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Thanks to magazines, webzines and radios for publishing, sharing and spreading the following news about I MITI ETERNI debut album titled "Historia Cumae" (Cd) Thanks for your precious collaboration.

I MITI ETERNI - HISTORIA CUMAE Debut album from I MITI ETERNI, titled "Historia Cumae" will be out on 27th October (Cd) by Jolly Roger Records (Distribution Tws / Code7) Bruno Masulli's (In Aevum Agere) "I Miti Eterni" (The Eternal Myths) is inspired by Homeric and Esodiacs poems and by classic literature. Treats Magna Grecia's high value epic-historical-cultural matters and its very ancient legends and myths, mixing different idioms as italian, latin, ancient greek and english on an epic heavy metal sound, trying the most possible to make international a message that speaks of sharing cultures, not abusing. At this link you can listen in streaming to "Legend of Apollo" -


Read the review of this release in Issue 57 of The underground Sound @: out in November 2014



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Based on the pattern we see, we believe that Sci-Fi merchandise will be the next big thing for the remainder of the year and in the upcoming years.
* Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.



REVOCATION w/ Thy Art is Murder

12/12 Adelaide, AU Fowlers Live
12/13 Melbourne, AU The HiFi
12/14 Melbourne, AU Ringwood OLP
12/17 Perth, AU YMCA HQ
12/18 Perth, AU Capitol
12/19 Sydney, AU Manning Bar
12/20 Birsbane, AU Crowbar
12/21 Brisbane, AU Crowbar



Have you heard our new original "The Phoenix"? Check it out

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FLAMES OF AN ENDLESS DISEASE is the name of the second full length badge from the Chilean technical/melodic death metal act SOULBURNER, presented this year by ROTTEN CEMETERY RECORDS. With FLAMES OF AN NEDLESS DISEASE, they manage to accomplish and finish their second, delayed and long awaited CD, effort divided in two parts, which contains the not despicable amount of 15 tracks and 58 minutes of music with a perfect quality sound that surprises any metal fan.

Even though many of you will brand the band after listening the first cuts with an air and sound of the NWOSDM (At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity e In Flames), we cannot pass without listening and appreciate what is presented here, aggressive and technical riffs, with melodic touches which keeps you aware of every new upcoming cut.. Not to miss, Available now.

Online Magazine Seeking Rock Artists to Feature

Deadline: October 30, 2014

Type: Magazine Seeking Artists

Genres: Rock

Description: The Hype Magazine's mission is to tap into new technologies and media innovations to support the continued growth of the brand and champion journalistic integrity. This magazine reaches a unique group of consumers who view The Hype Magazine as their source for music, fashion, new trends, new products, services, entertainment, events and topics relevant to their daily lives; both personal and professional.

We are searching for multiple rock artists to feature on our online magazine series "The Hype 2.0." Must have Hi-Res Performance Photos, social media presence and a completed profile.

Learn More @:


Hello I am Doev. I am emailing you for worldwide coverage and promotion of the EDM Experience!

Doev Music


LOS ANGELES to continue without full band
Auditions resume in early 2015

The band LOS ANGELES formed by Todd West in 2013 will continue to record it's first EP without added members. After more than a year of auditions to fill the drummer slot, none capable nor able have come forth. At this point the list of guests to appear on the recordigns is also still in debate.

Look for the first LOS ANGELES ep REVOLUTION out in early 2015!


THE MOBBS play a Wilko Johnson infused Billy Childish explosion, with a rocket full of ideas inspired by the bands on Dirty Water Records, with an arsenal of influences from the monotones of 1960s British beat to a full on undertone of funked-up rhythm & blues.


Ladies and Gentlemen, from the heart of Northampton's rock 'n' roll scene, Cravat Records proudly presents THE MOBBS fourth studio album; Garage Punk For Boys.

"That band just gets it all over with by going really fast, I really, really like that band!"
- KBYD Radio.

Garage Punk For Boys has taken its impetus from the title track itself. A �do it yourself� mentality has spurred these three lads to commit the songs to tape. The infectious feeling of jocular silliness, ferocity, calamity and fun will draw you in. So put aside half an hour, turn up the volume and hold on tight to the armchair!

