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"we dance to the sound of sirens"

lots of people have been asking, so to answer many questions, please
read the following:::

21st Circuitry newsbreak:::  we will have the first domestic (and
unique) Covenant release "Theremin EP" available on Jan. 8th 1997 at
21st Circuitry central [licensed from Memento Materia in Sweden].  It
should then be in most record stores by Jan. 28th '97 at the very
latest.  If you want to get the CD as soon as possible, I highly suggest
mail ordering it at a reasonable $9 + $2 for p&h, or + $1 p&h as an
additional item if you are ordering any other of our 20 releases or the
distributed :wumpscut: titles (more distributed titles to be added very
soon).  If you send your check ahead today, then we can send you the CD
right when we have it.  ::: catalog can be viewed at and visa ordering takes place
there.  Checks or money orders should be mailed to 21st Circuitry, PO
Box 170100 dept. NT, San Francisco, CA  94117.  The club version of
Theremin was #1 on the german alternative chart and soon the US will
know why.:::  Dreams of a cryotank with extra track "painamplifier" and
a newer version of edge of dawn will be released 6 weeks later, and
Sequencer/Stalker will all be released domestically on ONE CD!!! just 6
weeks after that:::

Track list:::
THEREMIN EP (7 tracks)

Theremin (club version)
Figurehead (plain)
Speed (clubversion)
Voices (optocoded)
Theremin (exclusive US remix)
Speed (optodecoded)

since we've been working hard to get this CD out (we also remastered it
for ultimate club and home impact), we have not yet put up web material
on covenant on our page, BUT check out these three very informative and
useful covenant pages:::

thank you for your continued support of independent labels and the bands
they release.

mr. m
21st Circuitry Records
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  For info on submissions, subscriptions, etc to The Poison Appple,  
  Gotham's Guide to Counter-Culture, email
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CD Release, 7 Salt Lake Bands
Keywords: PROJECTILE,CD,MUSIC,alternative,new,CD-ROM,bands,art,modern,dance
Summary: Press release for PROJECTILE music CD/CD-ROM compilation 1996/1997
Compilation ENHANCED CD/ CD-ROM Release!
Decemeber 1996, Salt Lake City, UT

PROJECTILE: 1. a body projected by external force and continuing in motion by
               its own inertia
            2. projecting or impelling forward
            3. capable of being thrust forward

        Few things in this lifetime occur as we expect them to; though
physics tells us that a speeding bullet will increase its velocity before
slowing or changing its path, there are countless forces which can alter this
law and create entirely new sets of conditions through their presence. Hence,
PROJECTILE receives its name and, like its namesake, is launching toward an
unknown destination with countless possiblilities awaiting its arrival.

        PROJECTILE is a new compiliation of seven Salt Lake City bands which
have coalesced to create a poignant moment local musical history; the first
multimedia CD/ CD-ROM. A Compilation of 17 tracks, PROJECTILE totals 64
minutes of music, and includes photos, band bio's and lyrics.  This recording
is as professionally produced and packaged as any major label could offer!  
The producers have masterfully created a montage of graphical artwork,
hyper-linking to the bands' photos and biographies for anyone who wants to
browse it.

        There is little doubt that PROJECTILE will indeed take off faster
than the speed of light due to the efforts of the "scientists" at SITE 51 and
LENKEL and all the artists involved who have independently created this work.
It will soon be transmitting through the light of a distant quasar.

        PROJECTILE is Bubble Couch, Aeon Dawn, Poink, Insanity Void, Mirror
Mirror, South, Film & Silver. It will be available in stores after Decemeber
14th, or E-Mail:                 

___________________________________________________________________                                  Paul Luscher
Pick up the NEW CD from Site51 and  LENKEL called:  PROJECTILE
featuring Seven bands from Salt Lake City proper, "Bubble Couch",
"Mirror Mirror", "South", "Aeon Dawn", "Insanity Void", "Poink", and
"Film & Silver". This 18 Track disc is an AUDIO CD plus Enhanced CD
including images and info about the bands in an easy to use HTML
arrangement. Get yours now at a great Utah market price, Contact:,  or

Hello friends of the Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar,

This is our second news update of 1996, and it will be very brief. For more
information, visit our website:

[Not sure why you're getting this email? Here's who gets this note: past and
future show guests; people who have contacted us directly or via our
website; friends of the composers; and selected members of Usenet and
Compuserve who have engaged in conversation with us. You'll hear from us
rarely (two or three times a year), but if you'd prefer not to, just send a
pleasant reply to this message and ask to be removed from our list.]

