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08/01 NEW YORK CITY, NY @ The Cakeshop
08/02 NEW HAVEN, CT @ Three Sheets
08/09 EUGENE, OR @ Cozmic
08/10 PORTLAND, OR @ Hive
08/11 SEATTLE, WA @ El Corazon
08/14 EUREKA, CA The Ink Annex
08/16 FRESNO, CA @ Audie's Olympic / Club Fred
08/17 SANTA CRUZ, CA @ ::THE BOX::
08/20 SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ DNA Lounge
08/22 LOS ANGELES, CA @ Release The Bats
08/23 LANCASTER, CA @ Anti Klub
08/24 TIJUANA, MEXICO @ La Cupula del Vampiro
08/28 LAS VEGAS, NV @ TheDive Bar
08/30 EL PASO, TX @ The Lowbrow Palace
09/07 NEW ORLEANS, @ St. Joe's Lofts
09/10 CHICAGO, IL @ LiveWire Lounge Chicago
09/11 ST. LOUIS, MO @ The Crack Fox
09/14 LOUISVILLE, KY @ Mag Bar
09/18 LEXINGTON, KY @ Bluegrass Batcave
09/20 PHILADELPHIA, PA @Teri's




There is in Madrid a musical effervescence that nothing can tame. If the secular bleakness fits well the dark, sullen, industrial compositions of some of its famous musicians, an older tradition, looser, of dedication to the suave, stretched, paced nighttime, finds its natural extension in the talents of young artist like Alberto Pascual.

For many years now Alberto Pascual has been involved in the spaniard capital's techno scene. He has been producing on his own, keenly, delivering indisputable groove material to the crowds. Constantly evolving, his technique is not to debate, speak on its behalf: merciless rythms, ascensional themes , nebulous as well as aerial, the young musician knows how to manipulate the audience's urges and pleasures, and meticulously drive them frenzy. It's then no surprise to hear him giving ecstatic performances as a DJ. Used to international stages , in addition to his favorite court, his appearances have left no one indifferent. From powerful 90's icons to techno's freshest talents, he takes care in delivering rattling sets wherever he plays. In the steady dynamic of his, together with the experience and maturity he gleaned over the years, Alberto is now engaging himself in the creation of a raw, solid techno that is to be kept closely under watch.

More Info: https://twitter.com/AlbertoPascual



The third album of the Chilean Death/Black UNBLESSED has released a couple of weeks before, and again the band chose AUSTRALIS RECORDS - as in their previous album "Man Has Killed God" � as the responsible label for editing this new assault.

With a more mature sound within the usual UNBLESED shown in previous work, this new self-titled album will show that the hordes commanded by Paul Callahan - founder member of Unblessed - are more powerful than ever. In a little over 40 minutes and with 9 songs, Unblessed shows all evil and hatred that led to this album.

The album was recorded at SUBTERRA STUDIOS by Mario Arancibia, and the art was made again by the already known artist Alvaro Unsilent, who achieved a remarkable job following the aesthetic and darker lines of the band.

This album has the following songs:

Intro| The Last Call
A taste for Disaster
To Achieve Immortality
Storm of Oblivion
The Balck Omen
Fuck Reality
Digging Melancholy

More info & more heavy music @



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THE WORD: http://www.angelfire.com/ca/wtw/book2.html


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Via de Petri, 6, Bottega Panzano, MO, Italia
Bottega Panzano, Emilia-Romagna 41011 � Italy

Jolly Roger Records celebrates first 5 years of activity releasing a 12" split vinyl between cult-doom band L'Impero delle Ombre and classic heavy metal band Bud Tribe, same bands which opened label's discography with 7" split vinyl "Dr. Franky / Star Rider" in 2008. L'Impero delle ombre side will contain one unreleased track titled "Corvi Neri", unreleased alternative version of "Divoratori della Notte" and "Dr. Franky". Bud Tribe side will contain "Warrior Creed" and "Rule the Lightning" (both as cd bonus tracks from "Eye of the Storm" album) and "Star Rider". Limited to 250 copies, first 100 copies in red vinyl.

Another release is the vinyl edition of "Demon Woman" from italian cult doom-heavy band Sacrilege (post-Black Hole and pre-Epitaph featuring Mauro Tollini and Nicola Murari), which will contain 5 tracks from 1986 demo-tape, completely remastered and an 8 page-insert. Limited to 500 copies, first 100 copies in purple vinyl.

wholesale price 8,00 �

Tracklist :
All albums are now out.
For infos, preorders and trades (where possible) : jolly_roger_records@alice.it


Denovali Wholesale

den200 | Ensemble Economique - Melt Into Nothing Cd | 12''
listen: www.denovali.com/ensembleeconomique

�Melt Into Nothing� is Ensemble Economique's most lucid seance to date. The prolific Humboldt County musician has stripped layers off of his trademark haze but retained the beautiful desolation that's earned him a rabid fanbase. The solo project of former Starving Weirdos member Brian Pyle, Ensemble Economique has crossed a land bridge from apocryphal world music and dusty soundtracks to gauzy 4AD-style atmospherics. Trellises of guitar embolden Pyle's whispered, threadbare lyrics. On �Hey Baby�, the itinerant tone feels like an update on Neil Young's stark and beautiful soundtrack for Jarmusch's �Dead Man�. �Melt Into Nothing�, like that beautiful film music, evokes the great American expanse.

