to actually move
the stylus in order to skip the first song, which contained the CD ROM
info, as was the case with all CD's containing this extra treat. a recent
technological breakthrough (is that true?) will allow the crack to place
their slice of cyberfun and games at the rear of the plane, where you will
find the emergency exit and nuts. HOWEVER, we kind of forgot to label this
track on the album jacket, so tell all your friends, its TRACK 11!!

     we hope to be on the choad again soon with a slew of new material and
merchandise to whore your way. hopefully we'll be out in late spring,
somewhere near your crotch of the woods.

     finally, dont forget to watch very closely for the media explosion
that will accompany the
release of Reconstrictions "IRON LUNG CORP" record, available in spring.
this hush hush project, a collaboration between acumen and the ridiculous
claypeople, will be available as a 7-inch only, so call Chase and reserve
your copy now before its too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ethan, is that all?

-yes it is. flyball... caught.

okay. buy IMEAN bye as in bye bye see ya not buy buy the record please.

-the crackwhores
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You may also choose to email your information to Underground Records at, please include your email address and Underground
Records will contact you once the inforamtion has been received.


Here is a list of our 1996 releases. Some highlights are Joe Gallant's
Illuminati "Blues for Allah", the Don Byron Quintet live at the Knitting
Factory, Suck Pretty's queer-core masterpiece "3 Heads", and the DJ Spooky
mix "Necropolis". Remember, release dates are subject to change.

Jan 23
        KFW 176 Thomas Chapin Trio - Menagerie Dreams
Smokin' jazz by the tightest combo on the circuit today. With Mario Pavone
on bass and Michael Sarin on drums.
        KFW 182 X-Legged Sally - The Land of the Giant Dwarves
X-Legged Sally explores experimental rock with an eye towards Zappa and a
tendency to jam.
        KFW 163 New & Used - Consensus
The 2nd CD from the jazz supergroup of Dave Douglas, Kermit Driscoll, Mark
eldman, Andy Laster, & Tom Rainy.
        KFW 174 Charles Gayle - Testaments
A deeply personal expression of Gayle's feelings. Features Michael
Wimberly on drums and Wilber Morris on bass.

        KFW 179 Hooker/Ranaldo/Parkins - The Gift of Tongues
Three improvisers in their continuing mission to explore new noise, seek
out new ways to make feedback, and go where no musicians have gone before.
Hooker is joined by Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo and Zeena Parkins on
        KFW 183 Myth Science - Love in Outer Space
The groove-based interstellar music of Sun Ra brought back to earth by this
Downtown bar band.

Mar 19
        KFW 185 DJ Spooky - Necropolis: The Dialogic Project
DJ Spooky produced this compilation of New York DJs that crosses the
boundaries of ambient, dub, trip-hop, house, noise, hip-hop, and noise.
Under Spooky's visionary direction, these artists are pushing boundaries
that few have explored.

KFW 180 Prima Materia w/ Rashied Ali - Coltrane's Meditation
The second KFW release from a band dedicated re-injecting life into
important jazz masterpieces. This dynamic live recording is the first
modern cover of Trane's extended masterpiece Meditations.

April 23
        KFW 196 Kiss My Jazz
Guitarist of the Belgian band dEUS Rudy Trouv and his crew tell the world
what to do with their musical lips.
        KFW 181 Suck Pretty - 3 Heads
The coolest Queer rockers in New York - great hooks and the Suck Pretty
philosophy of life.

May 21
        KFW 188 Joe Gallant's Illuminati - Blues For Allah

Gallant's amazing big band arrangements of this classic Grateful Dead album
are the first ever "formal" recordings of the Dead's music. With Tom
Constanten, David Gans, Bob Bralove, and many others.

        KFW 195 What is Jazz? 1996
A sampler featuring artists from the 1996 What Is Jazz? Festival - the
biggest one ever.

June 18 "What is Jazz? Month"
        KFW 191 Don Byron - Live at the Knitting Factory
Taking the clarinet to new places has made Elektra recording artist Don
Byron the most sought after player in New York today. This live set will
feature Marvin "Smitty" Smith and his new band.
        KFW 176 Thomas Chapin Trio + Strings
Today's hottest jazz combo augmented by a cello, violin, and bass. A lush
recording of Chapin's music.
        KFW 173 Mark Dresser - Invocations
Always searching for new sounds, Mark Dresser has broadened the expressive
potential of the bass for this solo CD

July 16
        KFW 184 Andrea Parkins Cast Iron Fact
Three young players rip through some outside jazz compositions. Piano,
accordion, sax, & drums by Andrea Parkins, Briggan Krauss, & Kenny

Aug 20
        KFW 189 By Any Means
Charles Gayle, William Parker and Rashied Ali - three modern masters
exploring the roots of free jazz.