** What's New **

Kalvos & Damian are going on the road again this winter, to interview
composers in Toronto, Chicago, New York, Amsterdam, Cologne and Paris. If
you have suggestions for interesting composers, let us know or put them in

We've redesigned our website to make it richer in content and easier to use
-- and it's fast and doesn't make you wait for umpty-Kb of gratuitous
animated graphics (well, maybe one...).

Please visit the site at
... to hear interviews & audio clips of more than 75 composers
... to use 500 links to other music sites of interest to composers
... to explore 400 sites on individual composers
... to check out our lists of record labels and the graffiti page
... to look at our extensive playlists.
... to read composer essays, explore their catalogs, and read their resumes.

Our site also hosts the Vermont Composers Consortium and the Vermont
Contemporary Music Ensemble ... and we welcome suggestions for additions and
improvements to the website.

** Funding **

We're frustrated to report that the K&D show, two hours of new music and
talk on Saturday afternoons in Vermont, hasn't yet been able to secure
funding for national distribution -- in fact, we're deep into our own
pockets to fund the series. We were recently turned down by the Corporation
for Public Broadcasting.

So it looks like we'll have to continue the hard way, interesting one
station at a time in new music and conversation. If your local public radio
station is adventurous and might like to carry the New Music Bazaar, please
tell us. We'll be happy to forward a sample tape. Naturally, donations are
invited, and tapes of individual shows are available.

** The Music **

New CD releases, concert performances, electronic music and all forms of new
composition are invited for the show. If it's cool, we'll play it. Please
put us on your list, and forward music to:
     Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
     Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar
     RD 2 Box 2770
     Cox Brook Road
     Northfield, Vermont 05663

Thanks for listening. The next time your hear from us, we'll be announcing
our *Live Internet Broadcasts* (yes, we're working on it and hope to be
ready in January!).

Best to all,
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (Kalvos)
David Gunn (Damian)

After J-BirdRecords had postponed the "Cold Progression" release a
thousand times, they finally had to bring it out.

A futuristic christmas present:
click on

or go to and click on the banner.

Thanx and a merry christmas.

ElectroBee (workin' hard as usual)

P.S. will open up in one week. Check it out. It
will have lots of free games, demos,
commercial games, internet games etc. Lots of fun.

Rising from the ashes of the late, little-lamented Wankin' Teens,
The Smokejumpers' brand of ham-slappin', chicken-chasin',
pop-tart-eatin' rock'n'roll is sure to be greeted with screams of
delight and hiccups of dyspepsia from young and old. (Respectively, most
likely.) Their music combines the worst elements of rockabilly, punk,
country, pop, and just regular old grunting noises.

Although they have yet to play a single show, reviews of The
Smokejumpers are already pouring in. "Oh man," says the Psychic Friends
Network, "these guys are gonna SUCK!"

The King Teen (singer) and Big Stick Mick (drummer) of Wankin' Teens
fame have been joined by guitar slinger Colonel Tom (The Michigan
Menace!) and bass player Chris "Green Street" Green.

The Smokejumpers
San Francisco, USA
/ /\ |> |> /\ | |
\ \/ |\ |  \X | |  A R T S  N E W S L E T T E R  # 5

In celebration of Corpqii's 10th anniversary and as a way to introduce my
music to a whole new crowd of people who've never heard it I've just
completed assembling "". What? Marc's
got his own Usenet newsgroup?! Hardly. It's not a newsgroup, it's a tape!
17 tracks of what I consider my best work. Some are the original versions
and a some newly recorded versions of my classic oldies. Also there's a
new song called "Oblivion". It all adds up to one whopping 90 minute tape
of songs, instrumentals, and monologues. Also, in honor of this release all
the audio clips on the multimedia downloads page of the web site are all
taken from this cassette. If you'd like a copy of this release send $6.00
plus $1 s/h to the address below. Make your check or M.O. out to Marc
Plainguet. If you've always been curious and didn't know where to begin
this is a great place to start!

