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for Cybercafe in North Georgia (Adairsville).

Currently business has a deli and convenience/ record store.  
Gasoline sales possible.  Need Partner with $5,000 to invest in computer equipment,
stock & to work 40 hour weeks..will split corporate ownership and
profit 50-50%..

Contact Todd at 770-769-90126  or return to this email address

OK...I'm back editing the Underground Sound.....hopefully someone has the guts
out there to step up and take the opportunity to refill these shoes with new flesh....I've
got too much to do already!!!

Anyone interested in becoming the editor of the Underground Sound ezine, you know
where to inquire:::::770-769-9126 or


Visit the official Dutch SYRENADE homepage at:
Visit the official Dutch My Brother Jake homepage at:


San Diego Gothic/Industrial Online -

Ahh.. so are you looking what is going on in San Diego County that has to
do with the underground Gothic/Industrial dark music scene?

- Find out what concerts and events are happening..

- Talk with people in San Diego about the local scene, on one of our three
  mailing lists.

- Find out local clothing and record store where you can find those hidden
  treasures you have always been looking for.

- Catch up on local labels such as re-contriction, subnation, panhand or
  vinyl communications.

- Local bands such as Sweat Engine, Cruciform, Silent Order, Fatal Blast
  Whip, The Secular and others.

- Local Clubs as Room 13, Therapy, Soil, Underworld and more..

- Attend Online Community events such as bonfires, coffee house meetings,
  massage and bowling contests..

For all the action in San Diego Online, check
San Diego Gothic/Industrial Online Community, your gateway to all thats
Gothic/Industrial in San Diego County!, the bookmark that will keep you current!


We are a sound, lighting and video production company located in
Gilbert, Minnesota. If you have upcoming shows in the midwest that
require sound, lighting or video production check us out!

Our web page lists some of the clients we have worked with:


Bob Cap


Introducing SPECIMENX.COM, home of the Norwell/Scituate Massachusetts based
progressive rock band, Specimen-X! The band is quite unique, with its members combining
their individual talents to create a signature brand of unpredictable electric rock - their sound
knows no boundaries, with their repetoire of original songs including progressive and industrial
selections, sensual ballads, rivetting hard rock, and razor sharp metal thrash - there is no label
that could possibly summarize such a diverse sound. Visit the website, join us, and
enter Specimen-X Online, where you can find plenty of information on the band, pictures,
show dates, booking information, music samples, and much more!


Advertise in the Underground Sound:::::::::::::::


Hello Bedazzled faithful!

We've put together a little holiday contest for all of you in net-land.  
Check out our site at, find the hidden link
(more info on the home page), and you might just win a copy of our brand
new ultra-limited-edition CD (only 500 copies, numbered).

It will never be sold, either through mail order or in stores, so don't
miss your chance to win a copy.  What exactly is it, you ask?  Well,
here's a hint:  it's a quite delicious holiday pop confection...something
to listen to while trimming the tree and stuffing your face with santa
cookies. :-)

Good luck...and happy holidays from Bedazzled!!!

Robert A. Wyatt
Bedazzled Records
Indie Pop Heaven!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ has been updated!

2 new tour dates have been added!
New pic's have been added from Freak Magnets latest live broadcast on =
WNTH 88.1

Hope you all come out and see us in December!

Freak Magnet
Email us at:


Dear Surf & Groover,

Holy smokes, 1997 is nearly history. Let's enjoy it while we still can . .

NEW YEAR's - Join us in the ultra-swanky HiBall Lounge in North Beach for
the Third Annual Swami-New-Year Celebration. As always, tickets include
champagne and mischief. Only two years till our computers all blow up, so
why not party down now? Call the HiBall for tickets at (415) 39-SWING
(usually sells out 2 weeks in advance).

Jan 2nd (Friday) TIKI-PALOOZA for the SF FOOD BANK at Bimbo's 365 Club with
Saturn V and Special Guest, in the Big Room. For many of us, the holidays
bring laughter, joy, and pigging out. Unfortunately, not everyone's so
fortunate -- on the pigging part. So we're dedicating San Francisco's First
Big Show of 1998 to the SF Food Bank. It's this easy: we'll have barrels
set up inside the door. Bring one measly can of food, and you'll be FEEDING
SOMEONE for a DAY! Bring 6 cans (or packages), and you get a FREE SWAMIS
CD! Bring a whole grocery bag, and you'll feel like Mother Theresa swiggin
that first martini while the Saturn V and Orbit take the stage. Our goal:
collect enough food to fill the trunk and back seat of Eric's '64 GTO. Have
you ever seen the trunk on one of those things?! Bring FOOD! Clear out the
back of your cupboards! Get your tickets through BASS, or call Bimbo's
direct at 474.0365. see ya there.

