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Underground Records
6422 Hwy 140 NW
Adairsville, GA 30103

From the Editor:

OK, for all you whining slobs and snobs, I know, I know. All the
webzines and this ezine too are like weeks behind, but you know what?
To hell with it! As I have had to explain to a number of you poor
pitiful people who have sent in free ads (i.e. ones you know I will
eventually publish, even though you didn't pay for them) and then
bitched because the zines didn't come out the exact DAY the publish
schedule says, I do not get paid to do these zines!

On top of that, none of you attempt to do seven webzines, a printzine
AND an ezine (this is the ezine for those of you who've been asleep
for the past decade) plus distribute indie bands, put on Rockfest
AND play fulltime in a band. If you do, then you know where I am
coming from. Since you probably don't....get over it pal!

There'll be no zines, until I do 'em up....K?

If anyone would like to do editing
chores for any of the zines, realize
it is alot of work, and no I am not
paying you by the hour, or as some
lunatic suggested $100.00 per finished
page of html...if you need those kind
of payouts, get a real job. If you'd
like to contribute to the Underground
cause, you will be given credit and I
will not run ads on your pages....just
send the html and your graphics to

To see what zines I do, click on over to

And if you're the lazy sort, you'll find there
code so you can sign up to get this ezine via
email, so you don't have to come to the website
every month to read it!

On a side note, I would like to extend a hearty GO TO HELL to
Brian Duebolius and Stan Prater....thanks dicks for ditching
our band after I had set up over 30 club dates. You guys suck
and if you have a problem with my attitude, you know where I live.
That being said, I am putting together a new power metal band and I
need the killer players; bassist, drummer and guitarist(s)...yes boys
and girls, I shall scream. If you want to continue your rise
to underground rock legend, call me 770-769-9126. I am planning
on finishing a new album by early 2001 and touring the US club scene
beginning in there!


Featured Underground Supporter:

If you have a site add an link to your page in our links session.
Underground rules !


CMT Productions:


No Connection was in September 1996 as Release by former band member,
GrahamYoung (vocals, guitar) and Jon Hill (drums). These two
experienced twenty-something�s had the idea of creating a cover free
pop rock power trio to combine their wide range of influences to
write strong hooky 3-4 minute songs with a social conscience.
The final third of the trio was added in May 1997 when
bassist, Steele, joined the group. Soon they had written two albums
of quality material and �gigging� all over their local area.

The band soon discovered the power of the Internet by creating a web
site and making their music available to be heard and purchased on

This soon reaped its own rewards when Pearson Television contacted
the band requesting to use the song �Victory Girl� in an episode
of the Emmy-Nominated sci-fi series �First Wave.�

Next to pick up on the band was L.A. based Internet radio station, who continue to feature the band, in response
to this their listeners have elevated them to the number 2 position
in their Top 25 Favorite Artists Chart.

No Connection has since had two number 1 positions on the
Classic Rock Chart with the songs �Love For Free� and �Ain�t Foolin�
and have been the featured Artist of the Day.

Their debut Album �Justified� is now available for sale. For purchase
information please contact: In the
subject box enter �No Connection.�

Check out No Connection on or on their web site at To become a member of the No Connection Fan
Club or to be placed on the mailing list please email: and indicate which list you would like to
become part of. Information will be forwarded to you shortly.

Professionally designed CD Covers and Press Kits are available to
interests artists through CMT Productions! For samples of our work
please email a request to:
In the message box type: sample.
Include your name, complete mailing address, telephone number and
email address. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery
(depending on your location).

Are you a venue looking for top-notch entertainment for your
establishment? CMT Productions manages a wide array of musicians
that would �rock you hard!� For more information on the artists
that we manage please call our office at (410) 479-9692.

Looking for management? CMT Productions accepts CD demos and press
kits at:

CMT Productions
P.O. Box 263
Denton, Maryland 21629
Attn: Consideration

Due to heavy volume, please NO telephone inquiries!