YES YES YES!!! It's really true! The printed catalog is complete. For those
with access to the web site there are really no surprises in store for you
here, but for those of the un-wired variety it's a treasure not unlike
fresh Dutch babies topped with sauteed apples on top on a lazy morning with
a fresh cup of freshly ground coffee by your side. Besides, you can actually
hold it in your hands.

Richard F. Hay's tape "Almost Poetry, Not Quite Prose" has always been a
tape I considered to be quite a labor of love. His unique brand of simple
poetry/prose is completely original. Alas, however, this tape will now be
going out of print and will not be reissued through Corpqii Arts. We have
a few remaining copies of the Corpqii Productions version here and will
accept orders till they are gone forever.

It's complete! Yes, the Corpqii Arts reissues of all our cassette releases
are complete. Some have the same old cover art but are typeset nice and ever
so neatly, and the some have entirely NEW art altogether! So stop by the
web site or check out those tiny little pictures in the print catalog.

The Corpqii Arts site is looking better than ever. Thanks to the acquisition
of a marvelous little invention called a "scanner" we have been improving
the overall look of the site and spiffing it up with lots of pictures. We
all know how much we hate books without pictures, so why should we look at
web sites without pictures?!?! Huh? Tell me! Well, there's no very good
reason is there? So stop by again and check out all our wonderful new cover
art for all the releases, plus all those other pictures we're adding to
help us maintain a longer attention span.
Remember, if you'd like to be on the Corpqii Arts mailing list let us know
by sending e-mail to us or writing to us at:
                                 Corpqii Arts
                                 3520 La Salle
                             Youngstown, OH 44502

     45 year-old Amy Brasher was arrested in San Antonio, Texas, after a
     mechanic reported to police that 18 packages of marijuana were packed
     in the engine compartment of the car which she had brought to the
     mechanic for an oil change. According to the police, Brasher later
     said that she didn't realize that the mechanic would have to raise the
     hood to change the oil.
     Portsmouth, R.l.  Police charged Gregory Rosa, 25, with a string of
     vending machine robberies in January when he (1) fled from police
     inexplicably when they spotted him loitering around a vending machine
     and (2) later tried to post his $400 bail in coins.
     Karen Lee Joachimmi, 20, was arrested in Lake City, Florida for
     robbery of a Howard Johnson's motel. She was armed with only an
     electric chain saw, which was not plugged in.
     The Ann Arbor News crime column reported that a man walked into a
     Burger King in Ypsilanti, Michigan at 7:50am, flashed a gun and
     demanded cash. The clerk turned him down because he said he couldn't
     open the cash register without a food order. When the man ordered
     onion rings, the clerk said they weren't available for breakfast. The
     man, frustrated, walk away.
     David Posman, 33, was arrested recently in Providence, R.I., after
     allegedly knocking out an armored car driver and stealing the closest
     four bags of money. It turned out they contained $800 in PENNIES,
     weighed 30 pounds each, and slowed him to a stagger during his getaway

     so that police officers easily jumped him from behind.
     The Belgium news agency, Belga, reported in November that  a man
     suspected of robbing a jewelry store in Liege said he couldn't have
     done it, "because he was busy breaking into a school at the same
     time."  Police then arrested him for breaking into the school.
     Drug-possession defendant Christopher Johns, on trial in March in
     Pontiac, Michigan, said he had been searched without a warrant. The
     prosecutor said the officer didn't need a warrant because of a "bulge" in
     Christopher's jacket could have been a gun. Nonsense, said
     Christopher, who happened to be wearing the same jacket that day in
     court. He handed it over so the judge could see it. The judge
     discovered a packet of cocaine in the pocket and laughed so hard he
     required a five-minute recess to compose himself.
     Dave so-and-so of Anniston, Alabama, was injured recently after he
     attempted to replace a tubelike fuse in his Chevy pickup with a
     22-caliber rifle bullet (used because it was a perfect fit). However,
     when electricity heated the bullet, it wet off and shot him in the
[PLAYLIST] Midnight Machinery (Denmark) Dec. 17, 1996
Note: This program can be heard on the internet using:

a 28.8 modem

RealAudio 3.0 (free from RealAudio)

by going to the official X FM web page at

Just click on the highlighted line that says: "Live radio pa Nettet"
and then "Hvis du trykker her, sa kan du lytte til os LIVE!"