Thanks to all the Nectars and Repeat Offenders out there who keep coming
back for more. We'll keep making every show a unique experience -- so
someday you can tell somebody, "Oh, man, that Bimbo's show in January 98?
Like I was THERE, man."  Also thanks to all our website visitors - over
3,000 and counting!

Need a Swamis fix? Here are the coolest radio stations in the country, and
not just because they play the Swamis. Give 'em a ring if you like, and
request your favorite surf & groove:
KUSF/San Francisco (415) 751-KUSF
KALX/East Bay (510) 642-5259
KOFX/Oakland  (510) 436-5639
KFJC/Los Altos (650) 941-2500
KXLU/Los Angeles (310) 338-2866
KOOP/Austin (512) 472-5667
WREK/Atlanta (404) 894-2468
WDIY/PA (610) 694-8100
WOUI/Chicago (312) 567-3088

happy holidays -- rum & eggnog,

- your Swamis


Its Hot!  Its New!  Its Here!
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Rhythmicity, Inc. brings Top 40 Countdown to the Internet.  At , Internet users can listen to the most
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Rhythmicitys contribution to the World Wide Web is the Internets
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Anyone who likes music will love this web site.
Visit for your taste of tunes.


Hey Music Fans!


the ultimate guide to music news on the web.

The world wide web has always offered more than
conventional media when it comes to up to the minute
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Almost every major music company and publication is
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information sites. So much to experience, so little time.
The fact that internet bandwidth is clogged up doesn't help
the quest for information either.

Hence, the MusicNewswire. Daily, the site gathers the top news
stories from all the best music sites on the web and neatly
displays them for users. Pick a story that interests
you and link directly to that site to read it.

Sources include:

550 Records, A & M Records, Addicted To Noise, Allstar,
Atlantic Records, BBC Radio 1, BMI, BMS NewsOnline,
Billboard, Boston Phoenix, Blues and Soul, Chart Attack,
CNN, College Music Journal, Columbia Records, Concert
Direct, Country Now, Dot Music, E! Online, TheEnews, Epic
Records, Gavin, Hollywood Reporter, Jam! Music, JAMtv, Live
Daily!, MovieTunes, MTV, MuchMusic, Music Connection,
Nettwerk Records, New Music Express, Performance Magazine,
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 The latest edition of the Underground Sound Webzine is up!!!

See It At:


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*                  P.O. BOX 50450                          *
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*                 ATHENS, HELLAS (GR)                      *
*                                                          *
*             CONTACT ICQ NUMBER 2740511                   *        
*            E-MAIL:                  *
*                        *

Hi, are you a guitarist?  If you'd like to receive free info
about guitar sites just reply to this message and you will
IGN's Site of the month is

This is a unique guitar method that guarantees to improve your guitar
playing. The web page has some free guitar exercises. Check it out !

<A HREF="">


The NUTZHORN  FESTIVAL webpages have been updated
and I have redesigned them to enable you to better refer to the
information that pertains specifically to you by linking according to

This will save you time in periodically referring to the updates about the
touring festival.

The Webpage which you may have book marked before, located at is now the index page.

Please take a look at the updates.


Bill Shefte, President
Gold Leaf Productions, Inc.
Bill Shefte, President                          Ph/Fax:   704/339-0775
Gold Leaf Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 12042
Charlotte, N.C.  28220-2042

PLEASE ADD A LINK to our index page located at or the NUTZHORN FESTIVAL page located
 ......Thanks!          :)


__dataclub______________________________ 3244    1401 yverdon     switzerland


The Christmas Issue of SEEN magazine
is now
on the streets  (dist. Durham region)
and on the web...

Features include:
**Mike Hall - From the metal sounds of the Killer Dwarfs to good old blues
roots, Hall has done it all.
**Nick Boothman- Durham's NLP Guy?  Curious?
**Blue Rodeo - Tour Special
**Paul James - Official Web Site -

Reviews include:
        Maureen Brown
        Brakin' Tradition
        House of Velvet

Also -
* Your Letters * Holiday Recipes * Opinions on Xmas * Buy & Sell * Facts on
Xmas *  Trivia Contest *

Thank You - to the thousands of folks who visited last
issue... come again.