Field recordings slip in and out of the mix. On �Fade for Miles�, Pyle's adroit effects and backwards tape manipulation make the long trail on his vocals fade into waves on a rocky beach. Pyle combines minor-key organ and spacious string synths on �Never Gonna Die�, recalling the grey grace of the releases on Factory's gothic cousin, Benelux. Thunder accentuates the dubbed-out machine drum programming as Pyle's dulcet tenor floats in storm clouds. The full-length also features contributions from Toronto artist DenMother and Parisian artist Sophia Hamadi, also of dark-wave Opale. This music is not excessively dark or severe. Rather, the record explores the internal dialogue of solitary walks. �Melt Into Nothing� is for making sense of humanity in nature's unforgiving face. Ensemble Economique has made his most accessible record yet, but the complex emotion behind these tracks remains resonant and ultimately mysterious.

::: Stream: www.denovali.com/ensembleeconomique
::: Wholesale Price CD: 8.00 Euro
::: Wholesale Price LP: 10.50 Euro

den202 | The Eye Of Time � Acoustic Cd | 12''
listen: www.denovali.com/theeyeoftime

HE EYE OF TIME is the Solo-Project of French musician Marc Euvrie. Euvrie's musical development is deeply connected with the French DIY punk and hardcore scene, though he has been classically trained as well. He started to play piano being 9 years old, composed his first pieces with 15 and studied cello at the conservatoire after finishing school. Euvrie used to play in several bands before, being influenced by CLAUDE DEBUSSY, PHILIP GLASS, FREDERIC CHOPIN, J.S. BACH, MICHAEL NYMAN just as by GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR, A SILVER MT. ZION or PORTISHEAD, he began to translate his personal reflection of our complex world into music, which initiated THE EYE OF TIME. A self titled debut record, released in Spring 2012, evolved first.

For his debut Marc Euvrie's critical writing exposed a dark look on the present, past and future: Linked to machines and samples, revealing an unnatural direction of the human being's existence. His upcoming release ACOUSTIC is a consequent change of focus. Looking for the motor, the personal needs to survive, he found himself experimenting with only Cello and Piano. Apparently these classical instruments turned out to be a relevant strong signal to go back to the roots with something more natural and simple to start from. Though both records seem to go in opposite directions in terms of sound and concept, a strong underlying layer stays inevitable: The Eye of Time's compositions imply a call to fight for the things we love.

ACOUSTIC might be understood as a counterbalance to The Eye of Time's debut. Where the previous record disclosed the coldness of our time, destructing everything that is meant to be our deep nature and presenting the despair of our situation, Acoustic embarks on a little glimpse of hope: Finding some strength to keep fighting for the nature of things and their vital qualities. Marc Euvrie composed six songs for six different locations and points in time, reaching way back to ancient centuries as well as taking a glance into our near future of a yet unknown place. A very personal travel through time and space, between the beauty of nature (Cisjordania, Norway) and the need of hope, which allows humans to dream (Spain, Poland). Marc Euvries own feelings and thoughts about his life evoke mostly in the last two tracks, where he found a form to intensify what keeps him alive.

::: Stream: www.denovali.com/theeyeoftime
::: Wholesale Price CD: 8.00 Euro
::: Wholesale Price LP: 10.50 Euro

Timo | Denovali Records




upcoming LIFEFORCE RECORDS releases

THE CHANT �New Haven� - June 6th, 2014 (Europe), June 10th, 2014 (North America)
RED ELEVEN �Tomorrow's Path� digital single - June 20th, 2014
CONFESSION �Life and Death� - July 18th, 2014 (Europe only)
THR�NENKIND �Hope(less)� 7"/ digital EP - July 18th, 2014
DEADLOCK �The Re-Arrival� - August 15th, 2014 (Europe), August 19th, 2014 (North America)
RED ELEVEN �yet untitled� - September 2014
EDEN CIRCUS �Marula� - September 2014



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History of The Underground

2014 see the returns of the live call-ins for the weekly, stay tuned for more info!

To schedule a live performance or interview taping @ Underground Records' Studio A, please call (404) 954-2708 and leave contact information.


