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Could building of the underground cities be the source of The Hum?


Taste Nation LLC

My name is Matthew D. Thomas, Owner of Taste Nation LLC!!

Three years ago I decided to leave Corporate America and develop our state of the art, interactive Website for the Independent Global Music Community. I am excited to share with you our official launch and welcome you to grow with us!

Plainly, our business is to help yours. We have provided a brief outline and look forward to speaking with you to discuss all the features and benefits this robust website and our interactive Directories offer.

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Record Store / Record Label Story

Scenario - Julie and Bobby are in college and are getting exposed to Independent Music from their new college friends. They want to find a local record shop to buy some Music and start building their Music Library but are overwhelmed with all the music out and do not know what is good and bad and what will fit their taste in music!!

Solution � Julie and Bobby search www.tastenationllc.com Directories from their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to search and locate a Record Store close by that specializes in the genres they like and are interested in and / or a Label that feature similar bands on their roster. The couple can go to our Record Shop / Label Directories to find, research and buy music by going to the Shop, have them mail the music they want or go see a live in-store performance from a Taste Nation supporting band. They can also find any of our many label partners and buy from anywhere in the world without leaving our website, YOUR Micro-Site all from their mobile phone!!

Again, Taste Nation is assisting your business by connecting the dots, increasing your footprint and overall exposure and sales.
Taste Nation LLC
Attn: Matthew Thomas
P.O. Box 280
Los Alamitos, California 90720, USA
email - Matthew@TasteNationLLC.com
office - 714-465-9627
Skype - Taste_Nation


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You can run free ads on The Underground. Large ones accepted in the Zine, any type sizing up to 1300x1800px; and 120x600, 180x600, 400x400, 468x60 & 728x90 on the banner rotators. How it looks you can start @ rockfest.org & rockfest.org. Front page landing spotlights explained @ rockfest.org/rates.html. They are free as well. I also have weekly and monthly playlists for bands and labels, the widgets can be found throughout the site. Spots open on Friday nights sometimes for live interviews and broadcasts @ rockfest.org


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Welcome to the One-Party State

Republicans control the House, Senate, and Presidency. It�s time we start calling this what it is.


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Hi Todd,

My 'EMF Experts Solutions Club' is now live here http://electricsenseinterviews101.com/offer-aw1/

Lloyd Burrell

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Welcome to the Indie Contact Newsletter.

Social Media remains one of the most important promotional tools that an independent artist has at their disposal. This month's article, written by Christine Occhino of The Pop Music Academy, is a quick refresher on the top Social Media platforms that are available to independent musicians and songwriters.

In other news, we're happy to announce that the The 2017 edition of the INDIE BIBLE has been released! Please visit our website for details.

Also, in early 2017 we are releasing the first edition of our Worldwide Booking Agents Directory. If you book bands or artists of any style and would like to be added in, please contact us at info@indiebible.com. Make sure to include your contact details and genres of music that you prefer to work with.

As always, if you have a service that can help out artists or songwriters, and would like to be listed in this newsletter, don't hesitate to get in touch. Visit this website to submit your details. http://indiebible.com/submit.html Please include your contact information and the genres of music that you prefer to work with

As is the case every month, there is a large group of new contacts that can help you to gain more exposure for your music.

David Wimble Editor, The Indie Contact Newsletter indiecontactnewsletter@rogers.com One of the recent newsletters: http://indiebible.com/newsletter/dec2016.shtml





Nation Pension Program funds things like this:





FestivalNet.com - Find craft shows, art fairs, and music festivals






January, 1984

JUDAS PRIEST - DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH, an early in the year surprise so long ago....

Priest were on a roll when they released this one 33 years ago this week. This album, the incredible Screaming For Vengeance, Point of Entry and British Steel all coming out in less than five years time. Today most bands can't even do once decent album in five years, much less three classics and one near classic! I remember the times well, they were good times, memories of a lifetime! SALUTE!