Midnight Machinery Playlist (Dec. 17, 1996)
-------------23:00 to Midnight-------------

X FM 107.4 FM
Building 101 E
Denmark Technicaly University
2800-DK Lyngby, Denmark

Fleshouse "Santa In Flames" - V/A Rivethead Culture (IIM)
Cyber Tec "Let Your Body Die" - Cyber Tec Project (Cyber Tec)
Pain Station "Closer To The Edge" - Anxiety (Decibel)
Pinch Point "Strong Hold" - V/A Chaos Compiliation (COP)
Noise Unit "Kick to Kill" - Strategey of Violence (Cleopatra)
Cubanate "Come Alive" - Barbarossa (Dynamica)
Cat Rapes Dog "I'm not OK, Your not OK..." - Biodegradable (Energy)
Aghast View "Retaliate" - Nitrovisceral (Cri Du Chat)
Informatik "Nameless" - V/A Boston Electro 101 (Sinless)
P.A.L. "Das Gelobnis" - V/A - Body Rapture Vol. 6 (Zoth Ommog)
ZIA "Agribusiness" - V/A Boston Electro 101 (Sinless)
Terminal "Emotionless" - V/A Electro Cution (Arts Industria)

DJ Chris Studebaker
Things exciting that are happening in Denmark:

NOL hasn't been quite as dormant as it may have seemed over the last
few weeks...

We're currently testing RealAudio as a replacement for the large,
unwieldy MPEGs currently on our web.  We need your help!  The way we
have things set up, you need RealAudio Player v3.0 to hear the files.
There's a link to it from the test page.  There are two songs,
"Expendable" and "Blasphemy", and both are in 14.4k and 28.8k
RealAudio formats.  You can also download the files to your hard disk
if you're having trouble.  Please let us know how the page works for
you, and your suggestions for our upcoming audio page.  Current plans
include putting the entire album "Blasphemy" on the page in 28.8 mono
format, plus a few songs in other formats (let us know which ones you
want!).  The link to the test page is:

The other big news in NOL land is that "Blasphemy" will be available
on CD-R very soon.  We're interested in knowing what YOU consider a
fair price would be for this album.  Please keep in mind that it's
going to be on CD-R, so our *costs* will likely exceed $8 each.  (Of
course, if someone else out there wants to talk about a P+D deal we'd
be more than happy to listen...)

As always, thanks for your support, and we're really looking forward
to your reaction to our adventure in to RealAudio 3.0 land!

Announcing the release of M.C. Murph's "Martyrs And Heroes"
                        February 14th, 1997

NQuit Records -

On February 14th, 1997 a new and powerful force will be revealed to the
world.  This date will mark both the culmination of seven years of
preparation, and the beginning of a new era.  Nothing will be the same, on
a personal or global level.  February 14th marks the beginning of the
NQuit era.  The debut release of M.C. Murph's "Martyrs And Heroes", a
musical compact disc.

For those who love hip-hop, "Martyrs And Heroes" will be the first of
several NQuit departures from the status quo, the beginning of an era
of redemption for the genre. February 14th will mark the time when
hip-hop, like the Phoenix from the flame, rises up once again, this time
in all it's glory and potential.

For those unfamiliar with the genre, "Martyrs And Heroes" will be
a revelation of the immense potential contained within hip-hop's
ubiquitous walls.  February 14th will be the day NQuit Records begins to
make believers of us all.

With four-track DEMO material having received airplay in Germany and
South Africa and several locales in the United States, and the first demo cut
of "Stand Up For Your Dream" receiving a spot in an upcoming CD-Rom
game, a precedent of excellence has already been established by the likes
of M.C. Murph.  Now with professional resources at hand, Murph is
demanding nothing but the best out of his productions, so when they reach
their glossy new CD homes they will belong there.  And they will reach
these homes on February 14th, 1997.

At NQuit, we think of February 14th as far more than a release date.  
We think of "Martyrs And   Heroes" as far more than a compact disc, and
indeed, we think of ourselves as far more than a record label.  Rather,
we are an institution, a dedication, an ultra-efficient trilogy of
positivity and change.  And M.C. Murph is our bread and butter; "Martyrs
And Heroes" is the beginning of M.C. Murph.  And this compact disc is
already only the tip of the iceberg:  nearly FORTY new songs are already
created, and being produced as you read (and we destroyed over forty that    
just weren't good enough).