Rock Hard,
CMT Productions



Underground Scotland Network Contact:


This is Fraser from Golden Lake Productions
in Scotland writing to inform you of our up-dated
catalogue/webzine. We have lots of new CD's, demos,
zines etc, plus we also have interviews with AUTUMN
DAY(Eng), NUNKTHUL (Fra), UNSILENCE (Eng), plus
extended reviews of all the new additions to the
catalogue, loads of other reviews of titles not in the
catalogue, a new chat room plus loads more......

Check it out at:

If you would like a free copy of the paper version of
this fanzine/catalogue, then send us your address.

Bands and labels send promo material for reviews and
possible distribution and interviews.

Stay underground,

Fraser McGartland (Golden Lake Productions)


ENSLAIN MAGAZINE - Update of Activity

- The site has been recently redesigned to make the content easier
to navigate. The tours have been updated, and the links are updated
weekly, so it would be a good time to send me your link trades by
filling out the form on my site.
- All content from Issues #5-7 have been added, as well as OPETH and
AMORPHIS interviews from the upcoming issue #8.
New reviews are being posted weekly.

- I've been working day and night, falling asleep writing reviews
and waking up to start more, to ensure that this issue sees the light
of day VERY shortly. It's mostly completed, and will have a full color
glossy cover for the first time! But I still need some ads before it
can come out. Our rates are very reasonable, contact me immediately
to book space. Distribution - 10,000, Full Page Ad - $250.
Other sizes/rates/color available, just ask!

Print copies of Issues 5, 6, and 7 available, as well as
subscriptions and pre-orders of issue 8.
- Online, by credit card or check, at
- By cash/money order/check, $3 each, or 1-yr
(4 issues, starting with any) for $10
Payable to Chrissy, mailed to 2595 Marshall Drive - Quakertown,
PA 18951 - USA
Outside of US, add $1 each.

- Many of you have seen, or will be seeing, the newest issue
(#6) of LotFP.
This new issue includes an Amorphis article that I wrote,
which is perhaps 'questionable.'
I will not go into great detail here, but the article is
intended for humor, and is not implying any more than it is
clearly stating. It's just intended to make people think
about the way they perceive things. Hopefully you can find
the humor in it that LotFP's editor Jim did, when I was
innocently telling him the story over the phone...!
- If you'd like a copy, e-mail, or send $3
($4 outside US)
to Jim Raggi, 710 Peachtree St #134, Atlanta GA 30308.
Tell him I sent ya!

- I am extremely easy to get in contact with...
any of the below means are always available to you for any reason.
Thanks for supporting Enslain Magazine throughout
the years, and I look forward to supporting your efforts,
and bringing you more metal!

-Chrissy (Lady Enslain)
Enslain Magazine
2595 Marshall Drive
Quakertown, PA 18951 - USA

e-mail =
phone = 1-267-981-6385
website =
ICQ = 19274791
AIM = enslain



Apartado 60334 ; 2701-904 Amadora ; Portugal
Fax: +351 21 4951204
(totally re-constructed)
ICQ: 24312095




If anyone of you need promo in France & REAL radio-support,
get in touch with us at :

c/o Colletti Jean-Charles
106, rue Marcel Cerdan
07500 Guilherand-Granges



Contact Info:


PO BOX 625
Kamiah, Idaho 83536

Four Song demo tape by underground San Diego Band SANITY'S VOID
available again $5.00 postage paid. CD's may be available later
and a new release "And Death Shall Befall Them" coming within the
year. The tape is
professionally recorded and
engineered by Woody
Barber (Psychotic Waltz, Epitaph, Infamous Symphony, Etc.)
of Chainsaw Records, Poway CA.

Special Deal for Record Stores:
Minimum order is 5 copies and they cost us $2.50 each and our cost
is all we ask. Lower rates if they are ordered in large quantity.
We just want the tape out there not looking to make any money.