Defenders Of The Faith:


The Secret Underground messages of 2016! (the best of list)

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�Most Americans realize that there are two groups of people who are monitored regularly as they move about the country. The first group is monitored involuntarily by a court order requiring that a tracking device be attached to their ankle. The second group includes everyone else��>br> auto insurance industry consultant

More from Shoshana:


�The goal of everything we do is to change people�s actual behavior at scale. When people use our app, we can capture their behaviors, identify good and bad behaviors, and develop ways to reward the good and punish the bad. We can test how actionable our cues are for them and how profitable for us�.
Silicon Valley Executive



rOCKFEST wEEKLY, Trip 248 MOnthly, reposts & spotlights @




Official links:

Ulcerate Official Site: http://ulcerate-official.com
Ulcerate on Facebook: http://facebook.com/ulcerate
Ulcerate on Bandcamp: http://ulcerate.bandcamp.co�m
Ulcerate on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3Bv5btxNbwbt79fcjw9D�Ag




brings you -

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons Dirty Rock 'n' Roll The formidable Pussycat is renowned for prowling the audience whilst the adrenaline fuelled Dirty Johnson boys pound out their infectious blend of punk rock �n� roll. Like all cats they are hard to pin down and have been described as one of the most incendiary live bands in the UK. Their debut studio LP Exercise Your Demons received many great reviews and, with the high impact raw energy of one of their shows artfully captured by producer Alex McGowan, the eagerly awaited power-packed follow up Dirty Rock �n� Roll graced them with even higher praise from fans and reviewers alike. Containing 11 blistering tracks the trio also bought in the double-bass skills of Phil Bloomberg (of The Polecats) to guest on a couple of numbers! Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons� video Trouble With The Devil has received over 40,000 hits and the last three years has seen the band play hundreds of shows, including numerous UK tours and some great festival slots. They�ve played with the likes of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Thee Oh Sees, The Fuzztones, Bad Sin, The Damned, 999, The Polecats, The Creepshow, Bow Wow Wow, The Meteors, The Vibrators, Resurex and The Rezillos, amongst many others. Currently finishing new material for the eagerly awaited next album, 2016 will see them hitting the roads of the UK again for their Autumn Tour! With Puss on vocals and guitar, Dirty Jake on guitar and Filfy Antz back on drums (after a two year stint as a T-Rex), this Basingstoke trio create an incredibly tight wall of sound! Ain�t No Pussy!?! Well that�s for sure! dirtywaterrecords.co.uk ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Playboy Manbaby
You Can Be A Fascist Too b/w I'd Like To Meet Your Parents
Dirty Water Records
20 January 2017

Playboy Manbaby is the contradictory soundtrack to the contemporary life experience. Grimly sarcastic yet youthfully nihilistic music that seems to crash into things with a semi-coherent deliberation that can only be generated by a group of frail but over-caffeinated and eternally anxious young adults. Playboy Manbaby is the theme song to the sentiment �what the fuck am I doing with my life?� Indecisive in both message and genre but never lacking in sheer intensity.

The group hail from Phoenix, Arizona and consist of Robbie Pfeffer (vocals), Chris Hudson (bass), TJ Friga (guitar), David Cosme (trumpet), Chad Dennis (drums), and Austin Rickert (sax). Having been a regional powerhouse for over five years with two previously released cassette albums on their own Rubber Brothers label, these lads have have shared the stage with the likes of: Mike Watt & The Missing Men, King Khan & BBQ Show, King Khan & The Shrines, Rocket From The Crypt, Thee Oh Sees, Cosmonauts, The Spits, Black Flag, The Descendents, The Replacements, The Slackers, Teenage Bottlerocket, amongst countless others.

After having just wrapped up the mastering of their long overdue new LP "Don't Let It Be", these desert area DIY-veterans have just released the first single off the album,"You Can Be A Fascist Too" in the run up to the US presidential inauguration on January 20th. Singer Robbie Pfeffer explains, �So, we weren�t supposed to put this out until February, but in light of recent events we feel like every societal catastrophe deserves a proper theme song."