New Mary Kelly single, Penny Dreadful
Here's the video for it so you can see what you think of the song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjqKu_fTgNo

We've just released our new album, Modus Operandi (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00GJDGYZW/ref=dm_att_alb1), and this is the final single from it

Let me know what you think!



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Endemic Emerald - "Calisthenics" Video Ft. Tragedy Khadafi. Sav Killz & Bugsy Da God

Producer Endemic Emerald presents the Rodolfo Duran-directed music video for �Calisthenics�, his new single featuring Tragedy Khadafi, Sav Killz & Bugsy Da God. Taken from the album Terminal Illness 2, which also features Masta Killa, Cappadonna, Planet Asia, Skyzoo, Killah Priest, Roc Marciano & Many More!TI2 is the follow up to the 2009 Money Maker/EMI release Terminal Illness, which featured Sean Price as well as UK artists C Mone and Triple Darkness, and received radio play from DJ Premier. In 2010 Duck Down Records released Adamantine, Endemic�s collaboration record with Ruste Juxx which featured General Steele of Smif N Wessun and Ill Bill. Terminal Illness 2 is in stores now and can be purchased on the links Below. Endemic Emerald [now adding the Emerald to his name, Given to him by long time collaborator and Friend Hell Razah] is now residing in Brooklyn NYC. He has since nearly completed a new EP Entitled "Crown Royale" Aswell as working with artists such as Immortal Technique, Royal Flush, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Easy Mo Bee, Posion Pen & many more!

Watch "Calisthenics" on Youtube:


�The Quantum Enigma� out now!

�Raise Your Fist � Anniversary-Edition� out now!

SABATON 'Resist And Bite' � Digital single out now!




Behold the music industry is trying to adjust to a revolution, caused by technology evolution. It is now easier to create, duplicate, and distribute CD�s in a cost effective manner. The playing field is starting to level off giving independent companies a chance to enjoy monetary success. However the next wave of independents are coming across as hustlers, and not businessmen. Therefore, as major labels limit signing new acts, and independents lack the business mindset, thus the climate is right for IRON HORSE MUSIC

Our Vision:

IRON HORSE MUSIC refuses to create carbon copy artists that have different names yet have styles like the others. IRON HORSE MUSIC shall only work with artists with drive, vision and have the gift to touch minds & entertain.

Why Iron Horse Music:

IRON HORSE MUSIC will be a driving force to help expose underground artists to the world. IRON HORSE MUSIC will function similar to other labels in the regard we will work to promote the artists through every means possible including radio, in stores, video clip etc., however the principal nature of IRON HORSE MUSIC will be to groom, nurture, and develop artists for the next level. The best analogy that represents our goals is like a minor league baseball team. Without bias we will recruit the best prospects throughout the land and help to develop their talents in areas including style, performance, and production. IRON HORSE MUSIC will utilize all efforts to make our artists successful, however most artists need to hone their skills, and gain popularity. Some might disagree on our platform, but we shall stand firm and work hard with up and coming artists, and if they leave us for a better deal, then we succeeded growing something special from our meager pond.

What makes IRONHORSEMUSIC.net different?

IRONHORSEMUSIC.net is not a brand new concept. We are not re-inventing the wheel. IRONHORSEMUSIC.net is merely adding, enhancing, and improving a medium that will be the standard for the future. What sets us apart at this point is our willingness and drive to promote our artists, other artists, and independent labels to the fullest. That doesn�t mean million dollar videos, fully wrapped buses etc., It takes going back to the grassroots hand to hand, word of mouth promotion. The Internet has made this world smaller. Years ago independent labels could only sell CD�s in their local area.

Today we can reach listeners worldwide. IRONHORSEMUSIC.net has a growing database of e-mails addresses of, hip-hop friendly business, and industry executives that we will actively promote to. We will also send out postcards, do magazine ads, and other promotion material, however everything will be cost effective.

IRONHORSEMUSIC.net is looking for those on our level; if you believe in what were doing, and you have what it takes contact us.

Experience the underground..
...enjoy the ride



On his ninth album (and fifth for Bloodshot Records) �blood� is many, often inherently contradictory, themes: life, death, suffering, evil, commitment, legacy, atonement. Throughout Nothin� But Blood, recorded at Biram�s home studio and Cacophony Studios in Austin, TX, SHB�s distinct songwriting style encompasses his penchant for sludge metal and palm muting (�Around the Bend�), the raw sucker punch of punk rock (�Only Whiskey�), profound truths of sentimental acoustic blues and country (�Never Comin� Home�), the cleansing powers of gospel hymns and spiritual ballads (�When I Die�), and folk tales from the early 20th century (there has never been a more beautifully creepy and morosely slinky take on �Jack of Diamonds�).