        KFW 194 Steven Bernstein's Sex Mob
Slide trumpet master from the Lounge Lizards leads his own group.
Influences come and go like you can't believe.
        KFW 178 Briggan Krauss
Briggan Krauss recently moved from Seattle to New York and is already the
sax player everyone is talking about. Krauss is a member of Myth Science,
The Andrea Parkins Trio, Sex Mob, Wayne Horvitz's Pigpen, and Babkas.
        KFW 180 Gary Lucas - The Golem
Called "the guitarist of 1,000 ideas," Lucas consistently takes the guitar
to new places. The music (playable on any CD player) will be joined with a
full length version of the film viewable on a CD-ROM computer or H.D. CD
        KFW 177 Charles Gayle - Harlem Betrayed
More from the free jazz master.
        KFW 190 Prima Materia w/ Rashied Ali - Albert Ayler's Bells
Outside melodies float through this intense music Ali learned during his
stint in Ayler's touring band.
        KFW 186 Laurie Galluccio - Being Visited
A surreal brew of sung, spoken, and chanted texts mingle with deconstructed
music on Laurie's debut recording.
        KFW 192 Hasidic New Wave
rank London of the Klezmatics combines crazy outside blowing with intense
Klezmer, rock, and jazz melodies into the New Wave of Jewish music.

Knitting Factory Works
74 Leonard St
New York, NY 10013
tel 212-219-3006
fax 212-219-3401

Knitting Factory Amsterdam
Bloemgracht 20/2e
1015 TJ Amsterdam, NL
tel +31.20.420.3658
fax +31.20.639.2245
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China Rose
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JOAN OSBORNE: The Stories Behind The Songs

What WAS she thinking.....


WASHINGTON DC Residents---be sure to save a night for the RockWeb Jams--the
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 Place: Lulu's Cafe, 23rd & M N.W.
  Date: February 29th--Leap Year Day
  Time: The music kicks off at 10 and doesn't stop until 2.

Ticket and band info can be found on-line at

Gotta go...Peace.


Terminus....hmmmm....another heavy metal band I thought when I received this
in the mail. So I put it in just to take a listen. I was actually intrigued
by this because there are only three guys in the band. They have an
interesting way of using different sounds in the music, but yes it is heavy
metal intertwined with industrial. I do have to say you can understand the
lyrics. I really have to give it a plus for Up & Coming music.

Terminus consists of:
Peter Johnson - Bass, vocals, programming
Matt Luque - Guitar
Derek Norberg - Guitar, programming

Influences consist of:
Voivod, Neurosis (GODS! Only slightly less awesome than King Diamond),
Fear Factory, Ministry,NIN, Jesus Lizard, Primus, Metallica, Black Sabbath
(does this give you any indication of what the music sounds like?)

Here is what the information that they sent me had to say:
Terminus was formed in 1992 by Derek Norber (guitar) and Peter Johnson
(bass/vocals), with the purpose of creating an orginal sound that would brek
new ground while staying true to their roots of speed/thrash metal. From the
beginning, their objective has been to create the best music that they
possibly could while avoiding the stereo typical cliches that have killed so
many other bands.

Terminus incorporates heavy, dark guitar textures with mechanized industrial
samples and squences. Their newest release, Victim Culture, is a self
produced effort that shows the band exploring the combinations of texture and
sound that have so long interested them. The band is not concerned with
guitar pyrotechnics and ego indulgence: textures and dissonance are the
primary melodic focus. There is not a live drummer with the band. All
percussion consists of metallic hits and polyrhythmic loops that are
sequenced by the band and played back live during performances.

Lyrically, the band focuses on their bleak vision of the human condition.
 The themes of their work invariably center on the individual and the need
for personal integrity. The condemnation of media thought control (Words),
the strength of the individual's convictions in the face of overwhelming
opposition (Purest), and the inevitable betrayal of trust by fair weather
friends (Etched In My Scars), are all facets of these deeply held beliefs.