DISGORGE : Forensick (Repulse Records, 37'01', 10 tracks, ultra
brutal death / grind) : After some months of silence due to problems
with few bands, Repulse Records kicked out the bands who had a kind
of rip off attitude and kept only true and reliable bands. Disgorge
from Mexico is in this way, bands who will be support by the Spanish
label in the future. This collaboration starts with the first full
length album of the band. I don't know if I have already listened a
CD so brutal. Imagine bands such Mortician, Dying Fetus or Kataklysm,
Disgorge is between these bands. Ultra brutal death-metal with grind
music, the 10 songs are very apocalyptic. This first step is very
interesting to see the Disgorge potential but they must do a little
effort about the sound in the future 'cause the production is really
grimy. (7,5/10)

EARTHTONE9 : Arc' Tan' Gent (Copro Records, 47'33', 10 tracks,
hardcore, release date : 25/09/2000) : Imagine a band who could
propose a hardcore music as you have never listened... This band is
Earthtone9. With this new CD, Copro Records from England proposes
again an acclaimed CD in the hardcore music style (remember Medulla
Nocte). Third album for the band, Earthtone9 releases the better
album of its discography. More complex, more diversified and less
influenced by Snapcase, Stuck Mojo, this new CD shows the own
personality of the British band. Congratulations for the excellent
production signed Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Stuck Mojo...). Very
diversified, the songs aren't the same and each songs are very
different of the others. More melodic sometimes and sometimes more
aggressive with hardcore vocals and brutal and cutting riffs,
Earthtone9 is can be considered like the best hardcore band from the
England scene ! For the quality : the band nominated in 1999 for the
best British band in the Kerrang awards. Have you again a doubt ?

HEADKICKER : Headkicker (BTD Music, 15'28', 4 tracks, hardcore) : I
don't know many things about Headkicker but I have found many good
things in this release. I presume it is their first release under the
CD format and their hardcore music is really good. Influenced by the
New York style with an approach more power-metal, Headkicker
remembers to me bands such Sick Of It All with Stuck Mojo touches. A
good release, with a more mature approach and maybe with more
powerful aspects, they could propose an excellent vision of their
music. (8/10) ; e-mail :

LUCKY STRIKER 201 : Cosmognosis (Self released, 20'38', 5 tracks + 1
multimedia track, electro with gothic influences ) : Lucky Striker
201 is the project of one man, Caedes but he is helped by others
persons in live and for the compositions and lyrics. The result is a
music based on electro way with gothic, industrial and metal
influences. When I listen songs such "A Liquid-Blue
Quest"", I
fell influences of bands such Love Like Blood and Depeche Mode
sometimes on an electro music. A very good step in this approach that
is to say mixing electro, gothic, indus and some metal and pop
touches. Very original ! (8,5/10) ; e-mail :

MERIDIAN : Daydream In The Postdementia Millenium (Holy Noise
Productions, 21'43', 5 tracks, symphonic black-metal) : First release
from the new label from Switzerland, Holy Noise Productions, Meridian
is one of the first typically symphonic black-metal band from this
country. The Meridian music is near the Norwegian style played by
bands such Dimmu Borgir, Emperor with some Cradle Of Filth touches
and with vocals near of Burzum. 5 good songs, not very original,
maybe too inspired by the style from Norway but we feel the band
searches its originality and they must continue and work like on this
mini CD, they could reach what they want...(7/10)

NYCTOPHOBIC : Insects (Morbid Records, 60'00', 17 tracks, grind /
death-metal, release date : 11/09/2000) : Their first acclaimed CD
War Criminal Views released few years ago, presented a first class
German band, mixing between death, grind and crustcore but since this
release, we hadn't any news from Nyctophobic. Finally, they decided
to come back with a new full length album. Between the previous album
and this new one, the Nyctophobic music has gown, is more
diversified. They don't play only a brutal death / grind like in the
past, but they take another approach with heavier vocals and with
more thrash influences. Songs such "Haze" are always in their own
vein but others such "They" show a little evolution with heavier
vocals, less brutal approach. Nyctophobic uses also new sounds and I
think it is the main evolution of the band ; on the songs "Cog-
Existence" we hear sounds such industrial... yes, it is just a remix
but maybe another evolution for the next compositions ? (7,5/10)