At NQuit, we think of February 14th as the day we begin defying the belief
that "you can't change the world".  Over the course of our existence,
indeed, we submit that EVERYTHING will change.  All limitations will be
destroyed, all doubt will be erased.  NQuit intends to challenge
and defeat all negativity, all impossibility and all imprisoning fear.

February 14th, 1997 marks the beginning of this battle.  This is the day
we will begin to seep into your minds, hearts and souls, the day we
will shed our own shells and spread our wings.  And our guiding light,
our Rudolph, is M.C. Murph.  On February 14th, this growing warrior,
this fear-hating monster will be released from his cage and allowed to
feast upon the musn'ts, the never haves, the can'ts, and the shan'ts.  
And everything will change...for the better.  EVERYTHING.

Mark February 14th, 1997 on your calendar as the date the
prophets visualized.  Artistic apocalypse begun, and the evil empire of
negativity will be destroyed, and none of us on the Earth need fall.  
February 14th, the official release of M.C. Murph's "Martyrs And Heroes",
is truly just the beginning...

Contact NQuit
635 Esperanza Rd.
Bosque Farms, NM 87068

Yes that's right kiddies here is your chance to check out WOLFPAC live! Get
off of that bean bag chair and come check out the lyrical madness that
launched off BloodHound Gang which now swells in the belly of WOLFPAC!
X-BloodHounds Daddy Long Legs and MSG bring a whole new arsenal of sound as
well as a few new wicked faces to the stage. Just minutes from Pittsburgh
or Ohio, no really we swear it is. So if you in the Indiana Pennsylvanian
area I urge you to check this out!

"The White House"
1229 Oakland Avenue
Indiana PA
All ages
For more information call (215)541-4247

PO BOX 328
(215) 541-4247

Maybe the editor of Liethuvian industrial/noise magazine TANGO also can
tell you something about what's going on in the East. Address:

Linas Vyliaudas
P.O. Box 162
3000 Kaunas
Tel/Fax: ++37 / 07 22 30 17
Slush Fund E-NEWS LETTER #1

   Hey what's up everyone! Welcome to the first Slush Fund E-News Letter! If
you know anyone that would be interested in this letter, please forward this
to them, and their name and e-mail address to me if possible. We're trying
to get this thing out to as many people as possible, and hope to make it
more than just a Slush Fund news letter, but a Buffalo Punk News letter,
with show announcements and news on all the bands involved in the scene!
    Ok first up some shows to look forward to!

SUNDAY December 29th
$4 Show starts at 3:00
Sharks Club, 3rd Street Niagara Falls
Slush Fund
Stompin Abrasions
Shit Faced
Suburban White Terrorists

Also Rumor has it another Buffalo band will be making a special apperace and
be filming a couple songs for video documentary on them!

Saturday Jan 4th - We will be going into the studio to record 6 new songs! 3
will be released on a Reliance Records Compilation! The otehr will be put on
a 5 or 6 song demo tape due to be released at the end of January! Also look
for a split 7" w/ Slush Fund and anotehr Reliance Records band in mid Feb!

Saturday Jan 4th, 6:00
Showplace Theatre
Slush Fund
Springboard 200
Sunday January 5th
Anti Racist Action Benefit
Showplace Theatre
Bands TBA
So far Slush Fund, The Creepers and Rumor has it a Moonska band will be
playing but nothing is set in stone yet! Please come out and support the ARA!

Saturday January 17th
Niagara Wheatfield Music Benefit
Niagara Wheatfield Highscool Auditorium
$3 show starts at 7:00
Slush Fund
Super Something

In other news, local band Shit-Faced released a 6 song demo tape entiltled
"Fuck Straight Edge", Counterclockwise released their CD, and Daybreak
recently went in the studio and recorded, so look for something new by them!
And Slush Fund will soon have HIGH QUALITY shirts thanks to Jimmy
McKenna<sp>! There will be 2 or three designs and they will be availible and
upcoming punk shows for 5 or 6 bucks! Plus there are still a couple Slush
Fund and Counterclockise play with other Tee's that wil be availible for a
couple dollars!