Stay Tuned To SEEN... and be seen.
Your Synergetic Education Entertainment Network.
Special Feature*****BLUE RODEO *****Virtual Tour with Greg Campbell
WWW.SEEN.COM - Join Today and Be Seen ... In SEEN.
ZONA CANADA Cultural Research & Development  WWW.ZONA.ON.CA
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Do-it-Yourself zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
ZONA Radio > CKWR 98.7FM >Wednesday -10:30PM -Bookings Call 519-579-8301
ZONA Office > 905-623-7508    24 hr fax - (905) 721-9710
ZONA Mail > c/o K.Ingleton. 3170 Liberty St. N. Bowmanville,Ont.CAN. L1C4N7

        The newest and hottest news from Singapore HC label is that they've
just signed a deal with Strange Culture Records. Strange Culture will be
releasing THE JABS ep on casssette in Malaysia. This is a first time a deal
between these two labels, which means, they have worked together for the
sake of the scene.
        Distributors should still get in touch with Straits c/o Khalid at
Blk 225, #02-58,
Pasir Ris St 21,
Singapore 510225

thank you. Or email me. thanks.
Other big news include : ................................................
Good luck and best wishes with your love, Khalid. From The LIONCITY CREW.


I just wanted to drop a line to everyone that is interested in the Metal
scene in to have a look at the Ground Floor. A site that lists
not only venues around the country that book metal, but also radio
stations that are willing to play unsigned groups.

So if your looking to get a gig, send your demos to radio stations, or
looking for a place to go when your out of town. Go to the Ground Floor



A bunch of us Long Island kids put on a benefit show for ABC no Rio tonight.
The folks there were told in advance we would be doing so. We raised some money
for them.

However, no one from the ABC no Rio crew even called back to ask about (or
acknowledge) the show, like where it was or who was playing. None of them came
to see the show, promote other ABC no Rio shows, or even inform ANYONE there
(mostly younger L.I. kids who have never been there) about what ABC does or why
it exists or what they are doing politically or artistically. It was a fucking
disgrace that we went through all this work to help them (we could have just
done it as a normal show with local bands and spared the money raised to get a
good sound system and pay the bands- instead we "tightened the belt" so that
there would be more money for a place that needs to keep existing- at least I
usually think so.

This is your last chance, ABC people: If none of you contact us and make an
effort to make your presence known out here on LI, then we are going to assume
you DON'T GIVE A SHIT about the kids here and thus we will not give a shit
about you. We will give the money we raised to a local Food not Bombs or an
animal shelter or both, because it might as well go somewhere where it is

-Artie Philie (Milhouse. Worm Collapse. MDFP. the Black People.)
p.o. box 184, Babylon, NY 11702
"Why must I always deal with non-entities?" -Adolph Hitler


We Will Fall (Iggy Pop Tribute)
Whitecaps - The Endless Bummer
Obey Bizar - Power Stomp
Sevensoft - Report
Texas Terri & The Stiff Ones - Demo

(Royalty Records RTY106)

Usually, trubutes don't do shit for me...the original is always better.  This still holds true, but this fuckin' Iggy Pop Tribute damn rules!!!  The songs chosen are the finest Iggy had in with the Stooges, and a few incarnate, plus the bands on this disc rip the tunes ripe n raw, in true Iggy Pop fashion.  I can't stand the #4 cut, Adolph's Dog doing Ordinary Bummer, cause it's like la-la-land in a landmine field, like what-the-fuck, blast this shit....Look, the other 19 songs are great...Joey Ramones kicks off a tarry sounding' "1969" with an older Red Hot Chili Peppers lineup via Frusciante partying down with "Search And Destroy", definitely high style....Joan Jett does a great power version of "Real Wild Child", cool to hear Joan still rockin' it, unlike some of her peers...oh shit then here's that damn Dog song, anyway......This disc slams into high octane mode when the Misfits tear up "I Got A Right" and Monster Magnet's version of "Gimme Daner" is so garage authentic you'll have tears in your eyes as they glass over in salute; then,

HOLY SHIT! NY Loose delivers a totally awesome slam on "Lust For Life"'s about here in the disc you begin to realize, if you're a dumbass and don't know,  Iggy Pop has written some the greatest music and lyrics on this planet and this motherfucker LOVES to PARTY!!!  If he didn't write some of these songs, 'cause a few aren't Igg's, he damn well made them what they are........Pansy Division takes over with "Loose" getting it ready for Lunkachicks to cruise as "The Passenger" getting the blood to flow to out reaching extremeties in preparation for one of those Iggy goes "PoP" nights....'cause Superdrag glides through "1970" like it was sweet hash butter, making you fuzzy and warm all for the ride home.  Nada Surf kicks up wiht "I'm Sick Of You", definite heart-felt, emotional and sincere, let me tell you, I ain't shittin' I could call my X 'ol lady, play that tune and it'd say it all!!!