�Everything about The Mobbs delicately balances originality on the knife�s edge of homage. They are, simply put, the next logical step. This is an album so brimming with hooks that you�ll find yourself singing along well after the music has stopped.�- Bibliodiscoteque 2014

With an arsenal of influences, each song is an homage to a variety of current and historic punk rock pioneers - from the mono-tones of 1960s British Beat to a full on undertone of funked up rhythm & blues. Garage Punk For Boys lifts it's hat to a Wilko Johnson infused Billy Childish explosion, with a rocket full of ideas inspired by contemporary cult English bands such as The Masonics, and a massive dose of live energy derived from the likes of King Salami & The Cumberland 3!

"A nonstop party comprised of sonic blasts and rave ups, with an occasional dash of Monty Pythonesque humour adding to the fun." - Broken Hearted Toy 2013

In shows across the UK and Europe over the next few months, THE MOBBS will be performing Garage Punk For Boys in its entirety! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is today's punk rock, this is raw and unruly...this is Garage Punk For Boys!

THE MOBBS II Garage Punk For Boys is available now from Cravat Records on CD album and all good download stores.



SnagFilms Inc.
665 Broadway, Suite 700
New York, NY 10012



Attention all IP Musicians:

We have started a page on featuring original artists from Informed Planet. It will have a link back to IP hoping to draw more musicians and others back to the site. All we need is one original track to post on the site, you pick what you feel is your best track and give it an artist name to be followed by the song title. This is purely for artist exposure along with trying to draw people back to IP, so all tracks will be offered as a free download. But if at anytime you wish to retract the song you can, you are not giving up any rights.

The music we are looking for will deal with universal love, fighting corrupt governments, antiwar, activism, and truther/awake subject matter. Basically the subject matter discussed on IP. But covering those subjects is not a necessity; feel free to submit any track.

Please forward to any musicians in your friends list. if you are intrested in contributing, please contacted Anon Medo. you can also discuss this on Informed Planet VIA

Calling for help:

We are putting a call out to any person who runs a Website, Facebook page, Twitter Feed, Youtube Channel or any other medium that will want to become a partner with Informed Planet and share each other's sites. Informed Planet hopes to build a network / directory of sites that can all work together to spread truth and information. Please contact us at if you are intrested.

Last of all we will like to thank everyone for their support. Remember to visit Informed Planet daily and spread the word, only way we will grow is with your support.

Informed Planet Team

Informed Planet -
Informed Planet iPhone App:
Informed Planet Android App:





Los Angeles, California's Goatsnake is back in a big way: having spent the Summer at Rock Falcon Studios in Franklin, Tennessee, the band is gearing up to release a first new full-length album since 2000's "Flower Of Disease."

The new Goatsnake album, due for a release on Southern Lord next year, will feature the familiar faces of Greg Rogers (The Obsessed, Sonic Medusa), providing drums, Greg Anderson of Sunn O))) taking care of the riffs, Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool, Earthlings?) on vocals, and new bassist Scott Renner (Sonic Medusa, Sourvein).

Joining them again on production duties is Nick Raskulinecz, who, since being introduced to Dave Grohl during the recording sessions of "Flower Of Disease," has gone on to work with seminal artists such as Rush, Alice in Chains, Deftones and Ghost, and has won Grammys with the Foo Fighters.

Goatsnake came to life in 1996, and released two EPs, two LPs, two 7" records and a split between 1998 and 2000. In 2010 the outfit returned as a live band, playing a handful of shows in the U.S. and Europe in the years since.

More details of the upcoming album will be announced soon, and you can catch Goatsnake live on these dates:

5/24/2014 Maryland Deathfest - Baltimore, MD w/ Amorphis, Anaal Nathrakh, Inverloch

5/29-31/2015 Temples Festival - Bristol, UK w/ Sunn O))), Today Is The Day and Martyrd�d


The Alternet - start using it today!!about/c1lzq



From Rock's Backpages

Audio LOON LANDING � Shortly before his death in September '78, Keith Moon discusses the Who, marriage and more with James Johnson.



Blackened Death & All Metal In-between!