Like a scumbag Leonard Cohen. � Shooter Jennings

His raucous blend of psychobilly, blues, country, metal and rock suggests and inner starvation for true expression and honesty that, frankly, should lead you to question the conviction of everyone you've ever seen set foot on a stage. � Houston Press

Writing from a new-found place of conviction, Lydia crafted 10 songs that are stark in their honesty, self-examination, and openness. Without ditching the ribald, spit-in-your-eye attitude of her previous recordings, Loveless travels into some parallel-universe, roots-born Exile In Guyville territory. These are songs that find her asserting stylistic choices, while baring themes of insatiable desire, unrequited emotion, and mistake-making on life's crooked, fucked up path.

Recorded at Sonic Lounge in her hometown Columbus, OH, Somewhere Else is more elemental than any of Loveless� previous material; it�s about longing for the other - whether that�s something emotional, physical, or mental.

SPIN has already covered Lydia in advance of the album (as one of the 5 Best New Artists of January , on their 50 Albums to Hear in 2014 , and in a This Is Happening feature ) and ELLE.com just premiered a new track �Head.�

Love this woman. Love her. Is �Stevie Nicks singing lead on 'Born to Run'" overstating it? Probably, but too bad. � SPIN

Brimming with brashness and vulnerability, confidence and insecurity, and can leave you not knowing quite what to think. � The Boston Globe



�Dex Romweber was and is a huge influence on my music. I owned all of his records as a teenager, and was thrilled at the fact that we were able to play together recently on tour. [He is] is one of the best kept secrets of the rock n roll underground.�

� Jack White, White Stripes

For a quarter century, Dex Romweber has trolled the dark corners and back shelves of the haunted thrift store of Americana ephemera and honed an extraordinarily idiomatic sound, a particular and readily identifiable DEXness for those in the know. It�s a creepy doll collection of surf, proto-rockabilly, garage, dark and vengeful blues, and nobody, but nobody, plays it like Dex. First with the legendary Flat Duo Jets and now with his Duo, Dex distilled the punk ethos of less-is-more to the essential guitar/drums template. Left in the wake of his lecherous and slithery Silvertone were early acolytes like Jack White, Neko Case, and the Reigning Sound as well as a current crop of the indie pack like Ty Segall, No Age, Japandroids, and The Black Keys. All owe an unclaimed pawn ticket of debt to his sublime and spine-tingling sound. He is a live wire back to the murky, sometimes dangerous and always unpredictable headwaters of real rock and roll.

Dex, with his whip-wristed sister Sara Romweber on drums, takes their third full-length release (and first since 2011�s Is That You In The Blue?) Images 13 through neon-lit alleys, full of pulp fiction juvey rock, sci-fi theme songs and greasy denim hipster jive. Recorded at Rick Miller�s (Southern Culture on the Skids) Kudzu Ranch studio in North Carolina, Images 13 would make everyone from Duane Eddy to Stan Kenton to Lenny Bruce crack a smile, a joke or the seal on a fifth of rye and head for the Naugahyde ice bucket.

Contact Bloodshot Records for more info.


Josh Zanger � Publicist � Bloodshot Records
Office #: 773.604.5300 // Twitter: @joshzang

Photos, mp3s, cover art, and press releases available at: http://www.bloodshotrecords.com/mediakit






LOS ANGELES, the latest heavy rock (industrial punk metal) band from Underground Records founder Todd West is currently holding auditions for a drummer and full time touring bassist. The rehearsals take place in Adairsville, GA. For an audition slot, call (404) 954-2708 and leave your name info and contact information.

LOS ANGELES: http://rockfest.org/losangeles



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Think Indie: contact russell@thinkindie.com
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URP: contact spyder@urpdist.com
Alliance: contact Ken.Glaser@aent.com

More distributors listed @ http://rockfest.org/distrolist.html



Black Pope is an upcoming Emcee from Northwest Uk. His Music is moulded on a mixture of 90's Hip Hop and various other genres which brings versatility and originality. An Old head on a reasonably young shoulders who stands apart from the usual crowd.. The new single "Dark Fantasy" features underground favourite Reef the Lost Cauze features a dark organ based backdrop and some twisted rhymes! Black Pope is set to drop his 1st full length album "The Sinister Minister" on April 1st 2014. Look out the future is Black!

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/black-pope-2

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Pope/183311228385220
Instagram - http://instagram.com/blackpopesworld
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/MrHip88hop


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US FREEDOM PARTY - "We are the Americans, and we are coming to take our country back!"



from metalbladerecords.com

Cattle Decapitation: Limited Edition vinyl releases of bands entire Metal Blade catalog thus far slated for 2014

Deluxe vinyl box with art by Wes Benscoter will be available to house the entire collection!