Blanks 77 keep the party tight and kickin with aloose version of "Funtime" and D-Generation's "I Got Nothing" is the fuckin' theme song for the hardworkin' American these days, not a damn thing to say and nothing you can do about it.  What is the big trip on this record overall is that the majority of the bands really cop a good mix on blending Iggy's character into authentic tributes. It's pretty amazing, fuck yeah it is. Jayne County brings the word nasty back with a vengence on a groovin' cut on "Down On The Street/ Little Doll", the pervert song from Hell!!  Some say Iggy could only do it, but when you get on the same plane, you can see for miles, the direction is natural, you pump it hard. Hard?  Let me tell you fuckin' hard, hard is Sugar Ray's diss on "Cold Metal", I play this tune as loud as I can whenever I decide to hell with it all, I simply wanna rock!!!

Pop could be tender, yet real, as Extra Fancy  proves with "Sell Your Love", hey there is no better way to be fulfilled, right?  Following is 7 Year Bitch taking back the 4-track with "Shake Appeal", it's almost as rough and wild as the original.  Now when you get to Bush Tetras "Sister Midnight" it is definitely time to drink plenty of fluids, preferably ones with large amounts of alcohol, cause after you have that dream about gettin' it on with your mama, Holy Bulls charge in with "TV Eye" and you know your gonna have to do him too, so get it up and as you spiral into darkness, don't forget the cum, and there's even Lenny Kaye doin' "We Will Fall" to help you there.

This is a great selection of Iggy Pop, a great tribute, even possibly the best tribute album I can remember, what memory those sessions with Iggy in the old days didn't erase for life!! Order from Underground Records, 6422 hwy 140 NW, Adairsville, GA 30103. 770-769-9126 $15.00

(Underground WD001)

Texas Teri is what's cool on the LA scene.  The two years of hell I recently spent in Los Angeles were occassionally made ok wherever Teri & her boys, affectionately called The Stiff Ones, would roar into a local club.  For the 90's Teri is the female Iggy Pop, but moreso, she is her own brand of real punk without bullshit labels and clitches.  Any Texas Teri show will bring out the best of anytown...the punks, the losers, the freaks, the criminals, the damned...I mean, literally you will not find a better bunch of folks slamming to the finest the west coast has to offer.

TT has plenty radio friendly stuff...well, I mean except for those stations, which are most stations, the fatcats haven't bought out to peddle their own cheap shit....take "Situation", it's got it all; drive, hooks, melody, just the right amount of guitar.....and for sure "Oh Yeah" is fine trailor park trash anthem stuff...."If Looks Could Kill" is Americana art in it's purest form...and of course when Terri screams she likes 'em raw, just like the meat she eats in "Cave Woman" gals and guys alike will fall in love.  Yes, go and see Texas Teri & The Stiff Ones, it's guarantted you'll have no problems getting it workin' after the show, if they don't throw your ass out of the club for workin' it during the show!!! Contact: The Stiff Ones, POB 3478, Hollywood, CA 90078-3478 or call Teri at 213-467-5801..tell 'em TW sent 'cha!!


Death Metal, Speed Metal, Grindcore...fuck it, if it's good it deserves to be called Heavy Metal, if it's not anygood it's bullshit.  Look at it like this, when you blow bucks on some shit, it outta blow yer mind, or at least make you get up and holler, or whip someone's ass for the hell of it.  "Powerstomp" from Charlotte, NC band Obey Bizar is great heavy metal, it will make you holler, whip someones ass and blow your mind, all for less denero than that cheap dope you've been coppin' on the corner.  Plus, in most civilized countries of the world, Powerstomp is legal.

Bob Wire heads up Obey Bizar on vocals, and besides the production on this disc being killer, he sings his metal so that you can hear what he's saying, not just like growls and groans, which plague too much good metal these days and alienates the world's best music from the masses.  Some may want to hear mozart with satan-fucking-dogs as the vocal track, but not most people will actually pay money to hear it. The heavy vocalist that can scream sing seems to have been forgotten, but Obey Bizar can say they have it. Then, Obey's music is really cool, lots of power chords, heavy bass, rippin' drums with elements of progression played to perfection.  Tom Berry's drums are an ode to the timekeeper, keeps 'em kickin 'n' lickin', like that virgin sleeze that's too eager to please it's in your face thrusting.