On the B side and in their latest music video �I�d Like To Meet Your Parents,� viewers are forced to watch two lovebirds looking to enjoy a night out at a place presumably called Crapriotti�s or La Doo Doo which serves only the best Rasberry Creme Shasta and Spaghetti ala Ketchup.

�We shot this video in my living room and tried to make it a terrible Italian restaurant,� says Playboy frontman Robbie Pfeffer. �I wanted to make a video where the band is playing but aren�t really an important or central part of it. I didn�t tell the guys what the idea was, I just told them to show up at a certain time and then started yelling at them to paint their faces etc. I�m super glad how it turned out and I think everyone did a great job embracing their characters.�

dirtywaterrecords.co.uk ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Dirty Fences
First "EP" Plus Two Xtra Songs
Dirty Water Records
15 March 2017

Dirty Fences offer a satisfying and youthful obsession with early KISS and Motley Cr�e, then discovering the fortunate truth of The Dictators and Ramones. Dirty Fences is comprised of Jack Daves (vocals/guitar), Max Roseglass (guitar), Max Comaskey (bass), and Max Hiersteiner (drums) � yes, three Maxes and a Jack � who all met in high school growing up in Boston. One day in woodshop class Hiersteiner sliced the tip of his finger off. While the blood was still oozing out, Daves volunteered to escort him to the hospital. During that little adventure they talked about music and discovered their shared love for rebellious tunes � and they�ve been playing music together ever since.

�You know in Back To The Future where Marty McFly goes on stage and he picks up the guitar and does the Chuck Berry thing for the first time and all the girls go crazy and the guys freak out � we�re like that,� singer Jack says about their live sets. Reviews describe their live show as a �phenomenon�. Vanyaland blog, for example, tells us that �the band was ever-moving across the stage�lifting guitars overhead, bowing in unison and performing semi-choreographed stage moves. Even the drummer was standing at certain points of the set".

Last year saw the release of their second studio album, Full Tramp (Slovenly Recordings) along with an extensive European tour covering six countries � in which the band was robbed of all of its gear and merchandise, during a stop in Rome after playing the Coropuna venue in the Italian capital city. They relayed the news through social media and set up a GoFundMe page, which generated almost $16,000 in just 24 hours! After a short break they were back on the road in the fall with Festival appearances at Meltasia in upstate New York, at Good Vibrations in Austin, Texas and a special seventh anniversary party for Straight To Hell Apparel in Chicago, where they received free jackets, gloves and hats and even modelled them for their website.

They played exclusive local shows during this time including a sold out double header with The Mummies at Music Hall of Williamsburg, a sold out New Year�s Eve performance at Berlin NYC, and sold out performance with Shannon and the Clams at Baby/'s All Right. Around this time, the band got into discussions with Dirty Water Records about releasing two new tracks on wax, '2X2' and 'Sell Your Truth' that ultimately ended up as extra tracks on the reissue of their brilliant debut EP (originally released in 2012). The 12� vinyl will be out in mid-March



FACEOOK'S TICKER - Internet's greatest stalking tool, for YEARS!

Violet Allenby � 5 years ago

the old-old facebook used to give users the option of not having their every click and comment end up in the feed. The current ticker doesn't allow users to opt out.

Worse, there's a bug: If I post something for a certain list, if someone from that list comments, their friends can see the comment on their tickers, click on the comment and see the "locked" post.

If you detest the ticker as much as I do, you can complain at https://www.facebook.com/help/

^^Via Maddog - Nah, you can't stop your shit from ending up there. Got 10 people gangstalking ya? Facebook is their friend....^^

In Issue 62:

"I know this 'ol boy...."
http://rockfest.org/sound - March 2017








Luka, Inc.
55 Rodgers St
San Francisco, CA 94103


Dear EMF Stakeholders,

Thank you to those who have watched the newly released five-part Dangers of Wi-Fi series - https://youtu.be/ywZS4vbl9fg?list=PLMAz9ZRXjYmpbGE51zvScTaphFPybdGl2 and asked for information on how to offer it to your local cable stations.