Anbieterkennzeichnung gem.
� 6 TDG: Verantwortlicher Anbieter
TWS-Source of Deluge OHG
J.Stuhr & T.Ehrhardt
Hasporter Damm 53
27749 Delmenhorst
AmtsG OL HRA 140780
USt.-IdentNr. g. � 27 a
UStg.: DE 222 989 382





Maybe it�s time to tell what happened after the departure of the singer Francesco �Frallo� Cremisini last year. I (Matt) was the only member left in the band because Francesco De Honestis (the other guitar player) left the band as well, and the drummer Danilo Menna has been involved in many other projects.

The band officially went on hiatus, but I knew there would be no more Enemynside. The band was something Frallo and I worked on since 1998. We grew up both personally and musically with Enemynside, we released three full lengths (the last one �Whatever Comes� with R.Kotzen as very special guest on it), played live both in Italy and abroad. I�m proud of everything we have done and it would be senseless to me keeping the band alive with a new singer.

Last but not least I felt the need to play something different now, I feel myself more into hard rock and that�s why I focused on my other band NEW BABYLON. We have just released the new single titled �My New Baby� which you can download on I-Tunes following the link

The single is also available in streaming on Bandcamp ( and on Spotify and Pandora soon.



New Releases: The Mahones, Continental, The Blue Bloods, The Dirty Mugs

East Grand releases are distributed exclusively by ILD (available from Super D/Alliance and others) and available in Europe and the UK through Bertus

THE MAHONES - The Hunger & The Fight (Part One)
Stream -

Stream -

Preorder -

East Grand on Twitter:



Maggie Bjorklund has made a name for herself as an exceptional and stylistically unique musician, combining the tastes and techniques a wide variety of music - country, indie rock, film scores, psychedelia, pop - into a seamless blend of roots music.

With the release of her second album Shaken, Bjorklund again puts together an A-plus band, consisting of drummer Convertino, Barb Hunter on cello, Jim Barr (Portishead) on bass, John Parish (noted for his work as a singer/songwriter with PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse) on guitars/electric bass and production, and a featured guest vocal appearance by Kurt Wagner (Lambchop). This time around, the songwriting has a dire purpose and a profound, cathartic inspiration for its timely arrangement.

�The album took form in the midst of some big changes in my life,� Bjorklund said. �My mother died. I wrote a big part of the material while going to the hospital every day and helping her on her last road to the end.�

Shaken is full of potent memories and emotional outpouring, as translated into the warm but dark sonic textures. Much of the music here - whether instrumental or with vocals - flows like lucid dreams, with the listener visualizing the scenery via detailed aural talisman (e.g. the surreal warped music box feel in �The Road To Samarkand�) and sepia-tinged picturesque tchotchkes (in �Walking� Maggie delicately sings, �ice in a glass/ and I held it to cool the palm of my hand� or �stones in the road/ worn-out boots and street signs for shows�). At the sound�s core are the subtly dominant and defining touches of Bjorklund�s pedal steel melody lines, best heard in the distorted ghostly swells of �Bottom of the Well� and the breathy waves of �The Unlucky.�


"....the law is only as good as the people involved in it and the actions it represents in how it is dealt. Conceptually it may be golden, spiritually it may be sacred, yet if darkness and evil use it for oppression and tyranny, it becomes a burden which must be changed, controlled and overseen by light to bring it forth from that darkness. As I tell many, there is no great eagle which projects from any seal that defines justice and truth, only men, which are prone to abuse power, who must realize the laws of the natural state will always rule their worlds, and for many, they cannot accept this, so for many, they cannot fathom when and if they are wrong, it is not karma, yet the swift and heavy hand of a greater angelic order, which in time and always in the end, puts us all in our places. Temp that with ignorance, defiance, and especially violence, those who do such, from them and their inherits, over time all freedom shall be taken, and their powers turned to ash."

Preamble to the Freedom Agenda, Bylaws of the US Freedom Party


Music Festival Business
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Temporary Residence Limited

Greeting, Earthlings! We come to you with a new piece! This one is from our newest addition to the Temporary Residence traveling circus, Contact! Comprised of kindred spirits A.E. Paterra (Majeure, Zombi) and acclaimed UK film composer, Paul Lawler, their debut 12" is now available for pre-order in standard black or limited edition GLOW-IN-THE-DARK colored vinyl! (Pardon the ALL-CAPS, this is our first-ever glow-in-the-dark record. We're very excited.)