San Diego, CA's finest purveyors of extreme metal, Cattle Decapitation, are planning a series of limited edition vinyl releases for 2014 under the banner "Decade of Decapitation", to celebrate 10 years of releases on Metal Blade Records. The band's entire Metal Blade discography: "To Serve Man" (2002), "Humanure" (2004), "Karma.Bloody.Karma" (2006), "The Harvest Floor" (2009), and "Monolith of Inhumanity" (2012) are all being prepared in lavish gatefolds for release. The colors, handpicked by the band, reflect the concept or color scheme behind each album. Fans will also have the opportunity to pick up a collectable box that comes with an exclusive T-shirt, both with brand new art from longtime Cattle Decapitation cover artist, Wes Benscoter. Additionally, "To Serve Man", the band's debut full-length, and their sophomore effort "Humanure" have been remastered specially for this release. Each vinyl will be released separately in the coming months. Pre-orders for "To Serve Man" are available now at indiemerch.com/metalbladerecords.com

Cattle Decapitation's Travis Ryan adds: "We are very excited to announce the "Decade of Decapitation" reissues! All of our Metal Blade discography has been out of print since right after each release and we're glad we will finally be able to meet some of the demands of the fans with these cool reissues! I've had rare items in my personal collection that came with an empty spot for other items that had to be hunted down in order to be complete, I always thought that was fun and so now we pass the hunt on to our fans! The box art is another quality piece from the great Wes Benscoter which reveals the inside living space of a psychopath hellbent on revenge, the same point of view from which the majority of our lyrics come from."

Cattle Decapitation vinyl colors:
"To Serve Man" - (Longpig Slaughter colored vinyl - red splattered on pink)
"Humanure" - (Bloody Stool colored vinyl - red splattered on brown)
"Karma.Bloody.Karma" - (Blood On Blood colored vinyl - red splattered on blood red)
"The Harvest Floor" - (Bloody Steel colored vinyl - red splattered on silver)
"Monolith of Inhumanity" (Golden Landfill colored vinyl - confetti multi color splattered on gold)



Today we are excited to announce that Beats Music has acquired Topspin. Beats Music has made it a priority to empower artists within their recently launched streaming service, and they have acquired ArtistLink to continue powering the images, bios, and commerce offers on their artist profile pages.

Topspin�s earliest and most lasting mission has been to help artists make a living by connecting them with their fans and helping them make money. When we started in 2007, music fans were primarily downloading digital files and moving them manually into their iPods. The world of downloads proved valuable in acquiring fan emails for free and bundling digital albums with tickets, merchandise, or any type of direct-to-fan offer. In the 7 years since, fans have moved away from buying individual downloads and moved into accessing the world�s music from a variety of streaming services. As the era of streaming matures, new ways to connect artists and fans will evolve inside these services, and Beats Music now has a proven platform and team in Topspin�s ArtistLink to lead the industry in empowering artists in their service.

Moving forward, Beats Music is going to fully support all ArtistLink offers that you have on Beats Music, Spotify, MTV.com and CMT.com. You do not need to make any changes to your ArtistLink account and can continue to use ArtistLink to publish your offers.

Topspin is proud and honored to be joining the Beats Music team. We are excited to shepherd in the next evolution of direct-to-fan for artists as members of the Beats Music team and have lots of great developments to share with you in the days and weeks ahead.

The Topspin team


"A lot of people do have a problem with the eye in the sky, the Big Brother, so to mitigate those kinds of complaints we basically kept it pretty hush hush"

In a secret test of mass surveillance technology, the Los Angeles County Sheriff�s Department sent a civilian aircraft over Compton, California, capturing high-resolution video of everything that happened inside that 10-square-mile municipality.

Read more @ : http://www.blacklistednews.com/LA_County_Sheriff_Admits_Big_Brother_Is_Here_%E2%80%9CBut_We_Kept_It_Pretty_Hush_Hush%E2%80%9D/34982/0/38/38/Y/M.html


4AD - Lo-Fang

Lo-Fang's Debut Album Released
Lo-Fang - Blue Film

Blue Film, the debut record by multi-instrumentalist Lo-Fang, is now available to purchase, and stream online. Lauded by the LA Times as "an early contender for debut of the year" and "an assured, gorgeous and satisfying pop album" by Monocle.

He is set to tour North America with Lorde from the start of March, and has announced a headline US tour today. All details, along with footage from KCRW and the Late Show with Letterman.

Email competitions@4AD.com.


Who keeps voting for this idiot?

John McCain On NSA Spying: �Something You�ve Got To Accept�



Soundforge Music Group

Soundforge Music Group is the biggest distribution company in Greece, are
you looking to buy or to offer some of your things for disctribution in our
market? We'd like to hear from youQ

Soundforge Music Group
Attn: Andreas
Kiprion Iroon 77
Tel: 00302109711006
Fax: 00302109710056
V.A.T. nr: HEL 999543560
E-MAIL: sfmgroup@otenet.gr
SITE: http://www.soundforgemusicgroup.com




Bands and labels - show reviews & live interviews!