SUIDAKRA : The Arcanum (Serenades Records, 41'39', 9 tracks, black-
metal with gothic and celtic touches) : Album after album, the German
band Suidakra built a great notoriety and a great black-metal. More
diversified and not either black-metal like at the Suidakra debuts,
they inserted some Celtic, doom touches and with this new CD, they
increase these aspects. In first, I was very surprised it was
Serenades who releases this CD. It is sure, the band is signed by
Last Episode and Serenades is a subdivision of it, but Serenades is
more specialised in doom or gothic music. Could we believe a total
new musical way for the band ? No, Suidakra is always a black-metal
band but they increase their Celtic or typical German touches and
music, and doom influences mainly in the vocals. Moreover, these
Celtic influences are very present with the Skyclad cover song
One Piece of Puzzle" and by the lyrics inspired by the Celtic
mythology. A very great album, very original, listen Suidakra, in my
opinion, you haven't listened a music like this, a kind of Skyclad in
the black-metal music. (9,5/10)

The first issue of this new zine from Greece is born and I was very
surprised by the quality of it. Generally the firsts issues of zine
are good but there are few errors, the photos are bad� but with
Attack, no problem. The photos are very excellent, the quality is
near of a professional zine with colour pages and photos and
biography / interviews of Mayhem, Pink Cream 69, To Die For, Iron
Maiden�, news, reviews about the last releases from Century
Media, Nuclear Blast� With the zine in pocket format (A5 for the French
people), Attack offers to you videotape done with the collaboration
of Modern Music from Germany. The only problem is the zine is written
in Greek language, I don't understand the words of the band or
the reviews but in my opinion, it is an excellent zine and the second
issue promise an excellent future for this zine. (9/10)

13122 ILION



Onur writing you from Moonlight Throne
production. Moonlight Throne Production is record and
distribution label from Turkey. M.T.Prod. Was born in
latest of 1999..Contact with a lot of underground
labels and bands worldwide underground scene.

We have release our first mail order cataloq summer
2000. And will release VOICES FROM THE ABYSS

In the future M.T.Production will be continue to
release stuffs and start to sell other label release
and bands stuffs in our mail order department. All
people in the underground scene get in touch.


Onur Tufan Iyihuylu
Selvili Cad.Birlik Apt.
Cekirge.Bursa,TURKEY/TURKIYE or



MP3 and Real Audio Interactive Charts...Vote for the ones you like
and add your music....


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and you can too!

Just go to their website and sign up! it's




The new url to Lord Belial is Please update your

FAX: +46 (0)520 403529



Demo Tape: 'Dark Waters'

Order this Demo tape for only US$4 or 8DM(including postage) by
either sending well hidden cash or a cheque (made payable to Ramon

30 minutes (4 tracks) of Trash/ Death/ Black from Archiral.

Ramon (Arch Music)
N.B: Tell me if you want to be deleted from this list and apologies if you
receive this mail more than once.

For more information contact :
Ramon Debattista
Postal Address :
11, "Carmen" House, Vivion Street, St. Venera HMR 11,
Email :



I will review your stuff in one of the following zines, depending on
your style:

Hellzine, Underground Sound Webzine, Electroid, Sermon, Homegrown,
JamBone, or Joint

To have your stuff reviewed, send to:


Underground Records
Attn: Reviews
6422 Hwy 140 NW
Adairsville, GA 30103


If you need your stuff back, please send postage!

I am also looking for agents who'd like to help distribute
the printzine and do regional promotions...see:



which is currently offering approximately 200 original paintings
and their hexachrome printed reproductions
in different sizes on paper or on canvas.
All our art is presented in different categories


If you think this may be interesting for you,
feel free to enter through>




New work from these Finnish blacksters.
Once again Astray gave a personal symphonic
interpretation of Nordic Black Art.
Digipack MCD, ltd to 1000 copies.