First Contact
TRR245 LP / Digital

Pre-Order Here:


Contact is the new duo of A.E. Paterra (aka Majeure) of famed sci-fi synth-rock group Zombi, and acclaimed British film composer, Paul Lawler. Exploring a similar orbit as Majeure and Zombi, multi-instrumentalist Lawler infuses heavy doses of melody and drama to give First Contact a sound and feel that blends late 70s Pink Floyd sprawl, the nostalgic wonder of early 80s science documentaries, and John Carpenter�s 80s sci-fi action films. Equal parts fascinating and euphoric, Contact is two masters of their respective crafts finding common ground in zero gravity.

This vinyl release is strictly limited to 1,000 copies (700 Black / 300 Color).


Track Listing:
1. First Contact
2. Terminal Point
3. Distant Voices
4. Icefall

Pre-Order Here:

Thanks for exploring,
Team TRL



+++ KOMPLIKATIONS - Poverty LP +++
+++ QUADER - S/T LP +++
+++ NO MORE ART / DOOMTOWN - Split 7" +++
+++ KOMPLIKATIONS - Step Forward 12" repressed +++

Komplikations - Going Down 12" Maxi

Trainwreck � Old Departures, New Beginnings LP
The Name reflects the aim! This superb Hardcore Band, consisting of actual and former members of EAVES, GLASSES and ENGRAVE, is a dark heavy steam train ready to derail. Formed in 2006, they�ve released a couple of records and played several European, UK, Japan and US tours. Their sound may remind you of some earlier stuff by CONVERGE, CURSED or COMADRE, yet they will always surprise you with a stunning mixture of melody, brutal force, speed and chaos within a 3-minute-song. This marvelous 11 song record is a coproduction between Rockstar Records and This Charming Man Records and it will blow your mind!

ROCKSTAR RECORDS - Viktoriastra�e 51 | 52066 Aachen
Phone: 0049 (0) 241 168 40 44



What is The Underground?


Milwaukee, WI
Experimental / Metal / Progressive Rock/Producer/Songwriter

"Signed Guitar Deal with J.Anthony Custom Guitars" J.Anthony,

"radio region 16 international interview to promote my new album The Joe DuPree Project" Marcella Diosa, Radio Region 16


Rob Samuels @ Maker's Mark

As you know, we love company. Maybe it�s because the Marion County countryside around our distillery is so peaceful. (A little too peaceful, if you know what we mean.) Or maybe it�s because our distillery is so out of the way, we�re thrilled when people make the effort to find us.

Whatever the reason, we invite you to stop in. We�ll be happy to give you an up-close-and-personal look at our distillery, our handmade whisky and the dream that led to both.

If you�re able to pay us a visit, we invite you to taste a bit of Maker�s Mark� Cask Strength� to see how this uncut and unfiltered version compares to the original while experiencing the kaleidoscope of shapes and colors of The Spirit of the Maker � our installation by renowned artist Dale Chihuly. The countless handblown glass pieces include deep browns and vibrant ambers emblematic of our bourbon, crystal blues that reflect the water from the distillery�s spring-fed lake and rich reds illustrative of the signature red wax that tops each handmade bottle.

I have to say, it�s the perfect backdrop for sipping the amplified flavors of Cask Strength. Cask Strength is now available for tasting as part of the tour experience and for purchase in the gift shop.

We hope to raise a glass of it with you here soon!



The Vickers

We released our new album "Ghosts", you can listen it here below!!!


The Vickers :



The Marshall Project is an non-profit, non-partisan news organization dedicated to covering America�s criminal justice system.

The Marshall Project is founded on two simple ideas:

1) There is a pressing national need for excellent journalism about the U.S. court and prison systems. The U.S. has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. From spiraling costs, to controversial drug laws, to prison violence, to concerns about systemic racial bias, there is a growing bipartisan consensus that America�s criminal justice system is in dire need of reform. As traditional media companies cut back on enterprise reporting, the Marshall Project will serve as a dynamic digital hub for information and debate on the legal and corrections systems.