My understanding is it has now been uploaded at TelVue for national distribution, and most cable stations are members. Those in Massachusetts can also access it via Mass Media eXchange (MMX). You can forward the attached flyer to your local cable station and as a resident request that it be considered for airing. There is a link to TelVue and MMX, and for stations that are not members, the YouTube links are also included in the flyer.

It is exciting to see that as of today, 362 people have begun to watch the series on YouTube, I've seen it shared on social media too, and am told cable stations in five states have already picked it up.

I hope you'll agree this is a nice opportunity to think globally and act locally. Can I ask that you drop me a line if your cable station runs it? Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to share this with others on your distribution lists.

Warm regards, and thanks for all you do!

Cece Doucette


Edward of JAIPORA | events@jaipora.com | Chicago | Chicago | Chicago, Il 60605




Terri Keller, M. A.
Stop Smart Meters Georgia Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/415080751852326/)


VAGUS NERVE Announce EP Release
Posted by Doc Coyle (Creator)

Everyone�s hard work and dedication has been leading to this moment as Vagus Nerve announces the official release date of their debut EP, Visceral. Digital & Physical Ordering available http://vagusnerveband.com/product/cd/

Although the backers of the Kickstarter should already have the EP, but please spread the Vagus Nerve gospel to your friends now that it is available to everyone. Your support is greatly appreciated.

The band have also debuted our 1st music video for the song �Pull Me Out�, directed by Douglas Henderson for Bold Creative Media out of York, PA. Like the songwriting, music production, and album artwork before it, this video falls in line with the elegance and beauty that characterizes Vagus Nerve. We really hope you enjoy it!





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WITCHWOOD "Handful of Stars", now available on Lp (11,90 �) and Cd (8,00 �)

One year after the acclaimed debut album "Litanies From The Woods� (2015), Italian 70�s hard rockers Witchwood come back with a new release. ��Handful Of Stars� represents an hypothetical band�s cycle as it contains also music based on ideas developed during the recording sessions of �Litanies From The Woods�, but left behind because that album was already almost 80 minutes length�, comments mastermind Ricky Dal Pane. �There are 3 unreleased songs and a tribute to two of our favourite bands of all time: �Flaming Telepaths� from Blue �yster Cult and �Rainbow Demon� from Uriah Heep. We also added an extended version of the song �Handful Of Stars� with a new, previously unreleased intro. This is a very well curated album and it�s full of interesting material, lasting 45 minutes. We are very happy about it and we hope our fans won�t be disappointed�.

Jolly Roger Records are available also from these distributions:
Goodfellas - Italy, Export
Cargo - Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Code7 - Uk, Export
Rock Inc. - Benelux
Pick Up - Export

Jolly Roger


The Cook N Book! @



GRAVE DIGGER - New Video - Healed By Metal

finally the deed is done!

Since a few minutes, the new video of the first single of the new album of Germanys metal masters GRAVE DIGGER titled -Healed By Metal- can be watched exclusively at this link:





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FRANCE: Companies will have to protect employees from electromagnetic waves

A first step for all employees "electrosensibles"

Sophie Pelletier is an engineer and works in a public administration in the center of Paris. For six years she has hardly any working life. Electro diagnosed by doctors, it is now recognized as a disabled worker because his health has continued to deteriorate due to electromagnetic waves: "In the meeting rooms and wifi in the subway and public transportation , Throughout the week I accumulate this exposure which ends up echoing my general state, with great fatigue, and creates me troubles of the heart rhythm, memory and attention that prevent me to return to work When I'm too tired ".

Sophie Pelletier continues the sick leave. She has repeatedly requested that her position and working time be adjusted. But she has always run into the misunderstanding of her employer."It's a disease that does not fit in the boxes," she says, "it's complicated for the employer to arrange a number of things to keep me properly in the job. 'I lost two thirds of my salary for several years and it annoys me because I put a damper on my career, or my health, or both at the same time.

According to estimates, in France there are now nearly 70 000 people who suffer from electrosensitivity.

################################################################### For an ongoing view into a life of electrosensitivity disabilty, which the New World Order Governments insists does not exist, see the latest Sound @ http://rockfest.org/sound

and the blog post that started it all @




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