La casa del dolore

First chapter in the psychic reality of this hallucinatory combo.
An oppressive experimental vein and a cyclical sonorous research
as basis of this psychic ritual project make Nenia an
authentic revelation in the field, able to trasgress and
regenerate the stale canons of dark ambient music.
Digipack CD with booklet, ltd to 1000 copies.


As prelude to the incredible debut-album, a collection of
unpublished and exclusive songs from this amazingly expressive
gothic project gifted with a strong theatrical and
avant-garde attitude,wound by a peculiar r�tro breeze.
Silver printed digipack MCD, ltd to 1000 copies.

back catalogue:

BEY.9807 - DETESTOR (ITA) - "Ego"
MCD (Melodic Death Metal)

BEY.9808 - DRASTIC (POL) - "Thieves of Kisses"
Deluxe silver digipack CD (Avantgarde Electro-Gothic Black Metal)

BEY.9909 - SATARIAL (RUS) - "The Queen Of the Elves' Land"
CD with rom video-clip track (Folk Black Metal)

BEY.9910 - FURVUS (ITA) - "Deflorescens Iam Robur"
Deluxe leather golden carverd digibook CD with 24 pages booklet
(Ambientalistic Ancient Music)

BEY.9911 - ANTROPOFAGUS (ITA) - "No waste of Flesh"
Digipack CD with booklet (Brutal Grind Death)

For infos, MP3, bios, photos, news, etc.

(link exchanges are welcome )

Prices (you can pay in your currency money):
CD: $.13 / DM.25 / L.25.000
MCD: $.8 / DM.17 / L.17.000

Wholesale prices (for big stocks ask for details):
CD: $.9 / DM.18 / L.18.000
MCD: $.5 / DM.9 / L.9.000

Available full mail-order list and wholesale list: ask for them.

Contact us for sales/ infos / promotion / interviews, etc.

Selling/ wholesales/ mail-order:
Interviews/ promotion:



Underground Label / Distributor Focus:

Soundscape Webzine/GWN Records, c/o St�phane B�langer
P.O. Box 65095, CSP
Place Longueuil, Longueuil, Qu�bec, Canada, J4K 5J4.
Fax: (450) 677-5195

GWN Records:
GHOULUNATICS' "Mystralengine" is available now!


Evilmusic Distro

EVILMUSIC.COM believes the metalhead will choose more exciting music
over the safe and entertaining. Serious underground music for people
who care about what they're hearing and want to experience the motion
of change in metal, hardcore, noise, ambient, ritual and grindcore

If you like the idea of a store run by people who believe in music the
employees themselves would buy, EVILMUSIC will show you an elite of
metal masterminds. Read reviews, hear MP3 samples, check out album
covers and tracklistings and at a keypress, have your music sent to you
within 24 hours in an insured first class package.

Multitudes of reviews, interviews with Adversary and live shows from
Morbid Angel and Master.

To become a part of our regular mailing list for metal updates, enter
your email address at:




c/o jontho
Box 489
1703 Sarpsborg



::::Market your band to the Labels, Sell & Promote to the Masses:::::

The Underground A&R Report:



A valuable Online Metal Source!

Metal Links:

THE Metal Link Collection

Metal Radio:

What better description do you need?



Sample listing of labels distributed and supported by Underground
Records: Relativity, Relapse, Ritual, Victory, Metal Blade, Century
Media, Magna Carta, Impulse, MetalHead, Roadrunner, Caroline, Groove,
Radikal, Hopeless, Wall Of Sound, Plan 9, Clepatra, Wild West, EFA,
Nuclear Blast, Bomb, Noise, Earache, Tee Pee..........

Over 2000 indie labels distributed!