2) With growing awareness of the system�s failings, now is an opportune moment to launch a national conversation about criminal justice. There are numerous indications of the country�s appetite for reform. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder recently proposed sweeping changes to mandatory sentencing guidelines for drug offenses. In New York State, the Rockefeller drug laws were amended to give judges more discretion over sentencing. Marijuana is now decriminalized or legal in 16 states. And for the first time in decades, the national prison population is beginning to decline.

We believe honest storytelling is a powerful agent of social change. The Marshall Project will be an agenda-setting resource for up-to-the-minute news, in-depth reporting and commentary about criminal justice. Our goal is to help make criminal justice reform an important part of the national debate by the 2016 presidential campaign. Just as a �national conversation� dramatically altered the country�s views on gay marriage and education reform, so too can a national conversation help us confront our troubled courts and prisons.

The Marshall Project will combine the best of the old and the new in journalism. We will achieve our goals through the use of conventional investigative reporting and opinion writing, and embrace new technologies currently transforming the media, including interactive graphics, immersive digital stories, short video documentaries and content generated by our readers. We will curate the daily torrent of criminal justice news from publications around the country, highlight the work of advocacy groups on both the right and left, host debates, and drive a lively discussion on social media.

Our name is an homage to Supreme Court justice and crusading civil rights attorney Thurgood Marshall.

The Marshall Project will be funded with the support of foundations and donors.

The Marshall Project
250 West 57th Street
Suite 2514
New York, NY 10019


Check out Darkside

as for now, the album will feature 14 songs and 5 instrumentals, with eventual bunos tracks still to be defined..


Get Physical Music GmbH
Pfuelstra�e 5, Berlin, Deutschland
Berlin 10997

These are some of the year's best compilations, like 'Body Language Vol. 14 by andhim', or our up & coming critic-sensation 'Most Wanted 2014 Pt. 1', or the fresh-off-the-press 'Wankelmoods Vol. 2' - there is without a doubt something here for everybody.

Looking for something to listen to at home to relax? Try the refreshingly original 'Hausmusik Vol. 1'. Want to get pumped up before a night out? 'Get Physical In Miami 2014' or 'Full Body Workout Vol. 12' are going to get the job done.


Get yours here:

Push Media Promotion GmbH
Dorfstr. 12b
85591 Vaterstetten, Germany
Office: +49 (0) 89 457 087 42


Stockholm, SE
Rock / Garage Rock

Look out, here it is! FORE - from Gig Studio in Stockholm the newest album from Stupidity. Including "King Midas" known from the soundtrack of the Netflix series "Lilyhammer 2" with Little Steven Van Zandt. The same Little Steven that picked "King Midas" to be "The Coolest Song In The World" 13 Dec 2014 on his radio show The Underground Garage.


Richters Herbs
Goodwood, ON L0C 1A0 Canada
1.800.668.HERB ~ 1.905.640.6677 ~ Fax 1.905.640.6641



The Hussy/Digital Leather Split LP

When we first heard the talk of these two bands doing a split our interests were instantly piqued but we had no idea the turnout would be this good. Digital Leather's side give us six tracks of what Shawn called "love songs". These tracks are down right catchy but depressing at the same time, absolutely killer! The Hussy gave us seven blistering punk tracks including a cover of Digital Leather's "Studs In Love"! Shawn also plays on four of The Hussy songs and this is some of our favorite material to date. Includes digital download.

The record was featured on Pitchfork who had this to say: "Starting things off is Digital Leather, the formidable project by multi-instrumentalist Shawn Foree. On the other, it's Madison darlings the Hussy. And hey, why not, Foree also plays on some of the Hussy's side. While Foree smolders with his space-aged new wave tracks (which are a must-have if you're a fan of that Damaged Bug LP or, duh, any previous Digital Leather work), the Hussy's power pop attack is given an added layer of synth-based spaciness. This is what a split should be: Two sides that are inherently different while wholly complementing each other."

The Hussy's video for Studs In Love was recently featured on Vice and The Huffington Post!



The Underground

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