Terminus has recently added a second guitartis to their lineup. Matt luque
has only been with the band a short time, but has already made a significant
contribution and will be playing with them in their upcoming gigs. With this
latest creative addition, the band has broken through to new musical ground,
and is eagerly preparing for a series of gigs this summer and fall.

Terminus goals are to remain true to their art and to continue exploring the
boundaries of their musical expression with no outside limitations. To this
end the band is in the process of building its unforeseen occurrences,
Terminus should begin preparations for an EP to be recorded in late
fall/early winter.

The band hopes that the Victim Culture CD will help them attract management,
legal representation, and either a recording or distribution contract.

Fanmail/booking and sample trading info:
Anyone that is interested in joing their FREE mailing list can do so by
contacting them at:
PO Box 1553
Pacifica, CA 94044-6553

Voicemail: (415) 634-9765
Contact either: Peter Johnson or Derek Norberg
FTP: direcotry: /pub/te/terminus

They have promotional materials (gig dates, newletters, bios, etc) available
at their FTP site.
The 3 song demo CD is available for 1.00 or equivalent postage just contact
them at the above. (Go ahead check it out)

The Cool Sense

The tape that these guys sent to me consists of 5 songs kind of mellow, poppy
and heavy keyboards really kind of eighties sounding, lyrically it's well
thought out. Well, give it a listen to judge for yourself.

The info they sent had to say this:

"Meet The Cool Sense, a relatively young group of musicians who have put
together an impressive collection of songs on a demo entitled 'Sensible'...
As a whole The Cool Sense work well together and should appeal to anyone who
is into well thought out alternative music..." (Kenneth Morton, Highwire Daze

Drawing on influences such as Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), The
smiths, U2, Rush, and Midnight Oil, The Cool Sense have come into their own
stylistically. Founder Scott Yuen, taking the advice of pen pal Andrew
McCluskey (of OMD), formed a musically sound unit of gifted soungwriters.
 Starting in the coffee houses and college campuses of Northern California,
The Cool Sense soon established itself in San Jose by playing as many shows
as were available and nearly selling out of its first demo, "Sensible".

Seeking to expand its fan base, The Cool Sense traveled south to Los Angeles,
drawing well over tow hundred people at The Roxy in Hollywood. Promoter
Brian Markovich, of MEG Entertainment deemed the performance "phenomenal".
 Markovich later promoted a second show at Th Whiskey.

Despite offers for the band to return to LA, including television interview
offers and "Break" hitting an underground top ten, The Cool Sense have opted
to stay in San Jose this summer and finish recording a second demo, "Distance
and Time," containing more recent material. The band is also interested in
greating a large buzz in the San Jose and San Francisco area, which it has
started by playing regularly in San Jose, including shows at The Cacus Club,
and on July 5th to the overpacked town of Los Gatos (to Brazillian World Cup
fans after the big game between U.S. and Brazil), as well as a number of
local coffee houses and bars.

The cool Sense is planning another small LA visit for the summer of '95 to
play a few venues with The Autumns, longtime frieds of the band, and an
increasing popular LA band.

Paul Cingolani, a veteran jaz bass player, lays down the moving, complex,
catchy bass lines in the songs. He also provides the crystal voice of the
band. Greg Randuch has been hailed as one of the up and coming drummers in
the LA music scene. His ability to provide complex, danceable, yet rocky
rhythms, as well as his use of percussive pads mixed in with an acoustical
drum kit is one of the reasons The Cool Sense rocks the way it does. Emi
Yamaya washes over the rhythm section with synthesized keyboards, using the
latest in modern technology and creativity style of playing. Yuen's
stylistic imaginative flair on the guitar is the final piece that melds The
Cool Sense into a solid, wholesome-sounding band.

The Cool Sense combines inspiring lyrics, extensive use of keyboards, and a
rocking rhythm section to create an atmospheric sound.