Want me to review your band when they perform live in Atlanta? Maybe even do a live interview before the show or backstage? Contact me to set up the date - Todd West (404) 954-2708

I will review your band's show honestly and will publish it on the Underground A&R Report - http://rockfest.blogspot.com and in the Underground Sound Webzine, the internet's oldest continuously running fanzine - http://rockfest.org/sound


Temporary Residence Limited

A few years ago we released the debut album by an ambitious, extremelty talented family band from Bloomington, Indiana called Dreamers of the Ghetto. They enjoyed the kind of blinding white praise from blogs with comments like "next big thing" and "too good to not get huge." In spite of � or because of (or a little of both) � those accolades, the band dissolved well before the world was able to discover their significant gifts. Now, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Luke Aaron Jones and fellow DOTG alum Marty Sprowles have pared down the widescreen stadium-sized rock of their former band to the more intimate, introspective Hunterchild. Jones' vocals are more arresting than ever, indebted as much to vintage Peter Gabriel, Prince, and Depeche Mode as the rich well of electronic R&B explorations from a similar orbit as James Blake and The Weeknd in their most powerful moments. Hunterchild are comfortable in their own skin in a way that's almost unheard of for debut artists.

You can hear the first single, "Aching," from their forthcoming debut album here:


We are truly honored to announce our reissue of William Basinski's stirring album, Melancholia, on vinyl for the first time ever! Remastered from the original recordings and packaged in a gorgeous deluxe gatefold featuring all-new artwork by James Elaine, this album has never looked or sounded more arresting. Pressed on 100% virgin black vinyl in a strictly limited edition of 2,000 copies, this is not to be slept on (though it does make a cozy companion to sleep with).

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Limited Edition LP Reissue

Originally released a year after the increasingly iconic The Disintegration Loops, a decade later Melancholia still stands as William Basinski's second most beloved album. To commemorate its 10-year anniversary, we are honored to present the first-ever vinyl edition of this otherworldly piece of music. Remastered from the original recordings and pressed onto audiophile-quality 100% pure virgin vinyl, this limited-edition vinyl reissue is packaged in a stunning gatefold jacket featuring all-new artwork. It is truly a sight and sound to behold. Like many of Basinski's most soul-stirring works, Melancholia began as a series of short tape loops captured in the early 1980s. Basinski then stored them away for decades, revisiting them at a different time in his life, at which point they took on a stunning new sound all their own � one that many consider to be among the finest of the past decade.


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Drekka : Ekki Gera Fikniefnum LP � Limited 300

Dais is proud to announce the first full length album in 9 years from Bloomington, Indiana�s underground legend DREKKA. Active since 1996 starting with his infallible Bluesanct label, Drekka�s Michael Anderson channeled his vision into Drekka with extensive tours of the US and Europe, audio & visual collages, and side projects such as 4K, In Gowan Ring, Stonebreath, Turn Pale, and lovesliescrushing. Drekka�s previous works run parallel to Edward Artemiev�s soundtracks for Andrei Tarkovsky, Simon Fischer Turner�s abstractions for Derek Jarman mixed with more contemporary groups like Nurse With Wound or Coil. Ethereral folk that takes on a tranquil lullaby quality, layered and textured, deconstructed and rebuilt to cause a quiet discomfort. Utilizing his endless personal sound library in a manner unique to Anderson, these compositions are arranged more like a film, showing us a glimpse into Drekka�s soundtracks to films unmade.

�Ekki gera fikniefnum,� is a mistranslation from English to Icelandic for �Don�t do drugs�, which seems to amuse Icelanders to no end. The expressions on Drekka�s recent work are equally mistranslated. What one listener perceives as absolute, Drekka sees as only a loosely-fitting frame in his gallery of visions.

For fans of Nurse With Wound, Cindytalk, Lovesliescrushing, and Coil.

Limited to 300 copies, with gorgeous silver-treated pantone jacket and insert.


Youth Code � s/t (Repress) � Limited 500 (400 Wine, 100 Splatter)

Repress of the sold-out debut album by Los Angeles wrath-induced EBM outfit Youth Code. Their initial offering unleashes 10 bitter outbursts of dance floor destruction saddling strict BPM worship following the Wax Trax blueprint but stylistically rewriting their unique industrial anthems to a beat all their own. An explosive cohesion of material to follow up the angst-laden maelstrom of their elusive demo tape and redefined single on Angry Love Productions. While comparisons to the likes of Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and Ministry are not far off, their hybrid blend with contemporary American hardcore punk makes Youth code one of the most individual and distinctive electronic acts active.