If you happen to see any of these other bands playing check em out

The Half Cabs
The Creepers
Suburban White Terrorists
Stomping Abrasions
Super Something
Wrong Direction
Piss Ants
Nose Dive
Robots Kill
The Geat Apes
Citizen X
Mega Weapon
Short Dogs
Buddy Revels

If i forgot any sorry!
And Happy Holidays

Kevin and the rest of Slush Fund

"Bent Massive" is a 2 hour show on WMSE 91.7 FM in Milwaukee, WI  USA
hosted by Maynard (  The main emphasis is on NEW
Industrial and Gothic releases.  The show is on every Saturday from
1AM to 3AM.

Interested record labels who would like airplay on WMSE should send
music (preferably CD's or Vinyl) to the WMSE Music Directors at this
MILWAUKEE, WI  53202-3109

Unsigned artists can send their self-released material (cassettes are
acceptable) to the same address as above, except put it to Attn:
Industrial/Gothic DJ's.

Diatribe's s/t debut is out now.  Availibility is wide.
  Track Listing:

  1) Sick the Dogs   4:17
  2) Junkyard        4:58
  3) Four Fifity One 4:40
  4) Land's End      5:14
  5) Another Time    4:15
  6) The Son         3:35
  7) Web             4:01
  8) Sister          4:25
  9) The Other Side  4:26
 10) Freaks          4:15
 22) ??????          2:16

  First off, the artwork is fantastic.  Remember the leather-clad
bondage girl from previous releases?  She's back, digitized in a 3D
atmosphere, complete with the Uma Thurman bob from Pulp Fiction.  The
songs are a hybrid of industrial and rock, with the elements of rock
being so refined that I can forsee possible airplay in some markets.
The closest comparison would be 16 Volt, but with Marc's unique vocal
style.  Although the electronic elements are present, it's the live
drums and guitars that give this album a refined, tight feel.  Whereas a
good number of electronic bands rely on fast rhythms and heavy beats,
Diatribe accomplishes the same feel, but through the complexity and
structure of the songs.  This is one of those albums that upon the
second listen you could catch yourself singing along to.  Industrial
with a twist!

HUMANITY Online/Talent Online BBS 213-936-6009
Promoting Creative People & Projects on Radio, TV, Cyberspace & Elsewhere
A service of the Landmark Ebony Showcase Theatre & Cultural Arts Center,
Inc., est. 1950.  Writers, Visual & Performing Artists, Craftspeople,
Technicians, Filmmakers, Independent Projects.  Helping kids & adults.

You can now get "Puzzled?" anywhere in the world, with your plastic!
Using the Netscape SSI secure server and PGP encrypted mail you can
order "Puzzled?" direct from our website, for the absolute bargain price
of 10ukp (approx. US $16) including P&P.
If you live in the Uk, or fancy nipping over, it'll only cost you 8 quid!
Apart from all this "hard sell" stuff,  we've been busy putting more pieces
on the website - new samples (now includes samples from half of the
tracks on the CD), the lyrics to some of the songs (so you can find out what
the buggers are really singing), and the first reviews of "Puzzled" have all
been added.
And, for all you people who are too broke (or just too tight) to buy a copy,
soon you'll be able to win one in our  "Spot the (Different) Fish"
competition! Full details once its up and swimming!
To get "Puzzled?" by Slightly Miffed, cast yer web browser over to:
If you can't get to the website, send an e-mail to
where our automated reply department is waiting to spring into action and
send you all the details.

TinK  Slightly Miffed

For more info, catalog and a couple
stickers or something email your street address or write to:
Crustacean Records
PO BOX 37384
Milwaukee, WI  53237-0384

New Mucky Merchandise-
Recently we've added:
        New CD - "Five Guys in a Really Hot Garage"
        A 7" Single - "Short Attention Span/Straightman"
        4" x 7" Stickers - Red Vinyl, Mucky "Nike style" logo

for up to the minute merchandise info visit:

If you don't have access to the web site but would like
to get some Mucky Merch. you can send a S.A.S.E. (in the US)
or 2 I.R.C's (in Europe) to:
        Mucky Stuff Catalog
        P.O. Box 3095 Sea Bright NJ 07760                        

Web Site-
For those who haven't visited, a few words:
Our web site was designed, launched, and is maintained daily
by the band from wherever we might be, ie; hotel rooms,
backstage closets, the parking lot of the local waffle house, etc.