Contact info:
for a tape send $6.00 US/$7.00 Canada check or money order to:
Scott Yuen
6916 Dartmoor Way
San Jose, CA 95129

Mailing list:
Call toll free 1-800-418-7027

Song samples available at the web site at:

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Underground Sound c/o Underground Records
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Vermona: HE003
  Vermona are like a cosmic trip through a conclave of soundscape images.
Rumbling ambient feedback, digital loops, subsonic beats...Vermon consists
of Ingmar Koch (Walker for Air Liquide), Thomas Thorn of X-911, and Pierrot
Premier of Harvest and manager of Cologne Germany's 42 D.P. Club. This
is fine electronic trance groove type stuff from the fatherland. You might get
long in the mix somewhere along the way, winding up in a hallucination
consisting of reverb and telepathic bombast....There is also a little jungle influence
here, keeping your feet in a slow glide accross the dancefloor...Really cool stuff!!
Contact: Home Entertainment, 241 Lafayette Street, NY, NY...Distributed
by Caroline and available through UGR......

Various Artists: Three A.D.
  Waveform Records out of Sedona AZ is shaping up as one of the finest Ambient/
Electro labels on the planet...This compilation is a superb electronic feast with
cuts from Real Life (Shark Infested), Higher Intelligence Agency (Skank), Sounds
From The Ground (Drawn To The Woman), A Positive Life (Lighten Up), Another
Fine Day (In 7), Coldcut (Sign), Space Time Continuum (Oracle), Insanity Sect
(Solar Prophet), and The Starseeds (Regina From The Future)...The sounds are
wide, the textures deep and nicely layered....The finer cuts are from Real Life and
Sounds from the ground..Another Fine Day's cut has a caribbean flavor, Coldcut's
"Sign" has some spacial spoken word parts with a zodiac R&B twist...the only real let
down is the Higher Intelligence Cut, which is kinda disjoined, but you can do much
worse...Insanity Sect's relaxing "Solar Prophet takes you through the worm hole into
neighboring galaxies, then The Starseeds close the disc with a spooky flotation on the
face of passion creation...Nice choice of cuts and mixes: Contact Waveform via Backroads
Music 1-800-767-4748

Sun Demons: Now Is The Time EP
  NYC's The Sun Demon's remind me of a mix between Iggy & early Thin Lizzy, just
leave the metal part out...This band is made up of seasoned veterans in the true underground
punk scene before the metropolitan surge virtually ensured damnation in the mid 1980's.
They come back strong on this 4 song EP throwing out songs that have no stupid hooks,
just unaffected guitars and strong steady drumming. This EP has a place in any punk
collector's bin, then too it's not so much punk as good rock n roll, because everyone
who has some brain cells left understands that punk saved what was left of Rock N Roll
when metal dropped the ball and MTV decided it had "heralded" the "new" generation
(what kind of Bozo's do they think we are!?!?). Strongest cuts on this EP are I'll
Come Running (an old Brian Eno cut) and Stone Wide Wall...but really all four songs
kick ass, it's well worth your time to contact these guys: Loutish Records, POB 262,
Old Chelsea Station, NYC 10011

Paradise Lost: draconian times
  I thought, was this the new Metallica record? It's a little more sinister and gothic than
anything James & the boys have turned out in a while..this is metal that makes no
pretense, taking you from powerchord gild to staccato stun attack in a matter of a double
bass click. This recording comes to us from Music for Nations, which for years in
the 1980's turned out some of the newest most impressive metal...good to see the label
is back via Relativity, the latter being the pinnacle of the metal world with World Domination
and Metal Blade pumping out a new generation of metal keeping the fire not only alive, but
consuming the weak and worthless wild eyes boys left in the wake of the hair band demise.
Enchantment is a great cut, and Hands Of Reason will have the hammers pumping. Man
does this sound like Hetfield singing though, but then homeage should be paid to the
Master of Puppets!! Distributed by Relativity, get it straight from Underground......

Bullhead Clap: From Over Yonder
  Sonic funk groovemasters Bullhead Clap keep the beasty tradition alive and spinnin
here on our screwed up local Atlanta scene (what? Is isn't screwed where you live!!).
Robert Elhers slappin poppin bass highlights a tight set from Bullhead with Mark Stockl's
guitar grinding and groovin right in sync with Chris Langley's snarehead crunchin
drums. Vocalist Jason Deems is in there, in time, givin' you the gospel of the street beat.
There are no pretty leads or hip-hop dullness on this record, just four homies
kickin beats through the ozone. The recordings on this CD have been out for a while,
but still refreshes and let's you know that the West Coast ain't the only place to trade
revelation for revolution. Killers include Higher Level & title cut...Contact:
Dryden Entertainment, POB 723477, Atlanta, GA 31139 770-579-0380

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