The band has put together a great DIY package on this CD/cassette release and are beginning to work regions around the world, so hopefully you'll be able to goad your local shop into supplying the Powerstomp, if they won't, get your shit from somewhere else, or even straight from the source.  

"Not Of Choice" is the lead-off track on the album, one that college metal radio eats up.  This leads into "Fishook", which could mean anything, but I think he's talkin' about fuckin' some fish up on a wild drunk...or maybe somethin' he was eatin' was fishy.  "Remember" screams out from the dead with memories better left hidden, once again, I feel something or someone is getting seriously fucked up.  OB do alot of slick changes, but not to the point of overkill.  Everyonce in a while it does sound like Godzilla getting an enema, but hell, everyone has to take a shit sometimes, you might need a little help dependin' on what you've been eatin and drinkin'.

"Pathetic Masses" is cool, makes it feel ok to want to fuck somebody up, because they are all so pathetic, apathetic and suck anyway.  Opening with a cool round of double basses and toms, it kicks like a wasted bitch then slides into a megaphone funk.  At the end it rides the snake into hell, comes out the other side playing guitar and bites your balls off.  The fuckin' pit will draw blood on this mother!

Obey Bizar don't waste time.  Their songs aren't long drawn out endless time changes.  The compositions tell of work to achieve a certain level of professionalism.  They aren't playing around too much.  Just enough though so you know they care about bullshit as much as you do. Only enough to grow the stuff right.  When it's ready tear it, rip its head off.  Fuck you Jimmy Crack Corn Motherfuckers!!

Contact: Obey Bizar (704) 399-6854 Order the stuff: CD $8.00 (ep), Cass $6.00  from Underground Records, 6422 Hwy 140 NW, Adairsville, GA 30103.


Sevensoft got the pop rock that melts in your mouth like candy.  A blend of alternative beats n groove with soft sex overtones fronted by two babes in the band.  The band isn't one-dimensional, yet it'd be cool to hear them cut some more rockers into the fix.  I don't mean they need more guitars, or some screaming, just jangle a little bit less.

Couple of cool songs on this disc, "on top" is about my personal favorite position (me on the bottom), and "wish" is about that wish we all have, kill this person, or kill me, just get me the fuck out of here one way or the other.  I like Sevensoft moreso because I've seen them live on the west coast a couple of times and they hold their own on any bill.  Of course, that was months ago, usually in that scene in LA you either get better, or you get lost.

CD (5 song EP) $6.00 from UGR


Far as punk rock blessed in traditional and originality, Fearless Records out of Westminister, California flies the flag high.  Most of their catalog seeps of underground, their products top notch.  I have yet to put on a Fearless record and get the fear of flying shit.

This Whitekaps record is traditional, with some old school kardcore nod, modern enough with melodic hooks, and don't care enough to make it real.  "I Won't Speak" is cool, especially as an opener.  Then there's "Girl in The Pit", where we all really want our women, slammin' it out after a 12 of lager.  "Lucky Strike" should be the "Oi!" single from the record, it's got all it takes for the works.  Of course it talks about booze, so there in itself you know I gotta love it!!!  That punk/metal blend which is so important (yeah sez mohawk ted) pounds the jerky for ya on #9's "Her Body" and then the title cut at 10 kinda affirms the Lemmy as bastard toast.  Whatever, only the real rebels smear the lines and still get off everytime....Hardcore addicts will cum on "F.U.C.K." which I guess is the only way to get off anyway....It's a sure thing, Whitekaps bust a nut, and the pudding is there for you to see, hear and fear...don't be afraid, taste the band, devour this load of punk rock like you do that snad sandwich with the fister, then you'll be a real man, and all the babes will hate you, 'cause you don't need their shit anymore, you've got your own to spread around!  Slam it Boy!!

All the Fearless Records catalog can be purchased from Underground Records.  $13.00

To have your indie product or demo reviewed, please send to:

Underground Sound
Attn: Reviews
6422 Hwy 140 NW
Adairsville, GA 30103

It takes about 3-4 weeks minimum, for me to get around to listening to your stuff, and maybe another month after that before I can play it enough to give it a fair shake.  So if you're in a big hurry you need to call me, send goodies, otherwise be patient!!


Until Next Time....Adios!!!


The Underground

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^Since 1996^

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