Our Web Site has just turned 1-Year Old.
Thanx to all ya'll who have participated
and walked the halls of "This Old Web Site".
We had a little giveaway to all you's guys who send
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!FUCK CHRISTMAS! Playlist for the Week of 27 Dec 1996 KSPC


The holiday season drives one to murder as sheep race toward forced humility
toward others and the delicious desecration of their own flesh in the
impurity of false compassion.  Those true in the way of the dawning light of
morning (...) turn their heads from such a ritual in ignorance and
disinterest.  However, to celebrate the violence with which we will destroy
such a stupid world, a raging playlist:

1. Sacramentum - Far Away From the Sun (Adipocere)
2. Monstrosity - Millenium (Conquest Music)
3. Kataklysm - Sorcery (Nuclear Blast)
4. Demonic - Lead Us Into Darkness (Necropolis)
5. Brutal Truth - Kill Trend Suicide (Relapse)
6. Quo Vadis - Forever... (VomiT)
7. Vader - De Profundis (Conquest Music)
8. Gorgoroth - Antikrist (Damnation)
9. Burzum - Filosofem (Misanthropy)
10. DarkThrone - Total Death (Moonfog)
11. Niden Div 187 - Towards Judgement (Necropolis)
12. Kvist - For Kunsten Vi Maa Evig Vike (Avantgarde)
13. Rise - Shadow of Ruins (Nigma)
14. Impaled Nazarene - Latex Cult (Osmose)
15. Asgard - ...To a Golden Age (Morbid Metal)

Check out newcomers Quo Vadis, to be described in the future.  Hope that
fills you in on the hate of life,

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Some only sample the dark wine of life's blood...
Catch 22  
379 Adelaide West

Free B4 12

Jester Promotions and Productions presents:
DJ St. Dave
Alter the Alternative!

Playing new industrial music.
No hits, like your typical places.
Reviews: By Mad Dog West

Capsule:  s/t

I liked this tape from the go!  Capsule has a unique variance to their music.
The four tunes on this EP portrayed a very talented three piece mixing
shimmering psychedelia & hard feedback walls behind powerful clear vocals,
more singing than screaming.  My favs are "insects" with it's college twist, and
"why i failed astronomy" almost like vintage Bowie. Capsule rocks with a
definite style all their own.  Here again we have the best new rock coming out
of San Francisco (like Warm Wires)..Capsule is one of the best I've heard yet,
at least in the creative & feasibility sectors.  In Capsule you've got Andy Nelson
on bass and vocals, kin Kevin Byers on drums and Bob Byers on vocals and guitar.  
Well worth you BUYING and gaining a friend for life!  
Contact:  Robert:  415-661-3601. 1630 Noriega St., San Francisco, CA 94122.

Gel: Marilyn

Without a doubt, Gel is a band, should they stay together, you'll be hearing on the
radio.  This CD single has smooth. memorable melody, precise breaks and changes,
a good backbeat and some cool guitar mixes. I'd sure like to have heard alot more
from these guys, but I guess I'll have to wait.  No need for you too though...
Contact:  1-800-530-6036..
Email: website:

Earwig:  Resignation

I had gotten something from Earwig a few years back, and I remember it being pretty cool.
I have no idea if this is the same band or not!  If so they didn't let me down with the
"Resignation" CD.  Earwig combines a vintage rock flavor with modern emotions and
some jazzy snafus to keep the colors everchanging.  Will Hunt's flute and saxaphone,
along with Chris Elliott's trumpet give added dimensions not utilized in so many good
new bands that could use the benefit of horns. Greg Pantile seems to be the ringleader,
penning most of the tunes, while contributing guitar, keyboards and percussion.  A few
places the vocals could use some work, maybe some backups or doubling, but hey this is indie.
Not so many expense accounts on this trip.  Joe Militello does have a decent voice though,
it's just kinda blatant  and blaring sometimes.  For bobby-sockers, ska-brats and groove
monkeys of all ages, you got enough jams for the dance here; note: a little underage drinking
might kick things in.  3rd tune "Since My Well Went Dry" is a blast, then right after is "It Makes
No Sense To Love You" which could be Iggy Pop with the Stones as back-up...hey! I'm Serious!!
The scream at the end is hilarious!  Then the Beatles kick in for a jam...except Brice Buchanan is
on lead. This is fun stuff. Sometimes it reminds me of "ketucky woman" era Deep Purple..
Long Live Indie Rock!  Contact: Earwig POB 6558 Holliston, MA 01746