DAIS 042
Annabelle's Garden : Time's No Measure 1987-1993 (Volume 1)

Dais is very, very pleased to announce (after 4 years in the works) that pre-orders are up for the double LP retrospective of late 80's gothic folk collective, Annabelle's Garden. Annabelle�s Garden were a radically underground goth-wave/neo-folk band founded in Hamburg, Germany by members of local acts �La Lisa� and �Beyond Despair�, most active between 1987 and 1997. They released cassettes themselves and across indie European labels, music which was eventually compiled and presented to the world in the early and mid-90s on two CD releases by none other than Patrick Leagas (of Death in June & 6Comm/Mother Destruction) on his own lauded Kenaz imprint.

Though they played rarely, it was often an event � outdoors, in fields to friends � and their live performances usually made us of all 24 tracks across the soundboard, dozens of instruments (traditional and homemade: rusty cages, rain barrels, etc).

Often compared to contemporaries like Death in June, Sol Invictus, or Current 93 (they toured extensively with 6Comm), they managed to create music that existed both in that realm and beyond, labeled as psychedelic, punk, new wave, and goth. You can clearly hear respect given to This Mortal Coil, The Cure, or The Wake � making them as easily filed among classic World Serpent releases as they would fit among 4AD or Factory.

The truth is, so little was known about Annabelle�s Garden outside of Europe that not only were their original releases on Kenaz extremely hard to find � you were lucky to even have heard about them to know to search. However - what exists here, in Annabelle�s Garden, is some of the most layered, deep, rich, and nostalgic music Dais has ever uncovered.

This gorgeous limited gatefold double LP is comprised of not only the original Kenaz release from 1993: �Wo Sind Nur Eure G�tter Hin?�, but also includes tracks from the band�s original first recording and maiden cassette release, as well as a special never before heard remix of their classic anthem �If�.

Lovingly included is a full color 12-page booklet with liner notes, detailed track information, and a complete history of the band written by the band themselves, emerging for the first time in almost twenty years to collaborate with Dais. This is the first of a limited series of Annabelle�s Garden in chronological order, bringing forth some of the most rare and gorgeous underground music ever.

Limited edition of 500, gorgeous gatefold double LP designed by Eddie O'Dowd (Psychic TV/PTV3, Angry Love) with 12 page booklet and liner notes by Dais and Annabelle's Garden.


Tor Lundvall � Structures and Solitude 5xCD

Tor Lundvall�s elegant soundtracks have been captured onto nine full length albums and collected within various compilations, raising his stature as one of the most abundant craftsman within the field of ambient music. Lundvall�s second box set for Dais features a 5 disc collection of more recent works including the albums Empty City and Last Light, as well as CD versions of the vinyl-only albums Sleeping & Hiding and The Shipyard. Additionally, the fifth disc in the collection entitled Night Studies compiles Lundvall�s �after hours� recording sessions, setting the atmospheric tone for the ensemble. All discs include previously unreleased bonus tracks with a booklet and artwork by Tor Lundvall. As a limited edition bonus, a special 50 copy �art edition� of the box will contain one original oil study artwork from Tor Lundvall, each one contains a different original artwork.


COUM Transmissions � Home Aged & The 18 Month Hope LP

The most recent installment of the rare & unheard archival recordings from the transgressive 70?s performance art group COUM Transmissions. Founded in late 1969 by Genesis P-Orridge, COUM Transmissions�s provocative performances mixed with visual art solidified the group as one of the most forward thinking breakthroughs within the 70?s conceptual art scene. Only in the past couple years has COUM�s recorded works seen the light of day. This release collects various selections spanning the years 1971 through 1975, including a rare live performance opening for Hawkwind, lost radio interview, obtuse poetry readings by early member Fizzey Peat, piano & violin compositions by Genesis P-Orridge and insightful field recordings. Limited to 1,000 vinyl copies.


Cold Showers� Still Life 7?

The beautiful, enigmatic shoegaze bliss of L.A.�s own Cold Showers returns to Dais with a new single. Two virgin cuts which bring their lush heartbeat back to life. The Fire, a fluid post punk anthem drenched in romantic heartbreak, crying to the masses for love. On the heels is Crowds, an acoustic, crooning diamond which shines through the daybreak. Limited to 500 copies.