See the new online catalog (still under construction but I have it






To sign-up...go to the hyperlink below:

AllAdvantage is totally legit. It's also completely FREE and
they are very serious about maintaining your privacy.
Check it out!



or visit our website, with MP3's!!!!!



Just wanted to let everyone know about our new site we've just launched it and we are adding
Seattle based heavy metal bands everyday! If you are a metal fan,
check it out cause Seattle has tons of great bands, if you are a
metal band from Seattle, you can be listed on the site by sending
your info to

have a great day!


Joe & Carrie



Ninth Level is a San Diego-based ultra-progressive death/black metal
band. We have recorded an album that is prepared for release, but
have no money left after the recording to print CD's. We are seeking
labels that will provide us with printing and distribution. If you
are interested in signing a band that is ready to go to market, come
see us at or hear 2 songs on at



Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel/Alas/Hate Eternal/Ripping Corpse has
opened his studio officially for business. The studio's name is
"Dimensional Sound" He is willing to record anything from demo bands
up to pro full lengths. Rates are very reasonable compared to most
studios, not to mention the expertise of Mr. Rutan himself! Rates
start at $30-35 per hour. If you want to contact Erik Rutan directly
regarding the studio, here is his phone number: (813) 340-4715 You can
also check out the website at:



Let The Dead Bury The Dead by BURN IT DOWN; coming soon!

Let The Dead Bury The Dead , the first full-length from Indianapolis�
BURN IT DOWN, is scheduled for release on Tuesday, September 26th.
Starting today, you can sample tracks from Let The Dead Bury The Dead

Let The Dead Bury The Dead - coming Sept. 26th.



PANDEMIA - Czech Warriors

They just came off tour with Vader, Vital Remains and Fleshcrawl and
are heading out again with Devilyn!! Read on and check out there
site for some sound samples as well!! You'll be psyched you did!!



If you need some Phil Mogg in your lives, then have a look at for an interview with the man himself.




Underground Records invites all who love independent music
straight from the UNDERGROUND to stop by our brick and mortar
retail store. It's small yes, but packed with hard to find rare
music, some new and some used, a little bit of major label stuff
(mostly used), posters and books. I can also order just about
anything that is available on the market, from the biggest band
to that hard-to-find european vinyl. Open Monday-Saturday
10 am -7 pm

Underground Records
6410 Hwy 140 NW
Adairsville, GA 30103

Labels: I display your POS stuff....will trade advertising in any of
Underground's publications in exchange for product.

Indie Artists - Worldwide distribution, approaching our second
full decade!



You have a chance to win a brand new Gibson Les Paul Standard.
When the winner is selected,we will take the guitar to Les himself
to have it autographed TO YOU from LES PAUL.
If you win you will also recieve photographs of Les signing and
playing your prize.

(Site best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0)

Also up for grabs, and Alesis QS 8.1 Keyboard,
a Shure Wireless Headset Microphone and and Alesis SR 16 Drum Machine.

All you need to do is go to our site, fill out the form and enter.
Limit one entry per person



I am in the process of updating the Underground Zines Databases. I
list online and printzines....if you'd like your zine linked with
your logo or graphic, snag an Underground graphic from
link us, then email me the location of the link along with your
graphic and linking info. Max size on graphic is 60K, for max
dimensions, see

Underground Zine Databases:


That's it until next time!
Take Care,
Todd - Underground

2000 Underground Records


*Over 6 in-house webzines designed to promote new music and talent
The Underground Sound - Multi-genre (ezine version too)
Slam - Punkzine
Hellzine - Heavy Metal
Electroid - Electronic & Dance
Joint - Rap/Funk/Urban/R&B/Soul
Sermon - Christian Rock
JamBone - Blues

*Free Musician's Message Boards
*Tons of Linkage to culture, arts, music & media
*Rockfest - annual new music showcase
*Distribution - Traditional & Digital

Always looking for good new bands, cool literature & art, web site
content, media & more!


The Underground

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^Since 1996^

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