Prototype:  Seed

Get your best black leather out, a good buzz on, and get ready to riff with the boys in Prototype.  
A rarity today, really cool unpretentious progressive metal. Yes, I said "progressive".  It's a
style sometimes forgotten today because there's not many good bands doing it unless you get
into the death realms or some yesteryear speed metal stuff.  Prototype add some fresh blood in
the veins as they shift gears as often as a run-a-way semi. Check out the drums baby, Damion
Ramirez is fresh holmes, getting off throwing curves off the top while running on the low end.
When you put this together with some really heavy riffs off Vince Levalois (doing vocals too)
and Kragen Lum (leads and rhythm), glued by the rumblings of Steve Gambina on the bass,
it gets interesting, not to mention heavy as fuck! Contact UGR.....

Imagika:  s/t

Balls to the wall heavy metal has been making a tremendous comeback over the last year, after
almost half a decade of stagnation muddling in an identity crisis. Imagika open up the guns and
just fuckin' rock. They go to prove, once again, California is the wasteland, henceforth the best
metal comes.  Some may listen and say there's nothing new, but it doesn't have to be "new" to be
good.  Remember, alot of "new" things as heralded by the industry have been in effect for many,
many years (i.e. grunge, techno, industrial...etc.).  Imagika is an extremely talented band; David
Michael may have the name of two angels but his screams are straight from hell!  He has a good
range and can use it to perfection.  Steven D Rice's guitar rips leads like there's no tomorrow, and
Michael Dargis takes the rhino ragin' bass to new heights.  The master on this disc has got to be
Henry Moreno, his drum played absolutely rules, at any moment he'll take off on a double bass run
that just throws your head back; only Lombardo at his prime may have been better, but then I seriously
fuckin' doubt it. There's really no mid-tempo bullshit on this CD. This is metal radio heaven!  The
intricate phrasing interplay of Imagika's music place them in a class all their own.  If you're a
metalhead, and you don't have this disc, you're a pitiful loser!!
Contact:  Headless Corpse Records, POB 1164, San Carlos, CA. 94070-1164....
Fan Club:  Devil's Crib, POB 1164, San Carlos, CA 94070-1164.

Lords Mind Erasure:  Find The Key

I really like this band, yet I can't quite get the drift.  I think it's the vocals, while the lyrics
are above par, at times excellent, I just can't get used to the sound of the overall mastering.  
Stan has a good voice, it's probably just the engineering, it could really be brought out at times.
The music is kickin, the sonic delivery fine, even if at times kinda muddy..  Best tune on this
disc is the instrumental Crown Of Thorns, with Silent Expression a close second, sounding
alot like vintage Sabotage era Sabbath. AJ Borja has his riffs down pat, the leads smoke
when they kick in, and his tightness with Gus, who does both bass and drums on this disc
(the man is a work horse), is defintiely hangin tough.  I want to hear these cats on another
run, could be they get it right on the money next time around.  This is a gotta-have disc for
the true metal collector.  
Contact:  Lords Mind Erasure c/o G.A.S. Entertainment Management, 113 Dinner Point Rd.,
Staffordville, NJ 08092.

Slightly Miffed:  Puzzled

You gotta understand British humor to really appreciate this band, cause they're full of it,
and don't fear showing you a few turns.  The guitar sound on this disc is roaring, like a
chain saw psycho on a rampage.  Tool should take a cue from SM and lighten up a bit.  
This is great music to give your gal the 'ol lick & heave ho..she'll thank you for it later!  
3rd tune, "Doomed To...." is pure classic, bringing forth visions of harleys, pints of lager
and loose leather clad babes, a little slice o'heaven in yer hell on earth. Like they say,
around 1:15 into this number, "it's a good day to die!" Sounds like Miffed put the drum
machine on overdrive and turned it loose all the way through this disc.  5th tune,
"Irrelevant Steps", has got to be one of the most irritating numbers of all time, lots of
blather all the way through.  Then on #6, "Timeshare", you get to see the real heart of
this band, these englishmen are completely whacked.  I doubt Monty Python could outdo
these guys! Best numbers are the ones like "Frank" and "Fastfing" where Slightly Miffed
just let it all hang out, running wide open and riffing like a meth crazed rabbit. Well shit,
that's most of this disc, a bunch of waggers on a spee.  Their website is a trip too.  Slightly
Miffed is a tribute to why the acid tests were a smashing success!! Contact:

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