Missing Foundation � s/t LP

In the 1980?s, New York City was a dismal wasteland filled with urban decay and creative miracles. It was only a matter of time before the suits saw an investment opportunity, with cash in hand they bought off NYC and started the criminal gentrification of downtown New York, sterilizing any sense of culture and fumigating all residents deemed financially worthless. This kind of invasion brought the perfect storm in the form of Missing Foundation. Founded by Peter Missing in the early 80?s, Missing Foundation and their �Party�s Over� logo challenged the governing trends of NYC, pouring gasoline on the tinderbox of the class war taking place on the city streets. Known for their hostile and fiery performances (and infamous ban from CBGB�s in the late 80?s), Missing Foundation left a scorched mark behind and started a movement still felt in the underground community today. Their debut album was originally released on Purge/Sound in 1987 and now Dais is honored to being reissuing this masterpiece of industrial folklore to a new generation who forgot where it started. Countless thanks to Erik Proft and Bill Cashman for all their help in making this happen. Limited to 500 copies.

Missing Foundation - 1933 Your House Is Mine LP

The cacophonic dischord of Missing Foundation and the prophetic vision of Peter Missing culminated into a follow up album following their legendary self-titled debut which was collected under the banner as 1933 Your House Is Mine. This sophomore effort was brought about in 1988 as a means to educate the forgotten and venerate their followers using brash performance tactics and industrial rhythm to rally their cause. An industrial soundtrack of urban protest, Missing Foundation found their voice, garnishing attention from the mainstream as well as being lauded by underground. The cultural divide had been marked with Missing Foundation�s flipping martini glass signature declaring that the party was over. After being out of print for almost 25 years, Dais has reissued this legendary recording in a limited edition of 500 copies.

Deviation Social � Tempus/Deathwatch �From End to Beginning� Vol. 2 LP

One-man industrial outfit, Deviation Social left a scar on the face of the American 80?s experimental/noise scene that has mysteriously been left to legend and rumor. Dais previously released the first authorized reissue of Deviation Social�s compilation tracks dating back from the early 80?s. Here within, Volume 2 compiles the two proper �studio� releases of Deviation Social�s checkered past. The destructive Tempus Purgatio Part 7 single and 1982 album cassette Workforce/Deathwatch are finally collected and reissued as a single LP in a edition of 500 with zine booklet with writings and archival images from Deviation Social.

$11.00 Wholesale

DBC� Pris LP

Blinding white magic in light of the new age opera, the Dangerous Boy�s Club bring the heat. DBC has the lips of a killer, the unholy choir of the repentant, and the glamour cast from gold. Known for their history in such outfits as Heroin, Antioch Arrow and Get Hustle, their debut album Vril on Fast Weapons awoke followers out of their coma. Dais now brings everyone to the alter with their follow up LP, Pris. Sacramental electro synth-rock mixed with glam violence inducing one into a state of bliss and ecstasy. Not from this world�not of this time, but DBC knows exactly what we needed to hear. Making sure that everything will be alright, just give in to the club. Limited edition of 500, soaked in soul.


Tor Lundvall - The Shipyard

Tor Lundvall has graced us with yet another remarkable album this year. Previously, Lundvall had introduced himself to Dais with his masterpiece album Sleeping & Hiding and struck lightning twice with the resilient The Seasons Unfold box set and now we are humbled once again to receive his most recent effort. The Shipyard was recorded during the dramatic season change-over of �09/�10, during which time Lundvall was immersing himself in portrait studies of local maritime themes and nautical life at the docks. This instrumental collection of songs composed the soundtrack to the final renderings of these conceptional ideas put side by side, for which semblance he is most know for. Limited to 500 hand numbered vinyl copies (comes with a free digital download coupon) with artwork by Tor Lundvall.



ONE PRETTY MINUTE release 2nd single today

Columbus OH Rock band, One Pretty Minute, release their second single entitled Killswitch, off their Addict E.P. (Broad Horizon Records) today. A driving rock song about giving everything you got with no regrets, Killswitch, has become the band's signature song at live shows. It represents the bands "all or nothing, leave it all on the stage" philosophy and has helped build a wide fan base from Texas to Rhode Island with the constant touring schedule and recent airplay. Whether performing in front of 100 people or 1000, One Pretty Minute (OPM) always provide a high energy, entertaining live show, giving the fans all they can.

Following the 1st single, Hurt You, which received favorable airplay, OPM are hoping to cash in one the universal message of Killswitch. Fans of Taproot, Nonpoint, Shinedown, Trapt, & Eye Empire will enjoy this release.

The song is featured in a Black Ops video by Sprattyyy on youtube and already logged over 18,000 views. The video can be viewed at; http://youtu.be/sq61xSva7XA

xz Formed in 2008, One Pretty Minute, has released 2 E.P.s and are currently working on their first full length album for Broad Horizon Records. Broad Horizon Records is a small record label based in Cincinnati, OH focused on recording, promoting, and distributing quality music since 1987. They released the Addict E.P. as well the singles Hurt You (2013) and Killswitch (2014) all of which can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Last FM, etc.

For more information please email me.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Bentley
Media Relations
Broad Horizon Records, Inc.
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